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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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So What Strategy Will The Dems Employ On This Tax Reform That Will Be The Next Big Topic?.....

It's clear that Trump and the Repugs are going to try and shame the Dems into supporting this Tax Reform. They're going to say if the Dems don't support it that they don't want the American People to benefit and if it doesn't pass - they'll blame Dem obstruction.

How do you think the Dems will counteract that? What will be their strategy to make sure that the Repugs look bad on this?

One thing I can envision is that the Dems ask for more tax relief for the American People than the Repugs want to dole out - and then turn the tables on them - that - we wanted to save you more money and they didn't.

The other thing that I can envision is to very vividly point out to the American People that this Tax Reform is a big tax reduction for the wealthy and the corporations and that they are just dangling the help for the American People out there to get them to support this. The help for the American People is nothing in comparison to how the rich and the corporations will benefit.

What do you think will happen? Or will the Repugs be feuding against each other that they will kill it on their own?

Do you think the American People will get behind coming out to Repug Town Halls and taking the Repugs on on Tax Reform like they did with Healthcare?

MSM Should Try And Get Copies Of The Material Safety Data Sheets For Organic Peroxides To Assess....

the toxicity of them. They shouldn't rely on the word of Arkema spokesperson. Look at the official document that defines the risk.

Why Doesn't 'The Art Of The Deal' Man...

use his negotiation skills that he so boastfully brags about and talk to the North Koreans?

It it that he just has an 'itchy trigger finger'?

So Today's Trip To Texas For Trump Was A Dress Rehearsal....

I hear he's going back on Saturday.

Hope he's watching the cable stations evaluations of him today. Perhaps he'll learn how he should conduct himself and he'll do better Saturday - but I doubt it. Usually when he's criticized for something - he doubles down and does or says it again.

If his performance does improve on Saturday - no one will believe it's sincere.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

I Got A Ticket To See Bernie Tomorrow In Aurora, IL......

I can't wait.

Does Anyone Think That The People Of Texas That Voted Repug Might Think Twice The Next Time.....

They are now dealing with a 500 year hurricane/flood. After being led down the path that 'climate change' is not real by the Repugs and Trump - does anyone think that they might have some different thoughts about that now? Do you think they feel hoodwinked now?

Are You Kidding Me - Somebody Is Pushing For Arpaio To Run For Senate Against Flake?.....

where did that come from?

Just Saw Something On The Weather Channel That Crosses The Line.....

it was a commercial with an 800 # to call - to support president Trump. How disgusting to capitalize on the backs of people suffering down in Texas and their relatives and friends around the country that want to know that their families and friends that live in the wake of this storm are doing alright.

Why did the Weather Channel even allow such a commercial? Again - this is really disgusting.

Trump Going To Texas Sooner Rather Than Later Is Because.....

as this disaster drags on - and you can begin to see it already - the people of the area are getting more and more frustrated and angry. The last thing Trump wants to do is to face some angry flood/hurricane victims.

Also - another reason for him not to go to Houston - is because I don't think he wants a photo op with the black Mayor of the city. This Mayor in my opinion is doing a fantastic job managing the situation that he was dealt.

I Can't Believe Trump Is Going To Texas Tuesday....

I bet they are picking the people they will be talking with. You know it's a photo op and all the people he'll be talking to will praise him.

I hope he goes off script cause he'll be saying some outlandish things. There is no way he can identify with these people left without homes. He has no empathy. He'll be talking about himself and how wonderful he handled this disaster.

You know somehow he'll step in it.

Many Repugs down in Texas. I hope somebody challenges him on climate change. How can these Texans - victims of climate change - support a climate change denying Party?

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