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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
November 27, 2013

Main Stream reporter points out my mistake on Marty Lackner suicide story.

Marty Lackner "reportedly" committed suicide during the Petters Ponzi case. What is at issue is that Paul Traub was Petters partner and Paul Traub is also Mitt Romney's partner.

Even - "if" - Marty Lackner actually did kill himself (which this pursuer of justice feels is suspect); the fact of the matter remains that J. Lackner was Marty Lackner's brother. And J. Lackner is the Assistant United States Attorney (head at the time of the Criminal Prosecution Division) - of the Minnesota Department of Justice United States Attorney's office.

Am I the ONLY one who understands the significance of all those facts?

In the many quests to find fault with yours truly - concerning my Romney Racketeering federal lawsuit (see "Haas v Romney" issues - HERE) I've run into many naysayers and main stream media fault finders. Having talked to everyone from NBC Universal, independents, Ed Schultz's Producer, HuffPo and Associated Press and more; I'm still amazed at the profuse amount of cognitive dissonance and haughty bias. Now one gal said to me yesterday -

"Laser, you're mistaken about your contention on the Marty Lackner story"!

Of course my back tensed up, my hair stiffened and I got irked at her real quick. Responding to her remark with a quick cutoff of any further banter from her, I simply said "Hush up ma'an, your touting Bull [c]hit"!


BACKGROUND - Who is Marty Lackner and why he (purportedly) committed suicide!

It is highly unusual that any one individual would be engaged in a civil war type battle with Mitt Romney; as he tends to slaughter companies - not just one person. And it is also highly unusual that anyone would turn down a bribe and chance to be Pitten's partner. Be that as it may, Romney and I are adversaries and yours truly filed a Federal RICO case against him on October 18th; in order to resolve our dispute.

Laser Haas alleges Romney is a Racketeer; and almost everyone out there thinks I'm nuts.

Naysayers are about to eat their words!

Marty Lackner passed away in 2009; after he and his friends contacted me concerning the Minnesota federal cases on Tom Petters Ponzi (see Star Tribune stories (here).

I'm the blogging expert on Petters Ponzi; because Paul Traub is Petters partner and yours truly has hounded the feds for a decade to arrest them both. (See my "Petters-Fraud" website (here), (here) and (here).

The reason why Marty and/or other parties contacted yours truly about the Tom Petters, is the fact that word spread around anonymous people and "tippers" could contact me and trust I would not reveal them as a source.

What Marty Lackner and his friends told me, is that he was involved in the Petters Ponzi affairs. Marty claimed he had broken no laws and that he was the brother of J. Lackner.

That would be Minnesota, Assistant United States Attorney Jim Lackner;
who was also head of the Dept of Justice's Criminal Prosecution Division

To put it succinctly, I said "Bull [c]hit" and hung up the phone.

Because so much evidence was flowing through my hands and being forwarded on to the United States Attorneys office in Minnesota and I was also alleging that federal corruption was occurring; I believed the first phone call was a set up - to get me for Obstruction.

Then friends of Marty Lackner called me and informed of his purported suicide.

From that day forward, no matter how much I may doubt the validity of someone's contentions, I now take the time to instruct them to email me a summary; and then I perform a preliminary investigation into the issues - before I consider denouncing their remarks.

Marty Lackner died - of a "reported" suicide - in 2009.

As of a few days ago, the only story that was known to me, about Marty Lackner, is the Minnesota Public Radio online article titled "More than lost fortunes in the wake of Petters' Ponzi scheme"

If you'll take the time to look at the article, you will see two things. Marty Lackner WAS involved in the Petters Ponzi scheme (via Greg Bell's Lancelot/Sky Bell "feeder" funds); and that yours truly is the only commenter.
People say Laser Haas is a CT Nut on the issue that Marty Lackner & J Lackner are brothers.

