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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
Number of posts: 107,432

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Now Republicans in Congress will get shit done.. Because it was a powerful Republican person

who almost got hurt by someone who should not have a gun. Now they care.

Fascism is perpetual war against the people within a country too. It is not just about

attacking your neighbours. Applegrove

Republicans Plot Foreign Intervention Pullback

Republicans Plot Foreign Intervention Pullback

May 24, 2022 at 2:02 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 27 Comments



“Republican lawmakers — following former President Trump’s lead — are working with a wide range of conservative groups to pull back American support for Ukraine, the Middle East and Europe,” Axios reports.


Applegrove: The New Right and Trump want the West to fall apart and be vulnerable to war so that new oligarchs in Russia, the USA, Middle East and everywhere can take the wealth. There is no other way to get the wealth but war or fascism. Fascism is perpetual war within a country. There is no war if NATO is in place.

Thought this question encapsulates the question of Tucker Carlson culpability.

Read down the answers to to #5.


I wish there was a democratic portal we could go to with suggestions for a meme to be made into graphics or whatnot and then disseminated everywhere.

Truer words have never been written even if you were being sardonic.

Biden was exactly right on Republicans being for tax increases on the poor and sunset clauses

for social security and Medicare so the GOP can kill them. For the second day Rick Scott attacks with both barrels. Go Biden. Go Biden. Go Biden.

He is so upset Scott can't keep the powder dry.

Rick Scott Again Calls on Biden to Resign

May 12, 2022 at 8:34 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 104 Comments



Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) slammed President Biden again on Fox News Radio, saying he should resign because he’s “confused” about his job.

He added that he would prefer Vice President Kamala Harris: “I don’t know how it could be any worse. I mean, what could she… what could possibly… you look at the radical people he’s appointing to these to these boards and commissions and and how could she be any worse than what he is?”


For once productivity does not rule. I wonder what big business thinks. Women leaving

the workforce to have big families is not going to help productivity. And increasing productivity to the point that people can't have a coffee on their way to work because they don't get bathroom breaks, is the be all and end all of business.

People don't get that having some Republican say it once only, they can

implement it is they win Congress and tell people they voted for it, that it was public knowledge. Keep an eye on how Republicans themselves will not deny it and ignore the Fox reporters and pundits claiming it is not a republican thing.

Don't you think it is partly about making sure the bad situation procreates

and a new generations of bad situations are born to vote Republican?

Protester interviewed in Ottawa tonight said he was ready to die. CBC The National

The right has all these people who had no meaning in their lives going to Parliament Hill as part of the biker demonstration Rolling Thunder. Joining a cult is about being given a vital role in lives where that is missing. Understand that 400 years ago when we almost all lived in villages, and going back hundreds of thousands of years, everyone came together to solve issues and hunt and fight and save and then share these stories again and again. These protesters who think the Ottawa police will likely kill them could have volunteered at their local food bank, on an ongoing basis, instead. My the right is crafty. Thankfully we did not gut all our unions in Canada. Thankfully we have a government that is Lazer focused on growing the middle class. But there are still people who are lost that the right will try to corral.

Here is background:


And from Saturday:


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