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Gender: Male
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 16, 2008, 10:59 AM
Number of posts: 8,621

Journal Archives

I early voted in Fort Worth (Tarrant County).

Interesting experience. Different form of voting from years past. In years past, we voted on a single electronic machine with a wheel to turn pages, and buttons to push to vote.

First you get a legal size thermal card. You go vote on a machine that is easy and simpler to read and use. When you are ready to vote you insert the thermal card that prints out how you voted for all offices. The you can check the card for mistakes. Then you take it and insert it into a different machine which records your vote, but it keeps the card. No personal record to keep. That sucks.

I would still prefer paper ballots.

I voted for EW for President and MJ Hegar for US Senator. And for every other office I voted for women, unless there was a lone male candidate. We elect all non-Federal Judges in Texas, so there were a lot, many of them running unopposed.

Ever person working the polls were women.

I was thrilled to see that, and doubly thrilled to see just how many women were running. We need more women at all levels in this state, as well as Nationwide.

BTW, Fort Worth is deep red. Going blue is too much to hope for. I will settle for purple.

Streaming Service recommendations.

I have Amazon Prime, and CBS All Access, the later I am using much more than the first. Any recommendations for a third service? I like both movies and TV programs.

It is obvious Bloomberg has a number of people terrified.

Given the number of posts about him.

Like their heads was on fire and their asses was catching

From the old Charley Daniels song Uneasy Rider (yes I know he is a bigot today, this is when he was an outlaw and smoked dope).

My experience today made me very sad about the state of our country.

In Fort Worth today, I used Lyft four times. Four different drivers. Two AA women, one white man, one white woman.

I like to chat, so I engaged each driver, and asked them all them same question:

"Do you follow politics?" NOT ONE OF THEM SAID YES.

One of the women asked "Why, what is going on?"

The man said he was an IT guy, and Lyft was a second job, but I could tell from his tone of voice and the things he said told me he was a Conservative.

I thought when I finally got home, "This is really pathetic."

Think you have seen Coke + Mentos videos before?

You have not seen anything like this. Holy fucking shit!!!

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