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Hometown: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
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Current location: Houston, TX
Member since: Tue Jul 3, 2007, 07:34 AM
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How sad is it when your own long time co-workers just don't feel the bern?

I mean really, what does it say about a candidate that can't even pull his own co-workers into his court for support of his campaign run??

Bernie has 1x senate endorsement, his co-senator from Vermont. Next President Biden, just going into the primaries already has 5 of Bernie's co-workers in the Senate endorsing him.

How about the House of Representatives? His cohorts in the other chamber? Bernie has 7 that thinks he's worth supporting, Biden has 39.. in both chambers of Congress Biden has at least 5 times as many endorsements as Bernie.

Tell me again, how someone who's spent almost his entire adult life as a Representative, or Senator in our Congress, and can't even get these long-time co-workers to get behind his candidacy is in any way shape or form going to be able to use the Presidency to get such a lofty and high-aiming agenda passed in any form??

His co-workers don't want him, why should we?

Biden 2020!

"I'm going to beat Donald Trump like a drum." - Joe Biden


Biden Plans a Counterattack at Trump as Impeachment Tensions Rise

“Look, it’s simple,” he continued. “They’re smearing me to try to stop me, and they know if I’m the nominee, I’m going to beat Donald Trump like a drum.”
The Biden campaign has long hoped that, in the final days before the caucuses, Iowans will grow more intensely attuned to arguments about electability. In recent weeks, Mr. Biden’s own argument on that front has been squeezed, especially by Senator Amy Klobuchar, a moderate Minnesota Democrat, as well as by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a democratic socialist who has gained traction in the race, as the Biden campaign has privately acknowledged to donors.
In the speech, his campaign said, Mr. Biden plans to remind voters that Mr. Trump must be defeated in order to make progress on issues like health care, gun violence, climate change and how America is viewed on the world stage. And he will speak about the nature of the country, as he has done on the campaign trail this week in Iowa, where he has repeatedly declared that “character is on the ballot.”

#46 right there!

My pre-Iowa prediction.. it will be candidate Sanders, but President Trump.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, but it's a prediction only. One that I'll bookmark, and look back on later in the hope that I can look back and laugh at how wrong I was.

I do think Bernie is going to be a front runner coming out of the early states. A pretty strong one.

Super Tuesday would have been Bidens chance to come back strong, but while the field of candidates that have been running (including Biden) have been focusing on those early states, Bloomberg has been focusing almost 100% on the Super Tuesday states.

Bloomberg is not going to detract from Bernies Support base, he will detract from Biden's.

The exception I see is if Warren stays in, Buttigieg and Klobuchar drop out well before Super Tuesday.

If the primary prediction is right, then a candidate Sanders will lose the GE. Of the swing states that will decide, I see Michigan and Wisconsin being very within his taking, but Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona are most likely going to end up going to Trump again. I also think there's a good chance that the Democratic Party leaning state of Virginia could very well swing Trump, and the 2x Republican leaning potential swing states of North Carolina and Georgia are off the table.

So.. who lied?

So, she says he said it. He says he didn’t. has to be one or the other, it’s binary.. one lied.

Personally, I’d believe Senator Warren over him any day.
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