- - It is a miracle that MPR censors permitted my comments to remain. Everyone, including people who know me well - stated that I'm full of bull. But my allegations upon the MPR Fortunes Lost story do remain; and I've been attacked by thousands of people (including close friends) who say they don't believe me.

What is at issue is the fact that it is super HUGE news of ANYONE being directly connected to Tom Petters Ponzi and the Minnesota Dept. of Justice; and (surely) the No. 1 main stream newspaper in Minnesota (the Star Tribune) would have carried such an important story. Hence, if ST is not telling the tale, then Laser Haas is simply taking 2 people with the same last name and making stuff up.

EAAANNNTTT - How terribly Wrong those bubble farquarts truly are!

After all, there are so many nationally significant and important issues that beg. Surely no entity such as the Star Tribune would be remiss in its chance to answer the riddle of how Bernie Madoff and/or Tom Petters could do Billions in frauds and get away with it for more than a decade. Especially since the Star Tribune was fighting for its very life and would have rushed to get national attention to such a HUGE story (the ST filed for bankruptcy during the Petters Ponzi case). Again, there are SO MANY questions that beg.

Like the questions that

  1. Did Marty Lackner know Petters was a Ponzi schemer?
  2. "IF" Marty and J. Lackner are brothers - what did J. Lackner KNOW?
  3. Did J. Lackner ever receive ANY gifts from his brother Marty?
  4. Such as a vacation, a boat, car - or House!
  5. Had Marty and Jim EVER engaged in ANY discussion about Tom Petters?
  6. Are there emails between the two?
  7. If so, WHERE are those emails now?
  8. Who at the Dept of Justice did the review of Marty/Jim Lackner issue?
  9. Why hasn't the Minnesota and/or D.C. DOJ come forward about the connection?
  10. WERE the emails between Marty and Jim - DESTROYED?
  11. Where is J. Lackner NOW?
  12. Was he put on suspension during the Petters Ponzi case?
  13. WHO ELSE at the DOJ (either/or MN and/or Washington D.C.) KNEW about the connection?
  14. WHY hasn't Petters utilized that issue and Larry Reynolds being in WISTEC to get a New Trial?
  15. If the MN DOJ did NOT know of the connection, surely Marty was under investigation!
  16. Are there files on Marty Lackner?
  17. Where are those files NOW!
  18. Who at the DOJ (MN or otherwise) took control of the Marty Lackner/Jim Lackner review?
  19. IF Marty Lackner did commit suicide - WHY?
  20. MOST importantly - DID MARTY LACKNER actually kill himself?

Marty Lackner was in his 40's, had a wife and 3 children;
and he (purportedly) left NO NOTE!

Is the reporter right?
-------------------- Did Laser Haas get the Marty Lackner thing wrong?

Actually - the reporter is right! - AND - Yours truly didn't get it wrong!

Aha! - - Confused now! - - Aren't you?

You are going to spank me now, for being such a smart ass, in my efforts to stick it up the butt and rotate the naysayers/ Congnitive Dissonance Gangs. Because I could have titled this thing a whole other way, to point out the fact that yours truly didn't get it wrong; and yes - the main stream (VERY main stream) reporter is also correct.

What the media gal (who -btw - is BEGGING for her editor to do the "Haas v Romney" full story) said to yours truly is that "Laser, you're mistaken about your contention on the Marty Lackner story". She is absolutely 100% correct. I did get something wrong.

Of the many remarks that I've made about the case, foolishly trying to defend my remarks against stalwarts, naysayers, petty people and others hell bent to find fault with me (and/or stick their brown nose right up Romney's arse) - are 2 primary statements.

1 - Marty Lackner is the brother of Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Lackner


2 - That "No main stream media outlet has dared to tell the story"

Do you see now - where we are going?

How Laser Haas knows that Marty Lackner is the brother of Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney J. Lackner; is the very FACT that yours truly got the tip straight from the horse's mouth.

Marty Lackner told me that Jim Lackner was his brother.

