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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 14,732

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I found the perfect music for Trump's 'rallies'

Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick! What the f--k is wrong

with Tweety??? Has he decided to join the Republican Party? Tonight he gave totally unaccustomed free rein to Kellyanne Conway, the motormouth Trump "Campaign Manager", never interrupting her and actually egging her on, suggesting other ways he thought she should attack Hillary. This charming little segment was followed by a Republican strategist with whom Tweety (also) wholeheartedly agreed, followed by Andrea Mitchell who was beaming to be able to announce that the $400 million paid to Iran was - Ooohh - really a hostage ransom deal. And that's only the first half hour. He has become unwatchable.

Tweety is just totally insufferable tonight.

He starts off buying into the premise that , 'where there's smoke there's fire' and, if the Rethugs are talking about Hillary's health, there must be something to it. "Why doesn't she release her medical records? he asks". And the bloated bullfrog of the Conservative Union that he has all too often on his ['panels' cheerfully agrees. And then Matthews is delighted with the idea of Hillary having to defend herself against an Ailes-prepared attack on her during the debate about Lewinski and the blue dress. He even managed to suggest another line of attack - when the Clintons 'made the White House into Motel 6", referring to fund raising by letting donors sleep in the White House. Swear to God it took all my resolve not to throw something through the TV set. He's really a 14K First-Class Asshole.

The Freepers have gone positively delusional!!!!

Posted now on FR under the heading "the media have forgotten what a real man looks like."

Absolutely unbelievable!!!!

My Book Report - by Donnie Trump, Mrs. Gibson's 7th Grade (A fantasy)

"This is my book report on the book "The Old Man and the Sea". It was written by Ernest Hemingway. He's a really good writer. I liked him a lot. The book is the story of an old man and the sea. It's a really good book and I liked it a lot.

The end"


He hasn't changed at all from what I imagine he was like when he was a 7th grader, trying to bullshit his way out of being caught not having read the book he was assigned to give a book report on. He just says whatever comes to mind, throwing out words and hoping that somehow the resulting Palinesque word salad will convince somebody that he actually did his homework and that he knows what he's talking about. Didn't work then and it doesn't work now.

WTF is wrong with MSNBC? Right now Tweety breaks away from

his program to give Drumpf's 'speech' to an audience in WVa. He's still going on - and on - and on. How much is that free airtime worth? I swear, if it weren't for MSNBC and the rest of the MSM making themselves willing allies of Trump and letting him spew his poison any time he feels like it for free there might well have been another Rethug presumptive nominee. It's sickening.

Mrs. Greenspan on MSNBC now, rolling her eyes and

making faces when Hillary is mentioned advancing her theory about how many Bernie voters may move to Trump. Kasie Hunt seconding her (hey, notice me) telling how 'she's talked to lots of millenials' at Bernie rallies and they tell her that they may vote 'for Bernie or maybe for Trump'. Upchuck Toad closed out the 'panel' discussion explaining why millenials may vote for Trump: because 'you know, he's going to shake things up', 'you know, turn the table over'.

Where did they get these people?


The following was just posted in DU. For your reading pleasure - and amusement: (I personally love the part about WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS>

...Bernie hasn't lost yet; however, Hillary and her supporters are already gloating over the crushing of Bernie's Political Revolution. That can't be allowed to happen! There are plans for a massive march on the Democratic Convention in support of Bernie Sanders and his agenda. There's a Facebook page for the March and two event pages:

March on the Democratic National Convention
Bernie Supporters March on Philadelphia - Democratic National Convention

The first already has 2.2K people who've signed up as 'going' and 6.8K who've indicated that they're 'interested.' (I

Come out to Philadelphia and join us as we march on the Democratic National Convention this July! This march is in protest to the highly biased and unfair treatment, demonstrated by the DNC, towards presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. It has been blatantly clear that the DNC has tried to tip the scales during this election, and has NOT represented the will of the citizens. We have to make our voices heard. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! This march is also designed to put pressure on the superdelegates to cast their vote in accordance with their constituents. We must unite together, because that is what this campaign is about, not dividing us apart.

Why in the name of God does Lawrence O'Donnell

insist on having the RW asshole Hugh Hewitt on as 'expert' on the reasons Hillary won't be able to beat Trump. Was Limpbaugh unavailable? I don't get MSNBC.
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