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Hometown: Western PA
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I believe in the 99%.

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From The Planet: Thank You 📲 To: The Voters of Georgia


I Smoked The Inflation Reduction Act
@BlackKnight10k 20h
Largest climate bill in history. Thank you Georgia voters, you may have saved the planet by sending Warnock and Ossoff to D.C.


Have flown 8 legs since last week of June...7 had issues. Welcome to my nightmare

International = 4 and domestic =4. Multiple airlines.

1) Flight Dulles to Iceland delayed 2 hours - earlier flight was late, then door would not close properly. Plus 100% full flight, took a long time to get all passengers aboard. Crowded and overbooked.

2) Flight Iceland to Sweden - no issues. Crowded but on time.

3) Flight Sweden to Iceland delayed 2 hours, unknown reasons. Airline lost my checked baggage on arrival - took 1.5 days to send it to my hotel - but bag arrived 1.5 hours after my flight and I was notified via text at that time - still took airline 30 hours to send it to me.

4) Flight Iceland to Dulles delayed 2.5 hours, arriving plane was late, unknown cause. Crowded and overbooked. Then waited 1.5 hours to get through Customs at Dulles, only had 2 Customs agents working US Citizen line, and one walked off when his shift was done.

5) Pittsburgh to Charlotte - delayed 2.5 hours - loaded late and sat in plane on runway for 1.5 hours due to weather in Charlotte.

6) Charlotte to Daytona - delayed 2 hours because of turmoil in Charlotte airport due to cascading weather delays. Few restaurants in Charlotte airport open. Waited 20 minutes in line at bagel place only to get to counter and found out they only had a raisin bagel left, could have told line, very annoyed. Wife and I could only find a few stale packaged sandwiches at the newsstand for dinner. Did not board arriving plane immediately - waiting for flight crew. The flight in the gate next to us was cancelled due to lack of flight crew.

7) Daytona to Charlotte. Delayed 1 hour - plane late. Unknown reason. Overbooked and crowded flight.

8) Charlotte to Pittsburgh. Delayed 2 hours. Probably weather again, but airport was PACKED, and again the few restaurants were over crowded and running out of food at 530 PM. Sub place only had 3 choices out of 10, took an 45 minutes to get food. On arrival in Pittsburgh after midnight (schedule arrival was 7 PM) Ubers were charging over $100 for a trip into Pittsburgh's South Hills that normally is under $40. 4 drivers blew us off without notice after accepting before one finally took us - had to wait 30 minutes. Again news of lack of flight crews was rampant.

Weather affected some of those trips - absolutely it did.

But lack of flight crews and overbooking added to the misery. And Charlotte airport simply sucks. Because of construction, poor layout, rampant overbooking and the fact folks who are not travelling can enter airside secured areas it is operating way over capacity to the point the restaurants can't efficiently serve the crowds. Not just once, but both layovers. Charlotte airport used to be a very good experience, but now is worse then Chicago, Dallas, or Atlanta in the old days.

Airlines care more about filling that last seat and are overbooking every fight to insure full capacity, then the fact they are really inconveniencing all travelers with their greed.

The whole US Custom's fiasco at one of Nations premier airports is a totally different issue, but points to lack of leadership at that airport.

Flying sure ain't what it used to be. Travelling to NYC tomorrow on business flight - anticipating delay. Wish us luck.

Jeff Tiedrich Tweets FTW: President Joe Gets shit done. 🤜🤛


Jeff Tiedrich
@itsJeffTiedrich 29m
Joe Biden gets shit done. Donald Trump's healthcare plan will be ready in two weeks


Just F*** Them. ReThug AG's trying to control us through our kids.

Came out Tuesday, but I just saw it 'cause I was on a vacation break.

Still, how the fuck low can they go? It seems they reach new depths every hour.

Whether or not a teen is LGBTQ is 100% irrelevant to their right to get good nutrition, and the level of need circumstances have put them in.

Just fuck them. Next week kids of color will be in their sights.