All the detractors state that yours truly is simply making stuff up. That what I'm guilty of, is taking two people with the same last name; and adding A+B to equal my desired QEZ.


As I've told you, I'm able to prove (by emails and more) how truly full of horse pie the naysayers are.

We now have corroboration, that will (forevermore) shut up the contention that yours truly is simply making stuff up, in order to reach a desired conclusion. As it is now an undeniable FACT that Marty Lackner was involved in Petters Ponzi via Lancelot.

Unfortunately, it is also a FACT that Marty Lackner (purportedly) committed suicide in 2009!
(See Legacy.com Obituary - here and MPR story - here).

- - That being said, it is now also a FACT that Marty Lackner is the brother of Minnesota (former head of Criminal Prosecution Division) - Assistant United States Attorney J. Lackner. As is iterated by Main Justice website (here) that;

James Lackner (Appellate Chief)

Prior to this appointment, Lackner served as Senior Litigation Counsel from December 1994 to August 2005; Criminal Division Chief from August 2005 to April 2007; and First Assistant U.S. Attorney from March 2006 to December 2006. Lackner, who joined the Office in December 1983, graduated from Macalester College in 1975 and Northwestern University Law School in 1978. He joined the Office after working in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

PROOF Marty Lackner and MN AUSA J. Lackner are brothers!

Now, for the final nail in the naysay coffin (that also provides verification that the main stream reporter was correct - yours truly got the Marty Lackner story wrong - one the "issue" that "NO main stream media outlet has reported the Lackner links&quot . Here's an article by Pioneer Press website (TwinCities.com) titled "What did the money men know"?

Which states specifically;

Martin Lackner is also the brother of Jim Lackner, an assistant U.S. attorney in the Minneapolis office. Jim Lackner declined comment. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office said Jim Lackner never worked on the Petters or Bell cases. When the U.S. attorney's office learned about Martin Lackner and his relationship to Jim, it notified defense attorneys for both Petters and Bell, he said.


Now, we can all get ready for the naysay kumquats remarking - - "So What"!


As for me, the "List" above and those questions ARE going to be answered;
unless the same type of corruption that hid this issue - prevents my "Haas v Romney"

from going to trial!

N'est-ce pas!

November 26, 2013

Warren in 2016 - Fantastic! - This story subject matter - WHACKED

Shooting your own kin under a paranoid dellusion falls under moronically absurd.

Not SYG.

November 14, 2013

Kiss'ing Racketeering Romney: An Effort by a Pro Se to Keep it Simple/not Stupid

What we have here - is a failure to communicate!

This whistleblower turned down a bribe from Mitt Romney's gang and reported them to the Department of Justice in 2001 (during the eToys bankruptcy case). Instead of arresting the fraudsters - the Dept. of [IN]Justice rallied its support of Organized Crime (probably in the hopes of doing a POTUS wannabe a favor and get rewarded when Romney handpicked that "friendly" U.S. Attorney General that Sheldon Adelson was putting up $100 million to buy).

Because Laser Haas failed English and didn't (technically) graduate from High School;
the Organized Crooks (Racketeers) - want you to let them OFF totally 'Scott Free'!

And that Ain't Right!


- - - Yours truly is a victim of organized crime. And, mind you, not just any ordinary efforts in syndicated felony law breaking; but that of/by non other than Willard Mitt Romney ("Romney&quot and his Racketeering GANG. Most have forgotten the fact that Mitt is an attorney at law from Harvard.

Whereas, yours we (eToys shareholders & I) alleged -Romney has a Gang (see list of co-conspirators below) -

Romney became powerful and rich as a corporate raider;
- - - - - - - - - - and did so Illegally!

Because there's much money to be made defending the likes of Mitt; there are many an attorney, troll, stalwart, brown-nosier and other types of detractors/naysayers - who are all too willing to come out and say

"Hey - Pitten's is just a corporate raider who is ruthless and rich.
- - - - - There's nothing against the law of being a corporate raider ruthless

Bull {c}hit is still manure - no matter how you spell and/or slice the cow pie!

