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WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
December 18, 2014

This whole thing makes me laugh

A little country portrayed as backwards and technologically illiterate takes down a mega-multinational corporation. If "too big too fail" means "too big to jail" this could be better than Dodd-Frank, which as Warren noted, was flawed because it didn't break the banks up into tiny pieces.

Nope, I don't feel sorry for poor Sony.

December 17, 2014

so what's the concern about HRC vs Dem?

If Dem > HRC can't Dem beat a Republican who is going to get crushed by HRC? Or is this like college football, where transitivity does not apply: Team A beat Team B, Team B beat Team C, therefore Team A is better Team C (false)

I just don't understand why Hillary supporters are afraid of a challenge from a progressive candidate.

December 17, 2014

Too big...FAIL

December 15, 2014

Even Fox News is reporting she's going to shutdown the government!

People need to stop thinking about Warren and just read what other's are saying. The media pretty much got it all right. After all, it has nothing to gain from creating a Cruz-monster on the left.

December 15, 2014

But Manny, she's the "Tea Left" with ideas that will set us back decades, just like the "Tea Right"

You know, she thinks decades old New Deal ideas are good! She's just as dangerous as the pro-New Jim Crow law "Tea Right."

I know this because the media is telling me this everywhere I turn.

Her ideas are dangerous, Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 15, 2014

You responded to my question. It was a sucky response, for sure.

Maybe you're letting the wrong people do your thinking. Seems you've got canned responses ready to open. Seems someone already framed the whole thing for you. So much so, when you respond to a direct question, you let an article you agree with do the talking rather than answer the question.

I can't think of a username more ironic than yours!

November 30, 2014


I like that Scuba. Gonna use it

November 30, 2014

I LIKE this topic a lot!!!!

Two come to mind

I. Freedom of Assembly, I feel like I've given it up to some extent

Hear me out. I have participated in protests here in Chicago, most recently with HCAN, with SEIU, with teacher unions, against NATO, against the banksters, against corporate tax dodgers. Have posted several pictures here. The NATO demonstration was exceptional, so I'll just talk about the others.

For each of the others, I was (1) unemployed, and (2) the demonstrations, with one exception, didn't inconvenience anyone. That exception being a march right into Wells Fargo bank in downtown Chicago and filling it up to it's gills with demonstrators holding signs. That was pretty cool But aside from that, we were invisible. The police told us where to march and we stayed out of everyone's way.

So what makes me feel like I've given up my right to assemble? Employment. I'm afraid of missing work. I'm afraid of getting arrested. For the most part, I've believed the demonstrations are too regulated to be effective. I just makes me feel like we've given up too much.

II. Right to Privacy

I want to use the phone, computer, credit cards, social media, etc.. I pretty much willfully and knowingly signed my life away. I assume using DU means we've all knowingly given up our privacy whether we like it or not.

November 26, 2014

Sexism, intellectual laziness, giddy gah gah, and sweetheart

Many responses to my "Women are Sexist Pigs" thread from the other night fall under intellectual laziness. It's pretty clear that I understand the historical context, loyalsister. That you missed it is just lazy. People came to that thread with pre-fab responses. Minds already made up and loaded for bear.

So many of the intellectually lazy, loyalsister, got stuck on, "giddy gah gah" and "swooning". None of you cared about what one of the women said about the way they behaved, i.e., the gah gah.

I left soon after and almost immediately received a text from D who said she was sorry she made me feel uncomfortable and it was totally hypocritical of her and she won't do it again. She went on and said I was totally right, if it was reversed (5 men talking about a hot female coworker), each one of them would be freaking out.

So, based on her words, it was a big deal from the point of view of a woman.

Not a hostile environment. I couldn't wait for them to slip up! We are a tight group. They love me and I them. But because of the historical context, I have to be careful, moreso than them. You should have noticed, loyalsister. Lazy...

re: sweetheart
I was explaining this when I got locked out of the thread so it never got posted. "Sweetheart" is kind of a big deal in my field. The women work with older men who call them "Sweetheart" and "Sweetie". My coworkers are to correct them each time, saying something like, "My name is Kathleen, please address me by my name."

Other words on the no-no list:

Crazy: I can't believe that. That's totally crazy. (FAIL)
Nuts: You cannot be serious. That guy drives me nuts! (FAIL)

Sweetheart isn't really part of my vernacular, but I've been saying "crazy" and "nuts" for longer than they've been alive.

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