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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,857

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Can We Target The States That Always Have Low Voter Turnout....

to see what we can do to increase voter turnout for the Midterms?

Do We Know Which States In Past Elections.....

have the most elgible voters not show up to vote?

If we do - we need to put a full court press on those states to get those elgible voters that don't show up at the polls to get to the voting booth and vote.

Those are the states where a strong GOTV ad campaign can do the most good. We need to increase the voting percentage over non voters in these states.

There is still time to pull this off.

Can Trump Perjure Himself With Written Answers Prepared By Lawyers?.....

Trump's lawyers are preparing answers to Mueller questions because a face-to-face will not happen. I was just wondering if the answers are contradictory to what Mueller has learned elsewhere - can Trump be cited for perjury?

Do You Realize Right Now There Is Someone In The Repug Party Figuring Out....

how many votes they have to suppress, steal and have the Russian's help in order to retain their power base.

I wonder when the orders will go out to the Red States as to what their contribution to a win will be?

This is why we need to have historic turnout for this Midterm Election. More people ever to vote in a U.S. election in history. It's the only way to prevent the Repugs from manipulating this election to their advantage.

If things are close - it's easy for them to interfere. If we turn out in historic numbers - there is no way that they can come up with the votes underhandedly to win without being obvious.

So People - GOTV!!!! And encourage your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to GOTV!!!!!

I Finally Realized What Happened To Me.....

I'm dead and in hell and my eternal penance is to endure a dysfunctional Trump presidency. There is just no other explanation for what has happened in this country. Really Kanye in the WH advising a illegitimate president. Everyday it just gets worse. This must be hell!!!!

MSM Gave Trump A Pass Again Today.....

They should have been shaming Trump for holding a campaign rally during a devastating hurricane that was ravaging Florida. They should have been making it a point that a president should be on the job and working with governors and mayors of the state during the calamity and not running off to some rally.

Instead they said that's just Trump being Trump and he is doing what his supporters think he should be doing - going to the rally - because we didn't support someone who was politically correct.

Again - instead of shaming Trump for his behavior - they normalized it - just like they do with everything that Trump gets away with.

I Heard This A.M. That Trump Is Urging People To Vote For Candidates Because The Vote Is For Him....

He's putting himself out there saying that when you vote for this or that candidate - you are really voting for me.

Isn't that risky for him because of all the talk about a 'blue wave'?

If the 'blue wave' materializes - it's going to look like this election was a referendum against Trump. I don't understand why he might be doing that instead of taking a more cautious approach. Unless he knows the fix is in and the Repugs will retain both the House and Senate.

Any thoughts on this?

Nicki Haley Resigning Is Proof That....

the UN was laughing at Trump and not with him.

There is only so much embarrassment a person can endure.

We Should Fly Our Flag At Half Staff......

for the death of democracy.

Mob Mentality - Just Look At A Trump Rally....

The Kavanaugh protesters were just exercising their rights. They were peaceful. The Repugs are just trying to create an issue they could use - because they don't have anything else for the Midterms.
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