Everyone is already aware that Romney lied about his tenure as Chief Executive Officer ("CEO&quot of Bain Capital. What most are not aware of - are the real reasons WHY the POTUS wannabe claims to be "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital in August 2001; back to February 11, 1999.

What is it that Romney is so scared of; that he LIED {committed PERJURY}
- - - -to the ENTIRE Country about when he was CEO of Bain Capital

- - - - - upon his federal election campaign finance form (Office of Government Ethics {"OGE"} 278 Form)?


Racketeering Co-Conspirators of Romney's

Yours Truly has the answers to why Mitt lied upon his OGE Campaign Finance 278 Form.

The (REAL) reasons are are;

  1. Paul Traub
  2. Traub's "TBF" law firm
  3. Barry Gold (Traub's partner)
  4. Michael Glazer (whom Gold & Traub worked with)
  5. Greg Werkheiser (a partner of MNAT)
  6. Colm Connolly (MNAT partner who became U.S. Attorney)
  7. Goldman Sachs (a client of MNAT)
  8. Morris Nichols ("MNAT&quot
  9. Bain Capital (also a Client of MNAT)
  10. The Learning Company (Merged by MNAT with Mattel)
  11. Stage Stores (owned by Romney, who hired Michael Glazer, whom Barry Gold worked for with Traub)
  12. Kay Bee (CEO was Michael Glazer)
  13. eToys (MNAT as eToys counsel, Traub's TBF eToys creditors counsel,)
  14. Barry Gold (Traub's confessed partner) became illegal CEO of eToys
  15. MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold all lied about their links to Romney/Glazer/Bain/Kay bee
  16. Glazer/Kay Bee - bought eToys (for Romney when he was CEO of Bain)
  17. Barry Gold, MNAT and Traub did - ILLEGALLY - reduce the prices to Romney/Bain/Glazer/Kay Bee

It is a FACT that all of those parties are connected to each other; as per Court Docket Record Affidavits and Confessions. It is NOT in dispute that Barry Gold and Paul Traub are partners in Asset Disposition Advisors ("ADA&quot . It is CONFESSED (see U.S. Trustee Disgorge Motion of Traub's TBF for $1.6 million dollars {here} AND - Wall Street Journal July 25, 2005 article "eToys investors claims conflicts at law firm&quot .

In parts 19 & 35 of the Disgorge Motion - Federal Police (U.S. Trustee) - notes parties were "forewarned".

Then, the Disgorge Motion concludes that "Fraud on the Court" occurred!

The United States Supreme Court did RE-open a previously closed case for YEARS - of In re Hazel Atlas Glass v Hartford Empire and concluded that there are NO Statute of Limitations for Fraud on the Court by Officers of the Court.

Hartford was (eventually) punished for the fraud it did nine (9) years earlier; and the U.S. Supreme set the standard in Hazel Atlas that the Disgorge Motion reiterates appropriately the fact (in part 29) - correctly that -

{T}ampering with the administration of justice in the manner indisputably shown here involves far more than an injury to a single litigant. It is a wrong against the institutions set up to protect and safeguard the public, institutions in which fraud cannot complacently be tolerated consistently with the good order of society. Surely it cannot be that preservation of the integrity of the judicial process must always wait upon the diligence of litigants. The public welfare demands that the agencies of public justice be not so impotent that they must always be mute and helpless victims of deception and fraud.


FELONY Crimes by Romney & his RICO Gang

Rico Case Law:

The defendants constitute an illegal enterprise in acts or threat of acts in violation of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ("RICO&quot Act of 1970. The LAW is United States Code Title 18 with Sections, 1961-1968.

One only needs two (2) separate (specific 18 U.S.C. 1961 "predicate acts&quot crimes during a long period of time; in order to successfully prosecute a Civil RICO case under Section 1961(c).

