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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 09:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,433

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Time for some new ideas for stopping school shootings. What's yours?

Here's mine. And not exclusive of all the other ideas floating around.

Metal detectors at every school paid for with a Federal excise tax on gun sales. Federal law prohibiting guns in any school.

I'll check my numbers, but I believe we have more dead students from school shootings than in airports and on planes since 9/11/01 yet billions are spent making sure every passenger removes his shoes before entering a boarding area of every single airport in the USA.

How can it be that guns are getting into schools yet every federal museum and building requires passing thru a detector? And most courthouses, police stations and probably every town hall/city hall and even libraries.

OK Democratic Underground: There are two ideas of what we as democrats are to support,

And we haven't even heard from Sen. Sanders yet.

Which is the party line? Schumer's or Pelosi's. I'm afraid to take a stand with my friends until I hear from the DU powers that be.

Are we to support the deal without a promise from Ryan for a vote on the Dreamers or do we go ahead and fund everything for two years without anything in return?

Just asking....maybe Hilary could chime in about now and give us some direction.

Trump very much looking forward to the Steak of the Onion.


Last time Republicans politicized the intelligence process, the US destoyed life in Iraq,

4500 US military people and cost the US taxpayers over two trillion dollars. The place has yet to recover and of course, Trump was happy to mock the parents of the soldiers killed in action. What will this new attempt to control the flow of top secrets to the US public bring us?

Quick DU poll of house prices for DU home owners.

Thanks for taking a minute to respond and kick this along.

Here's a good article with list of all the times Trump Obstructed Justice.

You'll want to keep this handy to see if Mueller's list is the same or has even more items.


This is an easy, short read: worth it if you are having trouble keeping it all straight.


Internet working for me today! Thanks Trump...errrrrr I mean Al Gore.

Also electricity is on here, maybe not PR...But Thanks Trump, you are surely making America Great Again.

Where do we stand in Virginia House of Delegates?

Last I saw, they stopped the coin toss idea that they were going to use to determine the winner. But what happened next. Google gets me nothing.

Is it in the courts again? Was a one vote lead not enough for Democracy in Virginia?

What do you know?

Quick calculation shows tax bill is no tax cut for middle-class individuals in the aggregate

Currently corporations pay about 300 billion/year. A 40% tax rate reduction should result from the cut in rates from 35 to 20% (+ or -). If so, that reduction results in a revenue loss of 120 billion a year. The bill is reputed to result in only a 150 billion deficit per year. Special treatment for high income businesses like doctors, lawyers, and other privately held companies set up as partnerships and sole proprietorships and the drop in top rate easily sops up the remaining 30 billion difference, leaving nothing for you and me.

The promised savings from the doubling of the standard deduction will be negated by the ending of the personal exemptions leaving most with little to no cut. Those with children will gain a credit, but will lose the exemption for a small savings. Other than that, unless the tax tables are shifted quite a bit to higher marginal income levels, I'm not seeing that there will be a big change to peoples' withholdings from paycheck that will give the GOP any boost for next year's midterms.

As one said, "a tank of gas a month" at the cost of 13 million losing health care and the rest paying 10% higher premiums.

Please tell me Jones will be immediately sworn in.

Please tell me he and Corker and Collins will stop the GOP tax bill next week.

Total defeat of McConnell/Ryan and Trump's legislative initiative.

Does someone know when Jones starts? Haven't seen anything about the timing.
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