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Liberalynn's Journal
Liberalynn's Journal
April 6, 2013

"A Union of the People and By The People" An Open Letter to the Presidential and Congressional


You have all apparently forgotten who is boss in our relationship. Here is a clue. Its none of you.

It is "we the people" Not you Mr. President, Not You Mr. Speaker, and not you Mrs. Pelosi. We elected you to do our business. You are not doing it.

We have made it clear through polls, votes excetera, across party lines that we want you all to keep your hands off our Social Security money.

It is basically only you, a bunch of Vodoo economists, and a handful of too rich, too greedy and not to mention too out of touch billionaires who actually think Chained CPI is a good idea.

The majority of we your bosses think its stinks. In fact this is one thing your common man Democrat, and your common man Republican can actually agree upon.

Don't continue to waste our valuable time with the garbage budgets you have produced thus far. In fact until you are ready to talk sense and come up with a feasible plan to move this country forward don't talk to us at all. Just stay at your desks with your nose to the grindstone and come up with one that will. There will be no excuses accepted for failure.

If you are unable to do the jobs we elected you to do we will happily accept all of your resignations immediatly, you don't have to bother waiting for the next election. We will then hire someone who is capable of getting the job done in your place.

Signed One of Your Bosses

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