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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

not so...in our eToys case

We have Smoking Gun...confessions
Along with corrupt judges and venal fedral agents/ agencies...such as
The SEC...Selective enforcement commission

Very well stated - Spot On!

I would rather have Mitt in the White House, than $hillary; because this corruption of the process Ain't Progressive!

And - anyone that knows who I am - are Well aware how I REALLY despise Romney.
(at least, with Mitt, we have a clear focus - but with HRC, this in fighting will continue, amongst U.S. Dems)


we are...51 delegates each is sending terror thru msm

Lord forbid they wont be able to get rack rates and share in 6 or 7 Billion in campaign monies...because Bernie proves the main stream is not needed

Judge Rakoff Fired Laser's Attorney, Relkin Law, from Marc Dreier case.

Every single day, upon awakening, it dawns upon me - How in the Sam Hell did this Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital racketeering case, find its way into my lap? Each and every time we get close to a chance for justice, another betrayal of trust comes our way.

This time, Relkin Law did major screw ups (like forgetting, after being a lawyer for 35 years, to put in a COS {certificate of service notice to all concerned parties, such as the United States Attorney and U.S. Trustee}), and, as His Honor was most certainly right in so doing, the Honorable Judge Jed S. Rakoff - fired Relkin Law from his court.

See His Honor's polite F... off to my former counsel

[font size=4] Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital Racketeering via Paul Traub[/font]
It took me 2 years to feel out and believe I could "trust" David Relkin/Relkin Law. It appears that the man's heart (may) be in the right place; but his head is up is arse. How in the flying frig'uck do you forget to close your arguments and put in a standard certificate of service (especially when the court commands you to notify particular parties)?

Not only did he fail to close his arguments (in a CLOSED case, where you need to be redundant on why you are asking a court to RE-open such), but counsel (former) went out of his way, like a little child, to pander to the judge, with a Shakespearean quote that had to be elaborated on, in a footnote, at the end.


The only point that needed to be made (outside of the fact that one does need to point out docket records are vanishing), is the fact that Paul Traub (picture right side) was the influencing partner of the guy put in jail (Marc Dreier, pictured left).

Immediately, my emails and calls screamed at Relkin to fix it; but all counsel would say is "I like to wait and see what the other side will do".

To which I replied "you stupid f......n idiot, you are giving the judge every reason to toss out the case - Send your COS {certificate of service} IMMEDIATELY".

He said, he'll wait.

Didn't really matter. While I'm yelling, screaming (and crying inside) at my former counsel, from the moment he filed the item, up until Wed. morning, when the Judge's Order was revealed to me, it was already too late, as Mr. Relkin was fired by the court, on Valentines day (Order signed February 14, 2016).

Amazingly, Relkin had told me, just before he filed the item, of the fact that he had an epiphany, of how the case he had in his lap wasn't just a 2 Karat diamond; but the Hope, 100 Karat diamond of a case.

Then he takes the drafting that gave him such a revelation, hacked it up, didn't even save it first, in MS Word (as is required by all Federal case filings, for a dozen years now) and put in this bull crap, titled askew, with Shakespearean babble, attempting to pander to the judge:

"I believe that the following quote may perhaps encapsulate some of the aspects of the depravity of these Cases"

As stated by King Claudius:

O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven,
It hath the primal eldest curse upon't--
A brother's murder. Pray can I not,
Though inclination be as sharp as will

So, he claimed he knew what the judge wanted, how His Honor loved literature and this is literature babble would be what would sway him. And I argue with him that it is childish. As if a kid in 6th grade was waiving his hand to he teacher.... "I know the earth is the 3rd planet from the sun"

But, then, Relkin does even further, off the deep end, as he condescends to the judge, who Relkin claimed would "get it" about the quote, by putting in a closing footnote, explaining to the master of literature, what the student Relkin knows, that the judge doesn't.


[font size=5 color=burnt] All that was needed was Traub = Dreier [/font]

If Relkin had simply stuck to the crux of the matters that had given him his epiphany, then all would have been well. But he just had to prove to everyone that he is a genius. Outrageously, Relkin told me his I.Q. was higher than Einstein's.