The following are particular violations; of an RICO Section 1961 "predicate acts";
which - by the way - also includes Bankruptcy Frauds!

18 USC 241: Conspiracy against Rights of Citizens:

18 USC 3: Accessory after the fact, knowing that an offense has been
committed against the United States, relieves, receives, comforts or assists
the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment.

18 USC 242: Deprivation of Rights color of law of rights protected under the
Constitution of the U.S.

18 USC 512: Tampering with a witness

18 USC 1341: Mail fraud

18 USC 1343: Wire fraud

18 USC 1503: Obstruction of justice

18 USC 1510: Obstructing of criminal investigation

18 USC 1513: Retaliating against a witness, victim or informant

18 USC 1951: Interference with interstate commerce

18 USC 1621: Perjury

18 USC 1001: Fraud

Federal (Civil) RICO cases are also permitted to review issues of individual "STATE" Felony violations;
as long as they carry more than one (1) year in prison - upon conviction.


Mitt Romney and his RICO Gang already - ARE - guilty;
because they've confessed to 35 crimes in the eToys federal case.


they were not held accountable for their culpability;
because of the federal corruption of Colm F Connolly!

This plaintiff's case against Romney, is still going forward (thus far);
and - over the next few weeks - I've got a plan to shove the facts up any stalwarts butt.

They are counting on the fact that you'll fall asleep when I quote the Law. It is rather easy for them to point out the fact that "hey, the guy didn't even graduate high school - he simply does NOT understand the Law".

Bull {c}hit is still manure;
no matter who says otherwise.

Could AL Capone "retroactively" escape his acts of organized crimes?

- - - - - - - Of course NOT!

Neither should Mitt - the PITTs - Romney.

Over the next several weeks, I'm going to file - in federal court - the proofs of Romney's RICO/Gang issues of Organized Crimes. By only posting one item at a time. Then the trolls, attorneys at law, stalwarts, naysayers and all who believe it is okay to betray a client - - will only have one thing to attack.

- - - - - - - - -As it now appears tha- the Truth will stop Romney's Gang from being "Scot Free"!

November 11, 2013

If this be true; I believe the names of the souls should be immortalized as Freedom Fighters


Having paid the ultimate price;
for doing nothing naughty or nice!

November 8, 2013

Bumped up cause I really like KO's style (yes - pun intended)

All the greats who won't be bought (KO, Gumble, Wallace, Rather)

get tossed to the less effective realms.

KUDOs much to K.O. for doing his best to give his reports real zest!

November 8, 2013

Eaaaannnntttt! Wrong again typo pen! Bad guys/gals are ones who join the mob of bullies

to beat up on a victim; with the veiled agenda of helping career crooks get away with organized crimes!

N'est-ce pas!
November 8, 2013


I wish for nothing more.

Will accept Nothing Less!

November 8, 2013

It would be unlawful to order a dismissal without leave to amend

as for appeal - already prepared (as any prudent person should be)

While your remark about naysay - is the pot calling the cackle????

And obviously, you care enough to try to help the bad guys defeat the message.

Don't wish you success with that bad faith effort....

November 7, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Racketeering Romney Lawsuit Becomes Official November 6th

Many a naysay, oppenent, detractor and/or supporter/voter for Mitt Romney pompously stated that the Racketeering Mitt Romney case would never be filed. Then they said it would never see light of day; finding fault with the initial Romney RICO Complaint being a rant.

Turns out there's no Code & Rule of Law against ranting in one's initial civil complaint; especially when the allegations therein are true.

It is now OFFICIAL

- the Racketeering Lawsuit of Laser Haas v Mitt Romney is going forward.

