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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Why Did Dershowitz Leave The Trial....

Just heard this on CSPAN.

Can The Repugs Risk Trump Delivering The State Of The Union Address....

next week. He's a loose cannon. Unpredictable. Uncontrollable. What will he say?

They got to be thinking about that.

When Will The Repugs Come To The Realization That The Root Of All Their Problems.....

is Trump? They can save themselves if they vote to remove Trump from office. If they proceed along like they have been - the American People will end it for them by removing many of them from office in November.

Stock Market: Is It A Coronavirus Sell-Off Or A.....

Trump acquittal by Repugs and end of democracy sell-off?

How Can Cipollone Face This Body Of Senators.....

now that he's been dragged 'into the loop' by Bolton?

Did The President's Lawyers Answer The Question Of Who Pays Rudy?.....

I heard the question asked and I don't think I heard an answer from the President's Lawyers. He raised his voice and seem to accuse the House Managers of something - but I don't think he answered the question. Did I miss something?

Some Senator Should Ask This Question .....

If in the November Election a Dem wins will Trump be able to stay in office if he says it's in the 'national interest' that he remain president?


They're calling Bolton a disgruntled former employee now and discrediting his statements about Trump and Ukraine as lies.

Come on - Why would anybody volunteer to testify at the impeachment trial - under oath - lie and put themselves in jeopardy?

Oh - I forgot - if Trump was put under oath - he would lie.

I Keep Hearing From Trump's Lawyers That Overturning The 2016 Election And....,

denying the American People voting in the Nov. election will cause serious damage to our country.

Why haven't the Dems countered with the following:

Trump - with the help of the Russians - already overturned the 2016 election and he was planning to have foreign help again to interfere with the 2020 election.

Where do these Repug lawyers get off using the argument of overturning and interference in these two elections - when Trump already has done what they are accusing the Dems of wanting to do by impeaching him?

And this is not even including the gerrymandering, voter suppression and Repug cheating and stealing of votes - tactics the Repugs use in every election.

I don't understand why the Dems don't strike back by saying Trump has already done what they are accusing the Dems of doing by impeachment. The Dems are impeaching Trump to prevent any interference in any future elections.

If There Are Repug Senators That Are Considering Witnesses - It Should Follow That....

they are also wavering on whether or not to remove or acquit Trump as well. That says to me that the House Managers have done a yeoman's job of laying out the facts and moving them along the reality that Trump should be removed from office.

So we've come this far and minds are changing. Granted there are still a lot of minds to convince. But that says to me that there is hope that perhaps enough minds might be changed and Trump will be removed.

That corner that they are being backed into is getting tighter and tighter by the day.

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