The wayward counsel (or saboteur) did put in one of the two exhibits needed, to make the case to the judge. That of the Tom Petters Ponzi Receiver stating that "Dreier LLP" had "acquired" Paul Traub's law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF" as is seen in paragraph 3 of this federal complaint:


And, in paragraph 5 of the Tom Petters Ponzi Receiver's complaint against Paul Traub, it stated this:

"Traub possessed considerable control over Petters"

Add to that the compounding factor that Traub had already confessed, in 2005, of the fact that TBF did intentionally leave false affidavits to stand before a federal court; which TBF was sanctioned for, in the amount of $750,00.00.

As is noted in the Published Opinion by the Chief Justice of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.

Paul Traub was required, as a matter of law, and NY Model Rules of Professional Conduct, to report his being fined, for such an egregious offense, to both the New York State Bar and the Chief Justice of the New York Supreme Court.

But he (Traub) didn't do so

--------- and neither has Mr. Relkin done so, strange as that appears to be!

just sayin..................... working with crooked lawyers, who betray their clients -- Sucks the Whammy!

Romney claims a GOP POTUS candidate called him and hope Mitt reconsiders 2016

So Do I

Cause this time, Mitt gets a spanking.

Federal Court Alerted about Vanishing Records

A White Plains New York, likely to be fried, counsel, did file a notice about vanishing docket records, in February 2016; and, amazingly doing so, while neglecting to do certain basics, such as tying in the "CLOSED" case to the issues apropos - and providing the requisite (standard) Certificate of Service.

Here's the items filed (Part 1 - Part 2 - Exhibit), to notify the court presiding over fraudster Marc Dreier's criminal conviction case, of the fact that federal docket records were becoming a "ghost".

When federal docket records are vanishing from permanent storage in a digital age, that's a very big deal.

[center][font size=4 color=navy]Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney - Can't Handle the Truth[/font][/center]

Obviously, the powers that be (including seditious stalwarts, like Colm Connolly, Douglas Kelley, Andy Vara, Mark Kenney and others protecting Mitt Romney and his ilk, inside the Department of Justice) are terrified of a new light being shinned upon organized criminal exploits benefiting above the law Wall Street firms that have been, successfully covered up, for more than a decade (at least, thus far).

A judge that cannot be bought (Honorable Jed S. Rakoff).

Now, mind you, His Honor Jed S. Rakoff was named, in 2014, by Fortune, as one of "The World's 50 Greatest Leaders" for His Honor standing tall against the SEC, as Fortune noted:

Breaking with tradition, Judge Rakoff rebuffed the SEC's bid to let Citigroup settle charges of securities violations without admitting wrongdoing. The case went to the heart of the financial crisis, he said, and the public deserved to know more. An appeals court still deliberates, but the bold stand, in our view, is an act of leadership.

Though, this endeavor to stand tall, was slapped down by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and the Honorable Jed S. Rakoff was ordered by the Second Circuit, to do as they told, and sign the slap on the wrist (as par for the course) SEC settlement with Citigroup - still, Judge Jed S. Rakoff didn't cower to go quietly away.

Beyond the fact that the 9th Circuit, in a way, did rebuke the 2nd Circuit's gerrymandering, by the 9th Circuit elevating His Honor Jed S. Rakoff, to the status of Circuit Court of Appeals, by the rarest of rare invitations (please take NOTE: there's this nail in Laser's foot, by the 9th Circuit defending Romney's gang, speciously calling items now being presented to His Honor Jed S. Rakoff as "so insubstantial as not to require further argument"), there's, still, this much more apropos, adorable, statement by Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone, who wrote an online article titled "Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street" that stated:

Federal judge Jed Rakoff, a former prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s office here in New York, is fast becoming a sort of legal hero of our time. He showed that again yesterday when he shat all over the SEC’s latest dirty settlement with serial fraud offender Citigroup, refusing to let the captured regulatory agency sweep yet another case of high-level criminal malfeasance under the rug.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/finally-a-judge-stands-up-to-wall-street-20111110#ixzz409j9Tr9R
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

To put it mildly, in this day and age of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, also being heroes combating Wall Street above the law/ federal willful blindness issues, Judge Jed S. Rakoff is the King Arthur Noble of Old, standing right here before U.S., in federal court, as the very person Laser needs, to overcome a decade plus of tyranny, cronyism and corruption protecting Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, openly breaking the law and openly benefiting from corruption.

