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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Are 'Herd Immunity' Something That The Administration Seems To Be Pushing Now & A Vaccine......

to be available by the end of the year - conflicting goals?

How much of the taxpayers money did Trump give to companies to have a vaccine?

If we achieve 'herd immunity' is a vaccine even necessary?

Has Anyone In Kenosha Explained Why 7 Shots Were Fired Into The.....

back of Jacob Blake?

Why one shot would be fired is one too many. Why were 7 shots fired?

What's The Latest On Covid Touch Contamination?.....

I'm still quarantining every item I bring home from a grocery or other store and wiping each one down with sanitizing wipes. I'm still isolating my mail. Spraying each piece with Lysol and not touching them for three days before I open them. I wear disposable gloves on my shopping jaunts. I come home from my shopping jaunts with frayed nerves. It takes me the rest of the day to recover from a shopping jaunt. I've even changed my clothes in the garage before I re-enter my home - when I've encountered other shoppers that throw caution to the wind and don't wear a mask or follow the floor signs.

I'm constantly watching the arrows on the floors and reading the signs in stores as to which way to proceed down an aisle. I get very frustrated to see that most people don't follow the signs and proceed the wrong way down an aisle. I consider that these people put me at risk as they shop 'completely oblivious' to any of the cautions put up by the management of the store. I've stopped pointing out to people that they are proceeding the wrong way - because I'm not overly concerned of bodily harm inflicted upon me - if I make such a comment.

I use sanitizing gels on my gloves and my hands. I must wash my hands 25 to 35 times a day - while I'm self-isolating in my own home by myself.

During the last 6 months - my microwave crashed. My back-up freezer crashed. My air conditioning compressor won't turn off. The gas company wants to replace my gas meter. I won't let any repair person come to my house a potentially contaminate it.

I only ordered 'take out' food twice during this period and didn't enjoy either meal because I was deathly afraid that the food was prepared and packaged by someone that may have or have had Covid.

I wear a mask, goggles and disposable gloves to go shopping and buy gas.

Note that I'm a senior. I consider myself 'high risk'.

I don't hear much about 'Covid touch contamination' these days - but I remember near the beginning of this pandemic - how very toxic Covid is - and how long - on various different materials that the Covid virus remains viable and contagious.

Nowadays - we don't hear any talk of touch contamination - we just hear - wear a mask and social distance - wash your hands and don't touch your face. Is 'Covid touch contamination' not a concern anymore?

Am I being too cautious? My mindset is that I've kept myself 'covid free' this long - it would be sad if I let my guard down and contracted it now because of how the country is approaching re-opening.

Has He Gone Off Script Yet?.....

He's got to be seething against Biden & Harris's appearances earlier today. They ripped him a new one.

He's got to get back at them. This is his chance.

Will Someone Announce Here When He's Through Talking.....

I want to watch the night time local news.

So Are Joe And Kamala's Words Now Adequately Placed In Trump's Head?......

Both of them spoke today. The day of Trump's acceptance speech for the nomination of his re-election. This is Trump's big day. The culmination of the RNC that was a adoration fest of Trump. This is the day he was waiting for. He's to put the crowning touch on this 4 day lie fest. He's got to put the Trump touch on this convention.

But I don't think he planned for both Joe and Kamala to speak today before his big speech.

They both took some well placed shots at Trump. They eviscerated him. And I think their words have permeated Trump's narcissistic brain and he is probably seething with anger - just wanting to strike back at both of them.

But - his speech is written. It's on the teleprompter. And he's to read it word for word. Drats!!!!

Unless - his narcissistic brain gets the better of him and he goes off-script.

If he goes off-script - there's no telling what he'll say. And I think that is what Joe and Kamala had in mind. Hmmmm.......

It Looks Like Before The RNC Ends On Thursday The U.S. Covid Death Toll....

will reach 180,000+.

And until Election Day we can't trust any progress we hear from the CDC or the FDA.

Trump has hijacked both to make sure that the only comments they publically make are shaped so they reflect on his controlling and beating the pandemic.

You can expect that reported cases will be down because he dosen't like the numbers; that a miracle therapeutic agent and a vaccine will be available by Nov 3rd.

He'll be manipulating Covid numbers; employment numbers and managing vote(r) suppression to maximize his winning re-election.

I don't know that we'll be able to trust anything coming out of the WH or any poll numbers we hear between now and the election.

Did I Hear Right - Trump Is Going To Speak All Four Nights Of The RNC?....

If so - the lies are going to be flying.

I hope - immediate fact checking will be done as he speaks.

Trump Is The One That Has Ginned Up The False Narratives Surrounding The USPS.....

he's the one that has fueled this fire around USPS. And funny - all these changes and complaints being experienced - just coincidentally happened when DeJoy took over and Trump started his rants about mail-in voting.

With Respect To Your Need For New Capital Equipment For USPS - More Questions For DeJoy....

Are there new, modern sorting machines now available that do the job better, faster, more efficiently with less need for employee input - that you are looking to employ in the USPS?

Is that why you removed sorting equipment around the country?

And you mentioned you need for new vehicles to be purchased by the USPS because many of the vehicles you currently have are 30 y/o. Mr. DeJoy - when you ultimately make the decision to replace and purchase new vehicles - will you be looking to purchase 'electric powered' vehicles that are more energy efficient and non-polluting?
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