Haas v Romney
Case# 2:13-cv-7738
Federal District Court
Central Division - Spring Street
County of Los Angeles


1st Amended Complaint Filed in Romney Rico Litigation
By Collateral Logistics, Inc.,
CEO Steven (“Laser”) Haas ([email protected])
November 6, 2013

Los Angeles – On Romney’s 1st Anniversary of his POTUS loss, a foe (Laser Steven Haas owner of eToys Collateral Logistics, Inc., {“CLI”}) filed an illuminating 1st Amended Complaint in the Los Angeles Federal District Court; which issued a “New Case Order” and specific instructions for the RICO trial. Laser Haas originally sued Romney for $100 million on October 18, 2013 for Racketeering Kay Bee, Stage Stores, Learning Company & eToys.

Nature of Proceeding

The case, initially held up several days for review, is now formally titled “HAAS v ROMNEY” and is assigned docket number 2:13-cv-07738 in the Los Angeles Division of Federal Dist. Ct.

Concerning Romney’s tenure as CEO of Bain Capital in 2001, CLI’s CEO Haas 1st Amended Complaint claims to clarify some of the mystery behind Mitt’s “retroactivity” lies upon Romney’s sworn under Penalty of Perjury Fed Election Campaign Finance OGE 278 Form.

Civil Racketeering complaints permit a citizen plaintiff to become a “Private Attorney General” to address federal corruption issues that create “Prosecutorial Gaps”. Plaintiff Haas claims prosecution gaps immensely exist. The 1st Amended Complaint reveals details of possible federal corruption concerning Bain Capital’s MNAT law firm arranging for one of their own (Colm F Connolly) to become the Delaware United States Attorney on August 2, 2001.

Summons Issued for Mitt Romney, Sachs, Colm Connolly, Michael Glazer, Paul Traub and Bain Capital

Summons's have been issued for Goldman Sachs (accused of fraud in eToys IPO & Bankruptcy case), Bain Capital (acquired Kay Bee in 2000) and Michael Glazer (CEO of Stage Stores and Kay Bee that acquired eToys) and eToys CEO Barry Gold (Glazer’s director’s assistant at Stage Stores). Along with Paul Traub who confessed his secret partnership with Barry Gold. Also partners with Paul Traub is convicted fraudster Marc Dreier and Ponzi schemer Tom Petters. During the election quest, Traub was named as “controller” of Petters Ponzi. Noteworthy is the fact that Former U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly is called a Co-Defendant for blocking prosecutions of Goldman Sachs & Romney’s Bain Capital.

Romney's actions speak louder than his Flip Flopping words;
such as his stating (on camera) that No One goes after short term business.

Mitt is a "boss" Racketeer;
and the proof is about to be known!

Lawrence O'Donnell shows in this video;
what the real skinny of Mitt Romney's Bain Capital goals


UPDATE November 8, 2013 - 7:00 a.m. Pacific


For those who care about the facts - I'm going to present some informative pieces about RICO in next threads. Meanwhile, if anyone would like to, you may look upon Chevron's Racketeering Complaint that is well over 100 pages too; but is done in 12 point font and utilizing footnotes single spaced. If it did its footnotes as complaint points double spaced and 14 Point Font (as is required by Los Angeles Court LOCAL RULES) - then the Chevron Complaint would make my Romney complaint pale in comparison.



Wikipedia on Racketeering - Explaining the Fact it is about Conspiracies by Attorneys at Law


- - Many a detractor in the comments below, are attempting to assuage you from curiosity and any hope of justice under the pretense that - because I'm going this alone, there's no truth to the tale!

Fortunately, the commenting bad faith parties are not the jury; and this case, G-d willing and justice permitting, is going to be a jury trial. As such, and because it is a "Civil" RICO case, I'm not required to provide proof beyond All reasonable doubt (though I CAN do so). The standard of proof and conviction is "preponderance of the evidence" (except in legal issues of Fed.R.Civ.P 9(b) - Mail/Wire Fraud - where I have to give EXACT dates/times - {AND I'm able to do that easily; because they did so in bankruptcy court with time/date stamps}).