But, one simply can't go, as a good faith citizen, and handpick a judge (like the corrupt guys do) - ?
Can You???????


Talking about divine intervention, the Universe's yang got ying'd when yours truly ran into (belatedly/accidentally) a little tidbit piece on Judge Rakoff presiding over the Marc Dreier criminal case (closed since 2009) and His Honor needing to make a decision about a $33 million dollar art deal, including pieces by Andy Warhol, which the Dreier case fiduciaries were trying to claw back.

Inexorably, the picture chart above details the fact that there's no 6 degrees (actually it is all direct) of separation between Mitt Romney and the very dark arrows on your right hand side, pointing to former Delaware United States Attorney Colm F'n Connolly (who just so happens to be a major Mitt Romney "retroactive" secret).

On the other side (your left) below Mitt's pic, with the other dark black, thick, arrow, is the picture of our eToys (that Mitt Romney's Bain Capital has stolen by utilizing) Paul Traub (pic with glasses) and Mr. Traub's partner, the jailed attorney Marc Dreier.

We are about to NAIL that ass......

Getting back to how we locked onto Judge Rakoff, as noted by the story that moi didn't see until much more than year after it was written, by Eileen Kinsella, which is titled "Judge Settles Fate of Fraudster Marc Dreier's $33-Million Art Trove" from a magazine titled BLOUNTARTINFO (which yours truly never heard of before), it notes Judge Rakoff settled the matter, as His Honor remarked:

“Fraud is the dysentery of crime,” U.S. District judge Jed S. Rakoff commented on July 2, “even after the infection is contained, the unpleasant after-effects linger interminably. Thus it is that even after a confidence man has been convicted, the victims of his fraud are often reduced to fighting among themselves over what assets remain.”

[font color=white]------[/font] Judge Rakoff properly adjudicated upon the merits, making correct findings of facts and undeniable conclusions of law that the person who owned the art was not a fraudster, neither was the person who supplied equivalent value for same.

[font color=white]------[/font]Then, His Honor correctly slammed the hammer of justice down, splitting the hairs appropriately, ruling that the commission for the sale of the art was a due course item that neither seller, nor buyer are allowed to keep. Hence, the $1.7 million in sales commission properly belonged as an asset to the victims.

[font color=white]------[/font]Woo Hoo... for the 1st time in a decade plus, here was a judge who actually goes by the Law. And - By the Law - Mitt Romney has benefited from racketeering (remember, Hubris Mitt has boasted - often - of the fact that he gets millions of dollars each year from Bain Capital.... therefore, if Bain Capital has benefited from fraud and Traub did Bain Capital fraud whilst his law firm was acquired by Dreier LLP - then A=B and B=C...or Dreier = Traub and Traub = Romney/Bain... then Dreier = Romney/Bain).

This gives jurisdiction to a presiding over Dreier, of how much Traub/Bain/Mitt benefited from fraud.
[font size=4 color=burnt]
[font size=4]Mitt is going to have a fit, cause..
[font size=4 color=burnt]
[font size=4]of hundreds of millions of dollars[/font]
[font size=4 color=burnt]
are a BITCH![/font]

[font size=4 color=mauve]A New Chance for Justice[/font]

[font color=white]------[/font]There you have it, after all these years, a matter of fate, destiny and/or perseverance; actually - a new chance for justice. As is plain to see, by the immediate pic above, there's Mitt Romney on the top and guess who that is, on your left hand side, with a direct, heavily dark, connection arrow? You have there, Paul Traub, with our eToys brand name perpendicular thereto and Paul Traub is right next to Marc Dreier.

And - Whamzees has a new friend; because moi found excellent proof that Dreier LLP "acquired" Traub's law firm!

[font color=white]------[/font]Enigmatically, as if I feel asleep and closed my hands on a diamond I dreamed about, to miraculously awake with the hope in my hand, which is how great a million to one shot it is that our chance for justice is now blessed by matters of fact and law extraordinary, combined with a lone attorney of pedigree and experience, going before a judge who doesn't play ball with the law.


