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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
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Loving guns but fearing poetry is so Republican. - Mark Jacob


Will the Proud Boys disband? Will they be rightfully tagged as a terrorist/criminal organization?

Just found the transcript from Desantis' visit to Japan

Japanese Official: Look it's the book banning guy who got his ass kicked by Mickey Mouse!

Japanese translator: We welcome you with open arms.

Ron Desantis: Ho, ho, I'm just a simple un-woke Governor who hasn't decided whether to run for President of not.

Casey Desantis: Look at that carpet, that would go great in the oval office.

Japanese Official: It is clear he is deathly afraid of Trumpy. Ask him what Mickey Mouse's balls taste like?

Japanese translator: Have you been enjoying the food?

And the snowflake of the year award goes to...


LOL: Looks like Trumpy is getting his wall


The fact that our media is more concerned w/ spy balloons than all the mass shooting & ecological

disaster in Ohio is proof that they are a joke.

They all chase RW messaging and ignore the important stories. Totally worthless.

Lawyer dies after his hidden gun goes off during MRI scan

A lawyer was accidentally shot by his own gun after he failed to remove it before going into hospital MRI scanning room.

Leandro Mathias de Novaes took his mother for a scan at Laboratorio Cura in São Paulo, Brazil, on 16 January, Jam Press reports.

The 40-year-old is said to have failed to tell hospital workers that he had a gun on him after being told to remove all metal objects before entering the scanning room.

The magnetic field from the MRI scanner pulled the pro-gun lawyer’s weapon was pulled from his waistband and went off, shooting him in the tummy. He passed away on 6 February after battling for his life in at the São Luiz Morumbi Hospital.


My, my, my, what happens when you hold a hearing and can't prove your point?"

Rep Gerry Connolly (D-VA) to Gym Jordan.

"To Mr. Raskin's point that you guys aren't bound to the First Amendment because you're a private company," Jordan said. "Okay, maybe so."

Jordan just admitted Twitter and the federal government did nothing wrong, and this entire hearing is a sham.


"My, my, my, what happens when you hold a hearing and can't prove your point?" Connolly said.

That brought some laughter to the chamber.

Whole story here:


Help me out with the math: McCarthy lost 2 votes in six rounds.

He'll be down to zero votes by which round?

I love this headline: "The House speaker fiasco shows that Republicans are unable to govern"

After a new session begins, the first order of business for the House of Representatives is to pick a speaker. For a century this has been a mere formality, with the party in power having enough organization and respect for the country to move swiftly on to other matters. But on Tuesday the Republican party broke this streak of basic competence, failing in three separate ballots to come up with the votes to install Kevin McCarthy, the presumed frontrunner, as speaker.

With the group of hard-right irreconcilables opposing McCarthy getting larger rather than smaller as the day went on, it quickly became clear that the wannabe speaker had no plan for breaking the deadlock. If he hoped that his opponents would eventually tire of symbolism and bow down to practical reality, he was mistaken – for a large group of Republican lawmakers, particularly those in the far-right Freedom Caucus, symbolism is the entire purpose of holding office. They came to Washington not to construct but to destruct, and taking down McCarthy is just the beginning.

The spectacle of a party unable to even decide who should lead it is illuminating to voters, and Democrats should certainly celebrate these Republican misfortunes. It was the Democrats’ surprisingly strong performance in the fall’s midterms which put Republicans in this position to begin with. Having only a thin majority in the House means that McCarthy can easily be held hostage by his party’s most far-right members – not a good look for a party already suffering from the perception that it is extreme and out of touch.

But Republican irresponsibility doesn’t just endanger the party’s own electoral prospects – it also endangers the country. America needs a functioning House of Representatives with a responsible speaker in order to discharge basic functions like funding the government and increasing the debt limit. The stakes are huge, and gridlock is not an option. The last shutdown cost the economy $11bn, and a failure to increase the debt limit could be even worse, leading to the US defaulting on its debt and shattering the global economy.

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