Republican attorneys general sue federal government over LGBTQ school meal guidance

July 27, 2022, 12:42 PM EDT
By The Associated Press

More than 20 Republican attorneys general filed a lawsuit Tuesday against President Joe Biden’s administration over a Department of Agriculture school meal program that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The challenge, led by Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery, claims that the federal government is attempting to force states and schools to follow anti-discrimination requirements that “misconstrue the law.”

... snip ...

In May, the USDA announced that it would include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as a violation of Title IX, the sweeping 1972 law that bars sex-based discrimination in “any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” The directive requires states to review allegations of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as update their policies and signage.

... snip ...

The attorneys general involved in the lawsuit filed Tuesday are from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia.

Andrew Warren: Tweet of the Day 'Together WE WILL WIN' 💑


A true profile in courage.

You are correct.

IMO Holds office because they are agreeable to the controlling 1%.

The Senate parliamentarian is not a lawmaker. Has no power to permanently change things, just advise on how parliamentary rules affect decisions. Usually the advice is taken as an attempt to prevent unconstitutional bills from being passed and avoid that whole Supreme shit show. Can be overruled by President of the Senate - the Vice President.


As the Presiding Officer of the Senate may not be, and usually is not, aware of the parliamentary situation currently facing the Senate, a parliamentary staff sits second from the left on the Senate dais to advise the Presiding Officer on how to respond to inquiries and motions from Senators (including "the Sergeant at Arms will restore order in the gallery". The role of the parliamentary staff is advisory, and the Presiding Officer may overrule the advice of the parliamentarian. In practice, this is rare; the most recent example of a Vice President (as President of the Senate) overruling the parliamentarian was Nelson Rockefeller in 1975.[3] That ruling was extremely controversial,[4] to such an extent that the leaders of both parties immediately met and agreed that they did not want this precedent to stand, so the next week the Senate altered the rule under consideration via standard procedure.[5]


NCAA HAS to stop using Indianapolis as a Championship Site. And they need to move their HQ too.

It would be unconscionable to hold a basketball championship in the Hosier Dome, in fact anywhere in the state of Indiana.

Contacting The NCAA
National Office
The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317-917-6222
Fax: 317-917-6888

In fact, the NCAA should be looking to move their HQ to another state ASAP.

John Fetterman's NJ Strategy is just plain brilliant. Students of politics will study this campaign.

John instinctively knows what you speak of is 100% true.

I am not a native, but I have lived in Pittsburgh for over 25 years. We are #PittsburghStrong. (And I include Western Pa too.)


How the area reacted to the awful hate crime mass shooting in Squirrel Hill - with horror and repugnance. But with strength and love for the survivors too. (My wife's co-worker lost her husband in this tragedy.)

How the area reacted to NFL star running back (Erie Native) James Connor, who went to the University of Pittsburgh and was drafted by the Steelers, and by the way defeated cancer while accomplishing all this. With Love and pride.

How the city that was once one of the dirtiest in the world overcame the 20th century economic loss of the steel industry, remade itself into a modern Green (literally - 3 of the Greenest Hi-rises in the world are in The Golden Triangle) Progressive Renaissance City in the 21st Century. With tenacity and Love.

How a progressive mayor helped the impoverished crime stricken town of Braddock become a hugely better place to raise a family. With Love and compassion.

I'll say that again: RENAISSANCE CITY. #PittsburghStrong

John has taken this native love for our region and commonwealth, and our native distrust of outsiders, and made it into the 'Keystone' of his campaign for the US Senate.

I hereby propose #PennsylvaniaStrong. as one of the characteristics of his campaign that will lead to a huge victory in November.


*NSFW* Carissa Mccann - Another poor spelling racist exposed.


It just amazes me that these putrid pieces of shit have yet to learn about spelling and grammar check. This pos even misspelt their racist profanity.

Seriously, this deserves all the exposure it can get. Shame does work.

Shine the light and watch them scuttle about. Scuttle about, scuttle about.

On EDIT: She gets worse.


And, she can run but not hide:


One more On Edit:


Giselle Barreto Fetterman Tweets FTW: This is how you overcome hatred.


This is 1st Spouse territory. What a team she and John are going to make in Washington.

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