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Ikonoklast's Journal
Ikonoklast's Journal
December 24, 2012

Help with my hemostat!

I was picking the hair out of my nose with it, and I accidentally clamped the damn thing down on my right nostril, and now my eyes are watering so badly I can't see what I'm doing in order to loosen it.

Can one of you doofuses get this damn thing off without tearing half my nose off my face?

November 16, 2012

We Finally See The Real Difference.

OK, so I'm being childish.

Ann is exaggerating.
November 12, 2012

I Wouldn't Have Believed Things Like This Do Happen...Until I Witnessed It Myself.

I have an older sister who has lived in Spain ever since meeting and marrying a Spanish national during her time at university there, and she flew into town last week for a visit that will last until after the holidays.

She is staying with my parents, and her son, my nephew, flew down from Syracuse University where he teaches to see his mother and visit with the rest of the family.

When I was over my folks having dinner with everyone on Saturday and catching up on things, I mentioned that I was going to go shopping on Sunday at Costco, and my sister asked if she could tag along, as she had never been to one, and would like to see what they have and see if she get some early holiday shopping done.

I said, sure, the more the merrier, and my nephew said that he wanted to go, too.

Anyway, we did some shopping, my sister and her son bought a bunch of stuff, I spent way more than I intended to (I do that every damn time I go to Costco!) and we proceeded to the checkout.

Now, when my sister and her son converse together, they automatically revert to speaking Catalan, which is the dialect of Valencia, where they live. As we were standing in line, my nephew asked his mother a question, and she answered in Catalan, discussing an item that he had picked out for his father back in Spain.

A woman standing in front of us in line turned briefly to look at us, then turned away. I thought nothing of it.


My sister asked me if I had any problems when I voted this past week, and I told her no, as I always either vote early or absentee, as I never know if my schedule would allow me to be home for voting day.

My nephew said that he was excited to get to vote for Barack Obama yet again, as he was very popular back in Spain, and this was the first time he did so on American soil. My sister said the same thing, she was so happy that she got to vote for someone that is making a difference in this country.

That made the woman standing in front of us whip her head around and ask, "What are you foreigners doing voting in our elections? Who gives people from Spain the right to vote in this country?"

I started to laugh. She glared at me. I asked my sister if she wanted to tell our new friend what the deal was, or should I?

My sister said to the woman, "Ma'am, no that it's any of your business, but I am an American citizen, and have been so longer than you've been alive. My son is also an American citizen, and as citizens living overseas we vote in every national election held in this country. And we vote Democratic every election, just as we vote the Socialist Party back home in Spain."

If looks were knives, we would have been sliced to ribbons.

It was a good thing her husband wasn't there with us, he was educated at Oxford and taught at Cambridge for a year or two, and speaks English with a notable British accent.

The poor woman would have blown a fuse.

November 10, 2012

For Sale. No Reasonable Offer Refused.

I got a real good deal on a slightly used political campaign, it was owned by some rich guy that was clueless as to how to run it, still has the stickers on the windows and the owner's manual, which is still wrapped in plastic and was never even opened.

Any interested parties please call 1-800 SUCK IT MITT, or 1-888 I CAN'T BELIEVE I LOST TO THAT BLACK GUY.

I'll even throw in as a bonus a budget plan for free!

It's written in some sort of code I can't decipher or understand, but I was told by the previous owner everything works on it just fine if you know what the magic words to say over it that gets it started.

November 7, 2012

From This Day Forward, No Candidate For President Will Ever Win Being Against Marriage Equality.

I think we have finally reached the 'tipping point' in having politicians getting elected on the platform of keeping ALL citizens of our country from having equal rights under law.

Forward, we move...together.

November 7, 2012

Alan Grayson goes back to Congress.

Grayson wins in Florida.

November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat is going on right now in my community.

Since it was so cold, wet, and rainy on Halloween, the city rightly decided to change it to this evening.

I think about twenty or so kids have stopped by so far, but the funniest thing is my cats reaction to seeing the kids.

When the bell rings, they all scatter, because they know that bell ringers or door knockers are strangers, but then their curiosity gets the better of them and they slink back to the door to see what exactly is going on.

I go from cats running between my legs to scram, to cats sniffing at the kids to see who they are.

At least they are getting a workout.

August 12, 2012

To Those Of You Who Think They Will Be One Of The "Safe" Ones.

After the Republican Party enacts their Randian Agenda of eliminating the safety net for those who fall under a randomly defined cutoff age, they will then come for you.

You see, even still your demographic has a fairly large amount of accumulated wealth and assets, and there is no way that Wall Street will allow the Republican Party let that money go to your heirs intact without getting a crack at stealing it.

Once Medicare and Social Security are eliminated for those of us still working, their sights will be turned onto you. You will have no real way to stop them. You threw everyone else under the bus in order to save your own benefits, and in doing so, lost anyone who cares one bit about what then happens to you.

They will not care how big a Teabagger, Objectivist, Rugged Individual, Self-Made Man, Republican, of Free Market Worshiper you happen to be.

You are NOT part of the 1%, and are therefore fair game to be stolen from.

After stealing all that they can from those still working, they will take from you the last shreds of the social safety net by totally eliminating Medicare, throwing your health car to the whims and vagaries of private insurers, which will guarantee you go bankrupt in the process.

The assets you worked your entire life for will go to strangers, your children and grandchildren will see exactly nothing.

But make sure that you pull up that ladder in the desperate hope that you will remain safe, and vote Republican.

You might get three years out of it, tops, before they come for you, too.

August 11, 2012


Don't ask for quarter now that the wind not only shifted against you, it's at gale force and rising, because it ain't gonna happen.

You told us about your upstanding character as being one of your qualification to be president, and when your vindictive, petty, bullying real self was presented to the American public, they questioned not only your character, but your judgment in dealing with people you deemed as inferior, and you wanted us to stop talking about that.

You touted your business expertise as one of your bona fides to be president, and when rightly called out as a Vulture Capitalist that destroyed livelihoods, businesses, communities, and offshored jobs by the thousands, you wanted us to stop talking about that unfortunate set of facts.

You boasted about your plan for medical care for citizens of the state of Massachusetts as the ideal format for health care reform nationwide, until the Teabaggers rose up in opposition to any type of reform for any reason, so you, too, came out against the very plan you created, and now want everyone to stop talking about that accomplishment so you can then deny it ever happened.

You thought that by just stonewalling on the tax issue, the rest of us lesser intellects would just get bored with it and let it slide, which is the very tactic used by you to great effect your entire political life, and are not only refusing to release that information to the country, but are now plainly terrified that the secrets contained in those tax returns will come back to personally destroy you.

Your entire life you have been used to telling your paid underlings, flunkies, factotums and functionaries what to do and what to say, and they have always dutifully done so, as they were being paid by you and did not want to lose their sinecures within the Romney Dynasty.

You assumed that is how it works out in the Real World, you just tell any of the "Little People" to shut the fuck up, and they will just tug their forelock in obeisance, bow and scrape and willingly comply with your Lordly wishes.

Boy, did you think wrong.

We are not going to accept your White Flag now that the tide of battle has turned against you and you now ask for mercy.

"No Quarter!" was the cry from your side from the outset.


Enjoy your defeat, Oh Prince Mitt.

It will make history.

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