Here is Wikipedia explaining Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations {"RICO"} ACT of 1970

Although some of the RICO predicate acts are extortion and blackmail, one of the most successful applications of the RICO laws has been the ability to indict or sanction individuals for their behavior and actions committed against witnesses and victims in alleged retaliation or retribution for cooperating with federal law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

Violations of the RICO laws can be alleged in civil lawsuit cases or for criminal charges. In these instances charges can be brought against individuals or corporations in retaliation for said individuals or corporations working with law enforcement. Further, charges can also be brought against individuals or corporations who have sued or filed criminal charges against a defendant.

Anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) laws can be applied in an attempt to curb alleged abuses of the legal system by individuals or corporations who utilize the courts as a weapon to retaliate against whistle blowers, victims, or to silence another's speech. RICO could be alleged if it can be shown that lawyers and/or their clients conspired and collaborated to concoct fictitious legal complaints solely in retribution and retaliation for themselves having been brought before the courts.


The Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell ("MNAT&quot law firm is openly representing Bain Capital concerning the $83 million that Michael Glazer paid Bain (when he also paid himself an $18 million dollar bribe) - during the same time that MNAT is represent eToys in the sales of eToys public company and bankruptcy estate assets to Bain/ Kay Bee.

That is a CRIME!

When this was discovered and reported by yours truly;
MNAT responded by stealing my money in Retaliation.

Retaliation against a victim/witness is a Racketeering Crime!

Bankruptcy Fraud is a Racketeering Crime!

The way MNAT stole my life savings and the inheritance of my children/grand children;
is that Greg Werkheiser submitted a forgery to the court purportedly signed by me.

After MNAT had already CONFESSED lying under oath to the court 15 times;
Greg Werkheiser told the court that I "waived" my rights to $3.7 million in fees & expenses.

Then, an MNAT partner who worked with Greg Werkheiser on the case (Colm Connolly);
was arranged to become the Delaware United States Attorney on August 2, 2001.

Romney claims he retired from Bain Capital in August 2001;
back to February 11, 1999 - "retroactively".

Could Al Capone "retroactively" retire from his organized crimes?

OF course not!

Can MNAT benefit from not being prosecuted for confessing to Perjury in federal court;
because an MNAT partner (Colm Connolly) was made to become the U.S. Attorney

who then buried the case from investigation and/or prosecution for 7 years?

Of course not!


All bad faith parties who want to brown nose Romney & his Gang;
avoid these facts that are irrefutable (public docket records).

Please don't let them get away with it;
because they are mean, hateful and have veiled agendas?


Proof that MNAT works (secretly) for Goldman Sachs
(that took eToys public for $85 per share; but eToys got less than $20)
MNAT confessed the secret years later in 2005 during Deposition
Proof that yours truly is the one who pointed out the CRIME fact
MNAT works for Bain (that owns Kay Bee)
and Paul Traub (who worked for Romney and Glazer at Stage Stores)
wanted to be the one to Prosecute Glazer and Bain $100 million fraud
and eToys was sold to Bain/ Kay Bee with MNAT reducing prices.
Proof that the Delaware Dept of Justice had that evidence Stricken/Expunged from the record
MNAT also (illegally) sought for the evidence in eToys to be destroyed;
like Romney did in the Olympics and Governors computer hard drives.

So, I ask you - how is it that the naysayers claim there's NO Merits to the case?

If these facts are not merit enough - then perhaps proof that Romney's MNAT law firm;
had one of their own arranged to become U.S. Attorney - is the nail in the coffin of BS.

Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT from 1999 to August 2001;
and then he became the United States Attorney on August 2, 2001.

Romney claims to be "retroactively" retired from Bain as CEO (when the crimes occurred)
from August 2001; back to February 11, 1999.

Here's the Federal Governments permanent ARCHIVE of Colm Connolly's Resume.


I'm just sayin......................

Its schemes they be a playin.................

N'est-ce pas!



Links to Court "Clocked" Copies of Amended Complaint.




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