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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 16,908

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I Finally Figured Out How Trump Can Lose His Base Support....

He needs to be replaced by somebody who can out crazy him.

Trump Is Well On His Way To Uniting The Country......

against him. Sure he picked up some support by Dems because he reached across the aisle to Chuck and Nancy. But he lost some support of the Repugs that think he is betraying them.

Are Sean Spicer's Notes & Notebooks His Property Or Did.....

he have to leave them behind when he left the White House? Are they personal property or government property?

Rachel Rocks....

a great show again tonight as always. Informative and eye opening. Connecting the dots.

Yes - The Repugs Campaigned On Repealing & Replacing ACA.....

and Grassley says they have the responsibility of making good on their campaign promise. However, the key word is responsible.

Just because they promised something in their campaign doesn't mean that they should willy nilly pass anything just to make good on their promise - even if it is bad - just to fulfill their promise.

They need to think and act responsibly - and they are not. They are acting in desperation - and the American People know this.

If the Repugs pass this new attempt at repealing and replacing ACA - they will pay for it in 2018 and 2020.

The American People have their number and the Repugs number will be up in 2018 and 2020.

We now have to rely on the few Repugs that are approaching this vote responsibly.

Call them today. Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Paul and a few of the others mentioned in other posts here on DU that are leaning 'no'.

It's now a matter of integrity for Murkowski, Collins and McCain. Will they be bought off or approach this vote with integrity and vote as they did a few months ago - NO!!!!

With Respect To Repugs Attempt To Repeal/Replace ACA Any Protests Scheduled .....

before their upcoming vote. We should be out in numbers this weekend to stop them in their tracks. Any protests scheduled anywhere in the country?

How Have These Hurricanes Impacted The Cruise Industry?....

Seems like all the traditional stops on the islands cruise ships make have been decimated. What are the cruise lines doing? What about the people that have booked cruises?

I Just Made Four Calls To Senate Repug Offices....

Sen. Murkowski - had to leave a voice mail; seems they are ducking taking live calls; said it's a matter of integrity to vote no on this new attempt; she gained a lot of respect voting no the last time; it would be ashamed that she would reverse her decision this time because they dangled dollars in front of her; again it is a matter of integrity - do the right thing.

Sen. McCain - same with this office; had to leave a voice mail; essentially said the same thing; that he gained a lot of new respect from millions of Americans by saying what he did on the floor of the Senate and standing up to the Repug Party and voting no the last time; for McCain it is a matter of both integrity and his legacy and I urged him to do the right thing and vote no on this new attempt by the Repugs; I reminded him that he was disrespected by Trump

Sen. Collins - again had to leave a voice mail; I'm thinking that no Repug office will be taking live calls until this is called to a vote; again I mentioned that this was a matter of integrity and that this current attempt is worse than anything that came before; it would be ashamed if she reversed her thinking on this now and voted yes - I urged her to vote no.

Sen. Paul - this surprised me because i didn't expect to get a live person to talk to in Sen. Paul's office; I urged the person that answered this call to tell Sen. Paul to vote no on this new attempt to Repeal and Replace ACA; I said again that this current attempt is worse than anything that came before; Paul's representative said that Paul will be voting no on this and he went on to say that it probably not for the same reasons I want him to vote no; we both chuckled and I said to him - I'll take a no vote anyway I can get it.

I'm urging everyone here on DU to make similar calls - to these Senators and to the Repug Senators of your home states. We need to stop this current attempt by the Repugs to further decimate all the gains we've made and deny millions and millions of Americans good healthcare coverage.

Will We Ever Be Able To Recover From The Damage That Trump Is Doing To Our Relationships.....

with the countries of the world? Do the leaders of these countries know that this is pure Trump and not the will of the American People?

With Respect To ACA - I'm From A State That Has Two Dem Senators.....

should I be calling Repug Senators to tell them not to vote for the Repugs new attempt to repeal and replace ACA?

If so - can somebody post some telephone numbers. I'm thinking McCain, Collins, Murkowski and Paul. Any others I should call that may be on the verge of voting no?
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