....... let me say that again - just this once more --- [font size=4 color=green] W O W [/font]


[font size=5 color=burnt]Traub's Law Firm was Acquired by Dreier LLP [/font][/center]
[font color=white]------[/font]Here's what you get with the fact that Traub Bonacquist & Fox was "acquired" by Marc Dreier's law firm of Dreier LLP, especially when the fact is put forth in a public docket record by a federal agent (in the Tom Petters Ponzi case June 2012 Complaint against Paul Traub - HERE) that stated:

[font color=white]-------------------[/font]"In 2006 Traub, Bonacquist & Fox LLP was acquired by Dreier L.L.P."

Emphasis is added because this fact cannot be overstated. If, in fact, Traub's firm was "acquired" by Dreier's law firm, then the terms and conditions of that contract MUST be addressed, to determine what Dreier did, or did not, acquire.

However, that is in a legitimate sense of the words.

Yours truly has been arguing, since 2001, of the fact that Paul Traub is a fraudster. And, as is established by all the other Traub related frauds and Ponzi schemes (Dreier, Petters, Madoff, Okun, Reservitz/Reynolds, Discala/Rothstein, Frank Vennes, Lancelot, Palm Beach Capital, Allen Stanford, Kay Bee, Stage Stores, eToys etc., etc.), fraudsters Do NOT get to keep their ill gotten gains!

That's a fact - Jack!

Traub should have long ago, been indicted. After all, in 2005, the United States Trustee Motion to Disgorge Traub Bonacquist & Fox, for $1.6 million dollars, testifies to the fact that Traub intentionally left lies to stand before the Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Chief Justice) and that such was a "fraud on the court" (see Disgorge Motion paragraphs - HERE).

But, because Paul Traub's frauds were benefiting Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and POTUS wannabe Mitt Romney (who was Governor when the eToys saga was transpiring) to the tune of a Billion dollars, there was enough graft going around to assure corruption would protect the racketeers (such as the corrupt United States Attorney, in Delaware, of Colm F. Connolly, which will be discussed in detail, ....soon).

Paul Traub was Simultaneous Partners with Fraudster Dreier and Petters Ponzi

[font color=white]------[/font]It is beyond mind boggling how much organized crimes Paul Traub has done, openly, without any arrests occurring. This case is the poster child proof of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's contentions that Wall Street is above the law; and the Department of Justice simply doesn't care to arrest Goldman Sachs or Bain Capital executives.

[font color=white]------[/font]We've always been faced with the conundrum that no one cares that a horde of Goliath's have openly laughed about how they crushed insignificant Laser, causing him to lose his life savings, career (and even worse).

Truth be told, you need many victims to even have a slim chance to bring down the elites. It must be a we that attempts to bring down the oligarchy bandits of Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney.

[font color=white]------[/font]This sad state of affairs is more due to the fact that beyond the issues of all of U.S. having problems, everyone simply believes Mitt Romney is too powerful an oligarch lord. He gets millions of dollars each and every year from a company he (supposedly) doesn't even have anything to do with - anymore.

[font color=white]------[/font]Add to that fact the compounding issues that Willard Mitt Romney is partners with Goldman Sachs (and, in sinister ways, the DOJ and FBI as well), then it is therefore a reality, as well as believed to be true (due to the additional dynamic of Romney's nomination to run for President {and possibly another chance again to do so}) that the Department of Justice has a too big to fail, too big to jail protocol/policy. Thus, this makes it nearly impossible to even get an investigation, much less indictment, of Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Willard Mitt Romney; because those beasts are simply too big to knock down.

Or are they?

[font color=white]------[/font]Kings heads have rolled in the past; but almost never to the sword of a lone wolf. In order to take down "crowned" candidates, or Trump'ters etc., you need a good amount of attention to the troubling matters.

Does it count when Paul Traub is both partners with fraudster Marc Dreier and Tom Petters Ponzi, at the same time?

Will anyone care that the reason that fact has not been told, is Mitt owns Clear Channel?

How about the detail that a brother of an Assistant United States Attorney wound up dead?

