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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 20,071

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As Long As Trump Is Given A Forum By MSM To Spew His Lies...

he will maintain his deplorable base.

I'm convince that if Trump can delude himself into believing his own lies that he makes up on the spot - that he can delude his low informed supporters to believe his lies too.

I've never seen a person more accomplished at lying than Trump. He is the ultimate liar.

To those of us that are astute and aware of the issues - we know they are lies.

But I can actually can understand how his deplorable supporters can believe him. His lies come off as credible cause I'm sure he rehearses his lies in his head until he's convinced himself that they are reality.

So to those Americans that are considered low informational voters - I can see where they can believe him.

That's why I say that as long as Trump is given a forum by the MSM to spew his lies - he will maintain his deplorable base.

If Trump Is Impeached With A Majority Vote In The Senate.....

How soon is he removed from office? Is it immediate? Is he and his family escorted out of the White House? What about his staff? Do they go too? How will that play out?

Is It Legal For Trump To Turn Our Military Into Mercenaries?......

Trump sent troops to Saudi Arabia and is proud because he says they are paying for them.

He's basically turned our military into mercenaries - where a country can buy an army.

Can he do that?

We the taxpayers pay for our military. Our military is there to protect our country.

I didn't hear anything about Congress approving Trump to sell our military to Saudi Arabia. Wouldn't Congress have to have a say in that?

It's one thing - that we send our military into allied countries where they set up bases and are there to aid our allies and be ready should they be needed in these parts of the world (i.e, South Korea, or even our alliance with the Kurds in Syria).

But to sell our military to a country - seems wrong.

Is Trump able to make this decision and name a price for our military in SA?

Did I Hear A Toilet Flushing On Andrea Mitchell's.....

program just now? Just as she was introducing the people that she was having comment - it sounded like a toilet was being flushed in the background. Did anyone else hear this?

Pence/Erdogan Meeting - Maybe A Set-Up?.......

Trump screwed up royally with Erdogan/Syria/Kurds. Even the Repugs are furious as to Trump's screw-up.

Pence is sent to Turkey to get Erdogan to back off now. If Erdogan does back-off Pence comes off as a hero here and sets himself up as the Trump alternative and a worthy Trump successor.

We know that Trump tried to draw in Pence in this Ukraine extortion scandal. It looks like Pence is implicated in the Ukraine mess with Rudy, Trump, Pompeo and the three amigos and the two russians that Trump says he doesn't know.

Could it be that Pence was sent to Turkey to foist up his stature to be Trump's successor. You know - I can hear the Repugs saying (if Pence is successful with Erdogan) that he is a stateman and he saved the U.S. from this Trump created mess. I can hear the Repugs getting behind Pence and overlooking any actions of his in the Ukraine mess.

Just sayin......

MSNBC Or CNN Should Take A Trump Rally And.....

fact check it or refute Trump's ramblings - word for word - just to illustrate how off the wall Trump is and how he lies and makes stories up as he goes along. They should point out how dumb Trump is about our government; the constitution and the law. They should play a sound bite of Trump making a statement - stop the tape - refute or fact check it in real time - and then go on to the next sound bite and do the same thing - until they go through the whole playback of Trump's ramblings from one of his rallies.

Show the 'deplorables' just how much Trump is manipulating them and making them look stupid.

I still would hope that someone in Trump's administration or working in the White House would record Trump (catch him) saying just how much he uses the 'deplorables' to his own advantage and what he really thinks of them when he talks about them as he concocts his talking points for what he calls his campaign rallies in the privacy of the oval office.

I have to think that Trump has a low opinion of his base 'deplorables' and expresses that opinion when he thinks he is in the confidence of the people working around him. He knows how to use and manipulate the 'deplorables' and makes fun of them when he is not in their presence. In other words - be a fly on the wall - record him - and play it back for his base to hear what he really thinks of them.

I believe that would be the straw that would break the camel's back - if the 'deplorables' (his base) would hear right from Trump's mouth - how and what he really thinks and feels about them.

Let Me See If I Understand This Turkish Thing Correctly....

Trump and Erdogan talk. Trump abandons the Kurds in Syria who are U.S. allies that were fighting ISIS with U.S. supplied arms so Turkey can attack the Kurds and drive them from their territory and re-populate it with arabs. And now the Turkish forces may be attacking U.S. bases in the area where they know they exist because the Turks are in contact with the Pentagon that is telling them where these bases are so they don't attack them.

This was all Trump's brainchild because he didn't want endless wars. All the while an impeachment inquiry is being conducted to remove Trump from office because he's extorting the Ukraine president in order to get info on a potential opponent he may be facing in an upcoming election. And now Trump is looking to negotiate a settlement between the Turks and the Kurds to end the fighting before -hopefully- no Americans get killed in the process - while Trump is campaigning around the country to defeat the Dems by calling them traitors and using racial talk because he feels he's being treated badly by the Dems. All the while his so-called lawyer that he's not sure is still representing him is being criminally investigated because he's running around the world chasing down conspiracy theories about a son of the candidate he thinks Trump will face in the election and working with people that have just got arrested for funnelling foreign money to Trump's campaign.

I'm not sure I've got any of this story straight because Trump claims that the truth is fake and makes up stories and lies and calls them truths. Oh - and he wants to put a man on the moon by the way.

And this is only a small part of the story.

No wonder I can't get back to sleep and I'm posting this insane crap here on DU.


Any Truth To The Fact That Repugs Pleaded With Pelosi Not To Hold A Impeachment Inquiry Vote.....

now because they don't want to be forced into going on record this early in the process? They don't want Trump to hold them to this vote especially if more damaging reasons for impeachment surface in the future.

Is this what is going on behind the scenes?

Why Is Trump So Concerned About Having His Presidency Be Called 'Illegitimate'?......

Why is he so concerned of absolving Russia of interfering with the 2016 election?

This has always bothered me. What is he worried about?

Could it be that he thinks that if his presidency is deemed 'illegitimate' that everything that he's done will have to be reversed?

I don't know why - but I've always been suspicious of his concern of 'illegitimacy'.

I Just Don't Get It.....

why aren't there cries for Trump to resign? The Dems should be demanding his resignation for all kinds of his crimes - and especially for his sexual proclivities. Newspapers around the country should be calling for Trump's resignation.

He ranks right up there with Harvey Weinstein. He's been tied to Jeffery Epstein.

How could the Dems and the MSM force a guy like Al Franken to resign and let Trump off the hook?

Put the pressure on Trump. Call for his resignation. The Repugs can't defend him for his sexual assaults.

Trump is not fit to represent this country.
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