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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,533

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RE: Starbucks: I was a juror at a Trespassing Trial.

I was a juror for a trespassing trial. Here’s what happened: Local known jerk was in a tavern, sitting at the bar, not ordering anything and watching pool game. No testimony of talking, yelling, fighting or any other un-social behavior. Owner doesn’t like him. Called police and told them he was trespassing. Cops arrested him and threw him in jail. We went to the juror’s room. I told everyone I wasn’t going convict the guy no matter what. I said that if a business opens up, asking the public to come in and spend their time and money at their place, they had to accept everyone regardless of their reputation unless that person misbehaved or was notified with a posted sign they weren’t allowed and for what reason. (This was done at other local establishments, listing fighters, bad check writers etc.) As it turned out, everyone there agreed, even the one juror that seemed to know about prior problems the jerk had with local businesses etc. We returned to the court to deliver our not guilty verdict. The judge was somewhat visibly surprised and immediately called the DA and Attorneys to the bench. We were dismissed and that was that. Oh, and by the way, the Jerk was African American as was the one person who had knowledge of prior behavior. I mentioned to that juror that she needed to tell the courts officer that she had knowledge of the defendant and that she really shouldn’t be talking about prior behavior to the jurors, but no body seemed much concerned about that.

Will we stop trump before it's too late?

No matter what you think of Madeline Albright you should read this editorial by her and let the implications of Trump's actions since being elected sink in.


OK! Who's with Justice Stevens? Repeal the 2nd? K&R to show the way.


Is the Gun march Saturday on the Mall?

Time to release the videos of students being mowed down at school.

The Gun humpers will continue to talk about how "guns don't kill people" until people can see what these "tools" do to the human body.

We are disappointed to see the video of the armed deputy remaining hiding outside of the school but a video of what was going on inside would be more instructive about why he may have chosen not to enter the building.

Sanitizing what people see and know of these assault rifles simply will delay the remedy. We can all laugh at the crazy antics in the many posted videos on You Tube showing people doing stupid things with guns but like the videos of Cops beating up and shooting unarmed detainees, some real life gore will quickly end the NRA's hold on the narrative.

So far all we get are students leaving the building with their hands up and a few "Exclusive" student produced videos of kids hiding in closets. NRA can say "No big deal."

This report about stainless steel beer kegs will help you understand the problem with tariffs.


Very simple. When US businesses have to pay inflated prices for steel as the tariffs are applied and China (etc.) companies still buy steel at untaxed prices, the US companies will simply close up. It will simply expand the sucking noise you hear from every other country.

OK! Gotta ask: Does anyone know anyone who sits and talks crossed armed like Trump?

I can't say I've ever seen it before. Is it instead of crossing his fingers as he lies about his opinions about the issues?

About impeachment: New Yorker article about guy who would lead it.

Many have asked "what's next?" concerning Mueller's investigation. If he indicts or just suggests improprieties. This article lays out the Democrats' leading judicial Representative's ideas on how impeachment may play out.....or not.


Time for some new ideas for stopping school shootings. What's yours?

Here's mine. And not exclusive of all the other ideas floating around.

Metal detectors at every school paid for with a Federal excise tax on gun sales. Federal law prohibiting guns in any school.

I'll check my numbers, but I believe we have more dead students from school shootings than in airports and on planes since 9/11/01 yet billions are spent making sure every passenger removes his shoes before entering a boarding area of every single airport in the USA.

How can it be that guns are getting into schools yet every federal museum and building requires passing thru a detector? And most courthouses, police stations and probably every town hall/city hall and even libraries.

OK Democratic Underground: There are two ideas of what we as democrats are to support,

And we haven't even heard from Sen. Sanders yet.

Which is the party line? Schumer's or Pelosi's. I'm afraid to take a stand with my friends until I hear from the DU powers that be.

Are we to support the deal without a promise from Ryan for a vote on the Dreamers or do we go ahead and fund everything for two years without anything in return?

Just asking....maybe Hilary could chime in about now and give us some direction.
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