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It may be as simple as dyslexics are herd avoiding. So they can think

outside of groupthink back when we all lived in little villages. And they could tear down human created fictions if their village went to crazy in cooperating over human constructed 'reality. Maybe that is the simple reason why Trump hates being in an alliance. Why he wants to tear everything down. It is pure instinct. Only the world and the West was and is working well for people. We believe in people centered banking and trade and publuc education and public healthcare as well as helping the poor and helping people get ahead. But it was not working in the USA republicans, desperately unhappy with their lot, gutted workers incomes as some billionaires in the US did not think they had enough money. They also financially traumatized the public with risky bank regulations. So it stopped working for the little guy. And the West was not working well for misogynists and racists and the intolerant either. Trump is just going on dyslexic instinct to put the brakes on human cooperation in the West. To benefit his coalition of the dispicable few and the many snowed. He's not fixing anything or saving anybody.

Melania fight still on. I wonder if Bolton has chased anyone down the hall.


If I had to guess what the issue is I would say Bolton and his aide were trying to control Melania and her influence and thoughts and it has not gone well. Why else would you try to control the seating plan on an airplane unless it was about controlling who sits beside who, who influences POTUS. That would be my complete guess. Melania might just have lines she will not let Trump cross on foreign policy, or they suspect it. 'It' being that Melania might be a feeling human being. Edit to add: and they leaked Melania's hotel bill from Egypt? Okay they are definitely trying to lower Melania's self esteem, or that of her team, so they can control her or those around her. Typical of palace intrigue types: protectors only of themselves, their place and the spun 'realities' of those they deem should have power (true right wing believers), imposing said 'realities' on everyone with a sledge hammer (following the 'reality' with such intense passion that they are delusional), kiss up and kick down, annihilate those not your friends (no live and let live) especially if the relationship winds up or ends, smart with details (hired for their understanding of complexity), no capacity for the big picture which requires periods of time of ego-lessness (and the GOP are counting on that), impose impose impose the order of her 'boses' to maintain/improve her position within, etc.. IMHO

The right say that democrats are naive in their fight for good and equality.

I think the right are naive if they think Putin befriending and mirroring them is going make America great again. The whole base on the right has been fooled into voting against their best interests for decades. But for years, and now under Trump, the leadership of the GOP are fools too. There is not enough room on New Zealand for them all to escape there when climate change starts wars and strife and spreads disease. When you share stuff, like good information, justice and equality prevail. Hoarding at the top is how many empires died. Economics and democracy only work when they are dynamic. There are always unintended consequences to any system. The right seems to have consequences they don't care about with things like climate change. (Putin thinks it is great). Think how many brown people will fall off the face of the world as it heats up.

Positive unintended consequences of sharing include: Canada responding to the threat of Quebec separation in the 1970s with deciding to share everything with French canadians including government jobs and language. It was a long time in coming. So generations of English speaking kids in canada have gone to French immersion public school. It was so popular across the country they at times run out of teachers. The unintended result is that kids who have two languages when they are young learn what a concept is much earlier and it helps them their whole life.


The right think they know so much, and they hold back so much from the public, that they can game the planet. They are desperate for more because they don't find meaning in their greater communities. They can't game the planet. They are just not that brilliant or dynamic. Anyone can tear something down. Takes a community to build something substantial. They are the fools. Fools about their own psychology being used against them because they have been schooled in vanity in thinking they came to be successful all on their own, covetedness and nihilism, projected or internalized. They could be self actualized, all-in human, part of a community and feeling lucky instead with the knowledge that whatever happens in the future we will work together to overcome if it is bad. Which way to be would a sharp person pick?

Nihilism is the philosophical viewpoint that suggests the denial or lack of belief towards the reputedly meaningful aspects of life. Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the form of existential nihilism, which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.Wikipedia

Yes I agree sober stuff that asks us all to take our own pulse doesn't fit in with

the deep anger people feel about Trump, the GOP and their base. When you are angry it is about fighting for your ground. Not sober reflection on the nature of humanity. So I well understand why threads like my own might sink. It will not stop me from posting threads that speak to me, a Canadian, and thus a little more removed from this traumatic time in us politics. All we can bring to the fight us ourselves. And i believe if all of us bring it..we will win.

I was at the hospital a few weeks ago. A young orderly with an accent walked by pushing an

elderly male patient. The orderly was explaining to the older man how many of Canada's social programs came to be in the early 1970s. How we had to watch out for those forces that will try to undo them. And to watch out for the false narrative that will start it all. Immigrants to Canada are encouraged to contribute to social capital. It has traditionally been high in rich places like the US North and low in the US South. Think listening to public radio, volunteering, union participation, political participation, giving up your seat on the bus to someone feeble, chit chatting with the bus driver, participating in festivals, etc.

I'm not gloating. I'm thanking you in the USA for going through what you have gone through and talking about it so we all could be warned. That being said it does look like the GOP base has been encouraged to do the opposite of increasing social capital: look at all the black people who are being turned in for being a kid and having a lemonnaide stand, for opening a business while black, minding their own business. I wonder how those antisocial capital instructions are getting out and who is responsible for starting the meme.

America's teens are extremely stressed out about school shootings

By Brian Resnick at Vox



This week, the American Psychological Association released its annual Stress in America survey, asking thousands of people variations on one simple question: What stresses you out?

The poll, like its recent iterations, found that Americans are stressed the heck out. Forty-five percent of the survey respondents said they “lay awake at night due to stress.” Sixty-two percent said the current political climate is a significant stressor in their lives. And 56 percent agreed “this is the lowest point in the nation’s history they could remember.” (Hey, at least that’s slightly down from last year.)

