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A horrible thought has now lodged in my brain. Please tell me where I'm wrong.

Trump's press "event" yesterday where he blamed Hispanic immigrants/refugees
for murders and crimes ....


... is not different from Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany's loss in WW I.


"The core of his hatred lies at the defeat of Germany in WW1," said Mr Riecker, "where Hitler blamed the Jews for defeat of the country, the collapse of the monarchy and the ruination of millions"

Please tell me that I am wrong. Are we really shipping children to Michigan during the night ...

... to a "Christian Camp" that is run by Betsy Devos' family member?

Clapper: "This is a real test of our resilience as a country"


James Clapper, "I've seen a lot of bad things, but never anything that disturbed me as much as this.

"It's [in] my very being to want to support the President of the United States, particularly in his role as Commander-in-Chief," said Clapper, who served as President Obama's intelligence chief from 2010 to 2017. "This president makes that very difficult because I feel that our institutions and values are under assault both from an external source Ė the Russians Ė and from an internal source Ė our own president."


Clapper said he and President-elect Trump "got off to a bad start" after he and other senior officials briefed Trump on the findings of the Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 election. "He, five days later, referred to us in a press conference as 'Nazis,'" Clapper recounted, "and I felt I needed to speak up on behalf of the great men and women of the intelligence community."


Director Clapper also repeated his belief that Russian interference definitely swayed the election in Trump's favor.


"I will say that in my 50-plus years in intelligence, I've seen a lot of bad things, but never anything that disturbed me as much as this," he said, "because this is a fundamental attack on the fundamental pillars of our political system.

I have no doubt about it that Trump is working to destroy America.

Get rid of the EPA, get rid of the Dept. of Education, get rid of the
Labor Dept., scrap programs that help people in need, set up secret jails
for babies and children, stoke divisions along ethnic lines, weaken
NATO, praise dictators and insult our friends, start trade wars, lead
the mentally weak in cheers of "lock her up" about a political foe even
though she is not guilty of anything, and then meet w/his boss, Vlad Putin,
who wanted all this done in order to weaken the United States.

Stephen Miller believes in controversy as political strategy, even if it means jailing children


To understand what the Trump administration is thinking about separating families and locking kids up at the border, you have to understand Stephen Millerís foundational political belief: Itís better to stir controversy, at any price, than it is to engage constructively.

The architect of Donald Trumpís immigration policy and the White Houseís resident troll, the 32-year-old White House senior policy adviser believes itís good to ďtrigger the libs,Ē so to speak, with ďthe purpose of enlightenment.Ē To Miller, working constructively across the aisle isnít as useful as ďmelting snowflakes.Ē

To Miller, thereís no reason to moderate a view or a policy, especially not when it comes to his deepest passion: immigration restrictionism. Itís a subject he was passionate about even in high school and one over which he bonded with his former boss, then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, a longtime immigration hardliner. Itís no wonder, then, that Miller designed the initial version of Trumpís travel ban, barring people from several majority-Muslim countries from entering the US for 90 days, and refugees for 120 days.


Cruelty as a feature, not a bug
The Trump administration hasnít really tried to win the public conversation on family separations. As conservative writer Ross Douthat pointed out on Twitter, the policy didnít begin with a public discussion or explanation for separating young children from their parents, or by making the case to Congress for more family detention facilities. It started by taking kids from their parents first and attempting to assuage demands for legislation later.

my tomato list 2018

my tomato list 2018

Cherokee Purple

Sun Gold

Jet Star

Mr. Stripey



Black Krim

Lemon Boy

Arkansas Traveler

Wash. Post: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income last year

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income
last year while serving in the White House, filings show.


Good thing that we stopped HRC w/her "liberal agenda" and dirty emails.


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the presidentís daughter and son-in-law, brought in at least $82 million in outside income while serving as senior White House advisers during 2017, according to financial disclosure forms released Monday.


Both Kushner and Trump have given up daily oversight of their companies as they work as unpaid senior advisers to the president.


But while Kushner divested some holdings, he and his wife have maintained large stakes in businesses with domestic and foreign ties. Kushnerís family real estate company has properties around the country, including thousands of apartment units in states including New Jersey and Maryland. Trumpís eponymous clothing and accessories line is produced exclusively in foreign factories in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.

Rumor only but Ivanka's clothing and accessory lines are not hit by the new tariffs.


Legal question

Will Paul Manafort be able to keep his hair piece in prison?

BTW Manafort spent $1,000,000 on clothes in a few years so I don't think
Manafort will be very happy in prison garb.


North Koreans showing respect to the late Kim Jong Il

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Maybe I'm just a little too cynical
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