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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Western PA
Home country: Earth
Current location: It has to be a dream
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 05:24 PM
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I believe in the 99%.

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It's June No major 1/6 Indictments; Manchin still an obstruction; Trump still holding the Media card

I've tried to be an optimist.

But looking at the headlines the last few weeks and today and their largely Corporate spin makes me gag.

The apologists are fast taking the middle ground once again.

A lot of us are capitulating just like we did in the mid 1970's:

YAY! the Pandemics is over, (NOT!)
YAY! Trump lost an election (but not the war)
YAY! back to work (but in an economy still centered on the 1%),
YAY! back to partying (and Weed is still not legal),
YAY! back to putting our collective heads in the sand.

Wake up People, or you may well soon be living in an Autocracy. Your choice.

MUST READ!!! John Pavlovitz: "I'm a Christian Pastor. Evangelicals Have to Be Defeated in 2022"


Iím a Christian Pastor. Evangelicals Have to Be Defeated in 2022.

Iíve been a pastor in the church for over two decades, much of that in predominantly white churches in the American South. Iíve spent countless hours in church staff meetings and menís Bible studies and youth pastor conferences. Iíve stayed connected on social media with thousands of people still there in those churches. I read what they share and post and amplify and I know how they think and what they believe. I need you to understand something and I say it without any hyperbole: white Evangelicals need to be stopped, now.
This is not alarmist, sky-is-falling histrionics, it is the clear and sober forecast from someone who knows these people better than anyone. Over the last decade and a half, as my theology shifted and my beliefs grew more and more progressive, Iíve been a kind of undercover Liberal in an increasingly extremist movement, that while once relegated to minor fringe noisemakers is now at the precipice of Roman Empire-level power. They are less than two years away from having a dominance that they will wield violently and not relinquish.
Yet, they were still a largely powerless, dying dinosaur until 2016, when Donald Trump acquired the presidency and gave the Evangelicals the perfect amoral partner to serve as the biggest bully pulpit theyíve ever had. Combine that with a fragmented Left, a general fatigue by the larger population, a ceremonial victory in Congress (thanks to Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema), and Republican attacks on votersí rightsó and we are now a hairís breadth from the subjugation of diverse humanity here.

These are not followers of Jesus despite the trappings and window dressing. They are Jesus-less extremists: blind zealots for nothing but power. They have been conditioned by decades of polluted theology and FoxNews alternative facts to see diversity as a threat, to see progress as attacks on America, and to interpret more people being treated with dignity as oppression of white people.

A lot of really good articles on his site, but that one highlights the evil Elephant in the room.

Here is one more:

Humanity is More Important Than Bipartisanship
MAY 25, 2021
For months Iíve been hearing about pursuing a bipartisan America; about this nation needing to forge a new spirit of political collaboration if we ever hope to bridge the massive divides here.

Iím tired of hearing that.

We all know how we got here.
Weíve all lived through the past five years.
We saw the ďboth sidesĒ rhetoric in Charlottesville.
We saw the George Floyd murder.
We saw the violence against the BLM protests.
We saw the support for Kyle Rittenhouse.
We saw the conspiratorial pandemic denials.
We saw the anti-mask defiance.
We saw the legislative attacks during the election.
We saw the terrorism at the Capitol.
We saw the lack of response by the Government.
We canít apologize for seeing it and we canít be gaslit into thinking that we didnít see it and we canít be guilted into forgetting that we saw it.
The idea of bipartisanship suggests that there are two very different but equally valid sides represented at a given moment. This is inaccurate in this version of America.

Knowingly perpetuating a dangerous lie of election fraud, is not a valid side.
Fighting a thorough, objective examination of the deadly attack on Congress intended to overturn an election, is not a valid side.
Legislatively cancelling the votes of people of color is not a valid side.
Justifying the murder of unarmed people of color by law enforcement, is not a valid side.
Voting unanimously against COVID aid while opposing masks and vaccines in the wake of 500,000 deaths, is not a valid side.
Taking away the rights of women to have autonomy over their own bodies, is not a valid side.
Demanding that teachers no longer teach about racism in America, is not a valid side.

BTW found this site looking for the link to the image in this post:

(My bold in quotes)

Amanda Gorman: Earthrise

"Where despite disparities
We all care to protect this world,
This riddled blue marble, this little true marvel
To muster the verve and the nerve
To see how we can serve
Our planet. You donít need to be a politician
To make it your mission to conserve, to protect,
To preserve that one and only home
That is ours,
To use your unique power
To give next generations the planet they deserve.

We are demonstrating, creating, advocating
We heed this inconvenient truth, because we need to be anything but lenient
With the future of our youth.

And while this is a training,
in sustaining the future of our planet,
There is no rehearsal. The time is
Because the reversal of harm,
And protection of a future so universal
Should be anything but controversial.

So, earth, pale blue dot
We will fail you not."

Thanks Senator Shumer: What a smokin' good surprise!


If you had told me in 1975 when I joined NORML, that in 45 years the US Senate Leader would be wishing us all a Happy 420 day, I'd have asked you to pass me some of that good shit you were smoking.

Karen Rants Again: Wait for it.


Andrea Junker Tweet: Can't Say it Enough.


This rocks too:

Noel Casler FTW



Hey Former Guy, Your Coke is showing...



*We Libs pwnd the Midwest elections yesterday.*

*New polls indicate that the QOP lost support Nationally and the Dems gained among those self identifying - 49% to 25%. Historic Number.*

*Bezos supports Hr1 & SR1 and the corporate tax raise implicit in the Infrastructure Bill*

*Patagonia comes out against Voter Suppression*

*Delta clarifies it's repugnance over Voter Suppresion*

*Matt Gaetz is having another Bad Hair Day.*

*I got my 2cd Pfizer dose*

*Former Guy probably misses his Coca Cola for breakfast.*

Holy Two-Face, Batman! 3 Strikes and Yer out, QOP.




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