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L0oniX's Journal
L0oniX's Journal
June 22, 2015

It's just some "folks" killing some "folks". As long as it isn't our "folks" it's all good.

This country thrives off of war. Bomb and missile makers can send their kids to college because of war. It's a jobs thing. We've made it normal and comfortable to have war. We don't see our "folks" bloodied and coming home in caskets. At least we do see how our vets get treated afterwards. People who think war has a minimal affect on our society should look at the militarized pigs shooting unarmed people. IMO you can't have a country perpetually at war and not have it affect attitudes on killing. Demonizing the enemy is standard psych in the military so no wonder "folks" are also demonized for their race back home. There's just too many connections between war and its affect here at home to deny it has an real affect on what can cause murder.

January 5, 2015

The sentiment of OWS is not gone by any means. IMO it is getting stronger...

as more and more realize that our Democracy is dead ...killed by the oligarchy. Zombie voters is all that remains. The US government is a Mafia with its protection racket for the rich. Revolt and or revolution is the only way to take back the government ...and that is not going to happen. We're fucked!

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I am voting for Bernie Sanders.
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