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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 44,248

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There are strange things done 'neath the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold. The arctic trails have their secret tales That would make your blood run cold. The northern lights have seen queer sights, But the queerest they ever did see Was that night on the marge of Lake LeBarge I cremated Sam McGee.

Journal Archives

For Trump and his stupid ban I have 2 people to bring up. Baron von Stuben & Alan Turing.

George Washington was like 0-10 in battles before he showed up.

We were losing hundreds of thousands of tons of supplies and thousands of men to
German U-boats before Alan helped to invent the modern computer to help break
the German coded messages to their "wolf packs of subs."

"I said, those jobs have left Ohio. But they're all coming back ... " Trump Youngstown, OH 7/25/17


Why do republicans vote against what the American people want?

Because they rig the elections and they really don't care about what the
people think or want.

Remember after Sandy Hook where 20 little kids and 6 teachers were
shot @ Christmas time in an elementary school? After that the GOP
made it eaiser to get and or carry guns even though >80% of Americans
wanted something done. They just don't care and know they are safe
because of the system.

I was a Boy Scout and I am pissed

Years ago I was in a troop in N.W. PA and one of the members was my
next door neighbor and his dad was the county DA and his uncle was Governor
of PA, Ray Shafer. Ray was a great guy, we would see him all the time,
and he was a republican too.

Governor Shafer would sometimes be at Boy Scout functions and he would have
never dreamed of bringing partisan politics into a scout function.

The little I could stomach of Trump at the National Jamboree made me sick.

BTW I still use things I learned in the Scouts almost every day too. Things like
tying a bowline on a bight, tying a square knot, how to build a fire, and bitching
about the weather will not change anything so just move on and do what needs to be

Robbie Williams, Party Like a Russian

It takes a certain kind of man with a certain reputation
To alleviate the cash from a whole entire nation
Take my loose change and build my own space station
(Just because you can, man)
Ain't no refutin' or disputin' - I'm a modern Rasputin
Subcontract disputes to some brutes in Louboutin
Act highfalutin' while my boys put the boots in
(They do the can-can)

Party like a Russian
End of discussion
Dance like it got concussion, oh
Put a doll inside a doll
Party like a Russian
Disco seduction
Party like a Russian, oh
Have it like an oligarch

I've got Stoli and Bolly and Molly, so I'm jolly
And I'm always off my trolley, so I never say sorry
There's a doll, inside a doll, inside a doll, inside a dolly
(Hello, Dolly)
I put a bank inside a car, inside a plane, inside a boat
It takes half the western world just to keep my ship afloat
And I never ever smile unless I've something to promote
I just won't emote

Party like a Russian
End of discussion
Dance like it concussion, oh
We've got soul and we've got gold
Party like a Russian
Disco seduction
Party like a Russian, oh
Have it like an oligarch

Raz, dva, tri, chetyre
We're the Russian boys, we're everywhere
There's revolution in the air
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh

Party like a Russian
End of discussion
Dance like it got concussion, oh
Put a doll inside a doll
Party like a Russian
Disco seduction
Party like a Russian, oh
Have it like an oligarch

Sessions: 'I Have Never Met With Any Russians' on Elections Interference

Question: If it is all fake news then why is Trump and company hiring real lawyers?


I'm going to miss Melissa McCarthy

NY Times Trump, "I'm not under investigation. For what? I didn't do anything wrong."


In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times, the president also accused James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director he fired in May, of trying to leverage a dossier of compromising material to keep his job. Mr. Trump criticized both the acting F.B.I. director who has been filling in since Mr. Comey’s dismissal and the deputy attorney general who recommended it. And he took on Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel now leading the investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election.

Mr. Trump said Mr. Mueller was running an office rife with conflicts of interest and warned investigators against delving into matters too far afield from Russia. Mr. Trump never said he would order the Justice Department to fire Mr. Mueller, nor would he outline circumstances under which he might do so. But he left open the possibility as he expressed deep grievance over an investigation that has taken a political toll in the six months since he took office.

Asked if Mr. Mueller’s investigation would cross a red line if it expanded to look at his family’s finances beyond any relationship to Russia, Mr. Trump said, “I would say yes.” He would not say what he would do about it. “I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia.”

While the interview touched on an array of issues, including health care, foreign affairs and politics, the investigation dominated the conversation. He said that as far as he knew, he was not under investigation himself, despite reports that Mr. Mueller is looking at whether the president obstructed justice by firing Mr. Comey.

“I don’t think we’re under investigation,” he said. “I’m not under investigation. For what? I didn’t do anything wrong.”


Security analysts Malcolm Nance stated, “This is what happens when a target starts getting buggy.”


One question about the June 2016 Trump Jr. / Veselnitskaya /and so on meet up

Now, the Russians said they had dirt on HRC and her illegal activities but
in the end they did not have such information but they passed a file onto Kushner
who according to some left the room w/it ..... now that file was not dirt on HRC
but documents and data that was hacked from HRC and or the DNC and or John
Podesta so tell me why team Trump is not guilty of receiving stolen property?


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