Before we get to the Marty Lackner suicide issue, lets continue with other evidences of Traub's frauds. Though we have an inflexible sword of truth with documentations of corruption (retroactively so) and are even blessed with (as their hubris has been boasting loudly of this fact that) confessions to intentionally lying to a Chief Federal Bankruptcy Court Justice, in the eToys cases (see paragraph 18, 19 & 35 of United States Trustee Motion to Disgorge Traub's law firm - HERE). Thus, the fact of the matter still remains, it is who is swinging the sword of truth, not who pulled it from the stone.

Judicial Doctrines caprns Barton and/or statute of limitations, just to name a few legal loophole tools that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have utilized, thus far.

[font color=white]------[/font]However, the perfect storm arises, with the re-opening of Marc Dreier's criminal case and the Honorable, un-bribe-able, resilent, stand tall against Circuit's, DOJ and SEC, Judge Jed S. Rakoff. Though yours truly (Laser) had a hand (more than most people will ever know) in bringing down Marc Dreier and his crooked law firm, the fact of the matter remains moi has never filed a claim, nor sought to be involved in the criminal and/or civil proceedings of the Marc Dreier cases.

Traub Bonacquist & Fox was "acquired" by Dreier LLP.

Of the fact that this piece of evidence comes from the Tom Petters Ponzi, is of particular noteworthy status. For the Tom Petters Ponzi Federal Receiver also did give a testimonial to the facts that Traub possessed "control" over Tom Petters.

As is noted in paragraph 5 of the Petters Ponzi Receiver's Complaint against Traub - that:

"Petters considered Traub part of his close network of advisors and consultants and, consequently, Traub possessed considerable control over Petters"

What's that you say.... how the hell can it be a publicly stated fact that Paul Traub "controlled" Tom Petters; but Traub is not even investigated, or indicted and prosecuted? Surely since Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital aren't involved in the Petters Ponzi, the feds could simply arrest Paul Traub for that case and put him, at least, in jail, for a year or so, and make it ALL go away!

Except for the little fact of Where in the sam frigging heck did you get the absurd notion Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital aren't involved in the Tom Petters Ponzi?

[center][font color=burnt]Does a tiger lose its stripes?[/font][/center]
Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital = Petters Ponzi Fingerhut

[font color=white]------[/font] For those who care, you will come to see the facts as they are (as moi has been saying, for a decade now) that Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney are - [font color=burnt] O P E N L Y[/font] - benefiting from Racketeering (because they simply don't give a damn if you know. Until now, there was nobody who could do anything about it).

[font color=white]------[/font] In the fall of 2007, everyone involved already knew their joy rides of scams was about to come to and end in the Marc Dreier frauds and Tom Petters Ponzi case, among other schemes & artifices to defraud that the parties were doing. At that time, Paul Traub began to take his name off from Petters Ponzi entities of UBid, Polaroid, Enable Holdings, Fingerhut and other such Ponzi money acquired items. This is because they knew, from Mitt Romney's experience - that those above the law - can get away with anything.

[font color=white]------[/font] In case some of you don't remember, moi is one of the sources for Matt Taibbi's September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story "Greed and Debt: A True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital".

Rolling Stone forbade Matt Taibbi from detailing the facts about eToys, in 2012; which probably cost Matt a Pulitzer and yours truly the chance to end this saga 4 years ago. Be that as it may, there are significant tidbits that Taibbi went out to corroborate on his own; which are - most certainly - apropos to the subject matters at hand.

For instance, every who really cared, and paid any attention, are well aware that Romney was accused to get Bain Capital started by Salvadoran oligarchs of questionable character, giving Mitt $9 million, to begin Bain Capital. The truth is, there's much more to the story than that, but some official has to come out and, at least, hint that Mitt is a crook, before you'll ever even have a chance to understand how Howard Hughes lost $6 Billion to Mitt Romney's rip off friends

Getting back to the crux of it, as Taibbi's "Greed and Debt" story correctly details, Mitt Romney started Stage Stores with fraud monies allowed to stay in place from Michael Milken. This was extremely peculiar, but is properly explained by the Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story detailing the fact that:

Michael Milken's fraud monies were allowed to stay in Mitt Romney's hands; because the Judge presiding over Milken's case (the dishonorable Milton Pollack) had a wife (Moselle) who was Chairwoman of Palais Royal that Mitt Romney was buying with he fraud monies, in order to form Stage Stores.