This year’s report took a special look at young people ages 15 to 21, a.k.a. Generation Z (the generation that comes after millennials). An additional 300 people in this group were polled to get a closer look at their stressors and what it’s like to be entering adulthood at this fraught time.

Two things in the report are clear. Teens are especially concerned about guns. And they are most likely of any of us to describe their mental health as poor.


Maybe all this insecurity in healthcare, school shootings, income, the environment and mayhem on the internet is intentional on the part of the GOP because insecure societies vote for authoritarians and believe in tradition.

Maybe for Trump anti-Semitism, racism, sexism is the opiate of the masses.

A way to get votes. For the GOP at the top they think they are above all that messiness and that is how it is explained to Sheldon and Bibi. And they want an embassy in Jerusalem so they go with it. It is like religion. A way to corrall enough people to vote GOP so the real agenda of the people in power can be implemented: no taxes, ending entitlements, social Darwinism, right wing foreign policy. So they have not pushed back on Trump after Charlottesville. So Republicans have not pushes back on Trump because it is their strategy too, Trump is just more obvious about it. This is the great uncoupling of the people from their leadership. They live in different worlds and their is no integrity between the two worlds. Sure violence is unacceptable to them but everything up to it was fine. And that is why health care has to not be public or subsidized in any way. Making everything a transaction or not based on income is another way to separate the two worlds.



What I can tell you is in 2016 we saw a 34 percent increase in acts of harassment, vandalism and violence against the Jewish community. But last year, a 57 percent increase, the single largest surge that we’ve ever seen in anti-Semitic acts in the United States.”

— Anti Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, on This Week.




Pence Says No Link Between Trump and Violence

October 27, 2018 at 10:29 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 302 Comments

Vice President Mike Pence rejected the suggestion that there is a link between the kind of political rhetoric used by President Trump and acts of violence like Saturday’s deadly shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh or last week’s mail bombs sent to prominent Trump critics, NBC News reports.

Said Pence: “Everyone has their own style, and frankly, people on both sides of the aisle use strong language about our political differences. But I just don’t think you can connect it to acts or threats of violence.”




What Is Happening to Our Country?

October 27, 2018 at 4:06 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 220 Comments

Max Boot: “I am so sad. I am so heartbroken. What is happening to our country?”

“Tolerance for political and religious differences is a non-negotiable part of the social contract in the United States. It is the very core of our national identity, even if it has all too often been honored more in the breach than the observance. We settle our political differences through debate followed by voting. Political terrorism and sectarian bloodletting — these are the sorts of horrors that occur in the Balkans or the Middle East. Not here. Not in the land of the free. We’re better than this. We’re Americans.”

“Except now the horror show has arrived on our shores.”


Then again maybe destabilizing the people's lives is the point as people vote more authoritarian when there is insecurity. They are less concerned with individual freedoms. They become conservative and retreat into religion and tribes. Workers have seen a smaller share of the growing pie for the last 40 years. No doubt that is intentional too. Some rich assholes woke up one day and decided to turn the US into Saudi Arabia.

Well I think we can divest of the Saudis in big ways but start small. In canada

It turned out many of our emergency room residents were Saudis because the Saudis paid their salaries so what public healthcare system would not accept free resident doctors or internists? When our global affaires minister criticized Saudi human rights they threatened to pull all their doctors at once. And all their students at Canadian universities. That has gone quiet now so I guess both sides want to tone it down but it points to one thing: we used to use trade in the West as a way to spread human rights and stop wars. Now the Saudis have turned that maxim on its head where trade is leveraged as cover for human rights abuses and to fight against the evolution of democracies.

Plus the GOP has wages frozen somehow to fight inflation. As is the case

in the last 55 years the poor and middle class fight the wars (in vietnam, now on inflation) while the rich don't have any skin in the game in fighting inflation (high interest rates slow the economy which hurts rich people too so the rich don't like fighting inflation that way, but someone has to because inflation hurts the value of rich people's money).

'It had to be very simple': Europeans used 'colorful cue cards' to explain trade to Trump

BRAD REED at Raw Story



European Union officials who flew to Washington, D.C. this week to try to negotiate a trade treaty with President Donald Trump knew that they couldn’t present him with large sets of complicated information, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

Specifically, the Journal’s sources say that EU representatives made use of “colorful cue cards” that they thought would help keep the president’s attention during meetings. Each card contained what WSJ describes as “simplified explainers” that “had at most three figures about a specific topic, such as trade in cars or standards for medical devices.”

One European official speaking anonymously to WSJ reporters says that they knew they’d have to dumb things down compared to typical meetings they had with world leaders given the president’s penchant for getting distracted during meetings and presentations.

“We knew this wasn’t an academic seminar,” the official says. “It had to be very simple.”

Last year, a White House confidant told the Washington Post that Trump only had enough patience to get through a “half page” of information during a meeting, and would often tune out of meetings if they lasted longer than just two minutes.


Some dyslexics (me included) are bad at learning the non concrete. Which is why Trump pulls down human constructs like trade agreements in favour of something he invents/sees/discouvers and gets: a system he is witness to. Then Trump adds his values and desire to win and the expence of others and connects to his racist base. At times it is good to redo the thinking on things. Most often in the West humans have invented and invested themselves in systems experts understand that should stand, with review, over time. Churchill (dyslexic) dismantled Hitler and was on him a decade before others because he did not buy the narratives Hitler spewed and saw what was happening to the German people: one third of Germans staying silent while another third destroyed or talked about destroying the last third. Trump is not knowledgeable enough to redo everything in government. Churchill did remake everything to put Britain on a war footing. He never tried that once the war was over when he was PM in the 50s. Trump is being a transactional president, which is taking politics back 300 years, as he dismantles the West and the enlightenment, while the GOP love it for the most part and even have suggestions of their own - such is the right's hatred for liberalism.
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