This is part of the racketeering patterns of Mitt Romney and gang. They put down other peoples monies (who, more often than not, fail, to get the monies back). Often, Bain Capital puts, as it did in the Matt Taibbi noted case, $10 million down, and then Bain Capital borrows hundreds of millions, and the entity Mitt is buying, is the on party, on the hook for the loan, who must pay back the leveraged buyout monies.

One thing (besides failing to mailing eToys) that Matt Taibbi was also prevented from informing all you readers about (having been ordered by general counsel, to not have our conference call) is tidbits such as the fact that Michael Glazer, the CEO of Kay Bee, was a Director at Stage Stores.

Barry Gold was the director's assistant at Stage Stores, who hired Paul Traub.

(do you see now, where this is going, of Traub always pretending to be Bain Capital opponent, but Bain gets sweet deal).

Then Romney's Bain Capital, with Michael Glazer as CEO of Kay Bee, marches over to buy eToys, with Paul Traub lying under oath, pretending to be the Creditor's Committee counsel (by the way, most of the creditors were from the Toys industry); and then Paul Traub takes his (secret) partner, Barry Gold, and puts him into eToys - illegally - by intentionally lying under oath (refer back to the U.S. Trustee Disgorge Motion paragraphs 18, 19 & 35 - HERE).

Now, one must also remember that Romney is publicly known to have DESTROYED his Olympic books & records. Then, as Governor, Romney's staff paid $90,000.00 to buy the Governor's computers, to crush all the hard drives (and, in eToys, Romney's secret law firm, of MNAT, asked for and absurdly received permission, early in the federal case, to destroy books and records {HERE}).

For, MNAT was eToys counsel while also representing Bain (in Kay Bee case - HERE), who bought eToys with MNAT and Traub reducing the prices.

And - guess who was the one seeking to prosecute Michael Glazer and Bain Capital, in the Kay Bee case?

[center]That's correct! None other than Romney's secret agent and Tom Petters Ponzi partnerPAUL TRAUB[/center].

MNAT paid for the right to have Traub protect their gang, when MNAT nominated Traub to sue Goldman Sachs (HERE).

Hence, in essence, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs and eToys/Dreier victims lost.


[font size=4 color=navy]Meanwhile - Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Give $50 Million to Fingerhut[/font]


In spite of the contentions of the Federal Receiver that Paul Traub controlled Petters, from 2005, forward, it is a fact that Tom Petters was partners with Paul Traub, since, at least, 1999 and forward (such as P T Partners in the 2003 Pillowtex case).

Of the many items the mere $3.7 Billion dollar Tom Petters Ponzi was able to buy (fact of the matter is, the Tom Petters Ponzi is well over $40 Billion.. but the Minnesota Department of Justice is directly connected to Petters Ponzi and have, therefore, downplayed the severity, to quash national press scrutiny) - Sun Country Airlines, Polaroid and Fingerhut, the Petters Ponzi Receiver did seize Polaroid (which was sold back to Traub and gang) -


the Feds never did seize the Fingerhut entity.

This is because, as noted above, everyone knew the FBI was about to raid Tom Petters. Even Petters himself was taped, making plans to run out of the country. At that time, Traub took his name (and 655 Third Ave, New York, NY address) off from the companies connected to Petters.

But they had to do a different stunt, altogether, for Fingerhut. So, just a few weeks prior to the FBI raiding Tom Petters Ponzi, Paul Traub went to Minnesota and worked with Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, to rearrange the ownership of Fingerhut.

As is noted by Minnesota Public Radio September 2008 story "Petters and Fingerhut" (HERE):

Tom Petters has his hands in many different business, but a look at a statement released by Fingerhut yesterday indicates the involvement of Petters in the operations there has been somewhat diluted:

Fingerhut’s financial strength is excellent, having recently completed a new round of equity financing of more than $50 million of additional capital from controlling investors Bain Capital and Battery Ventures.

As anyone can plainly see, there's an abundance of evidence documenting the facts that Paul Traub should have - LONG AGO - been investigated, arrested, indicted and tried, over his duplicity in many fraud and Ponzi schemes.

No one had the guts to tackle the Titanium WALL of Corruption and Power.

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