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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 24,570

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The 2024 Repug Clown Car Is Growing Bigger.....


Am I Wrong To Think That The More Repug Candidates Running Against Tr**p For The Nomination.....

actually plays into the hands of Tr**p.

The Repug field would be so big that it would fragment the Primary vote so much - that Tr**p's base - would rally around him and would easily beat out all those other candidates as Tr**p would wind up with the most votes and the other candidates would each have a small portion of the remainder.

I Believe Biden Can Do More Damage To McCarthy Tonight In His Oval Office Speech - If....

he glowingly compliments Kevin for how he conducted himself in the debt ceiling negotiations.

There's no need for Biden to attack McCarthy. The Repugs will be turning red if Biden makes McCarthy look good.

McCarthy - I believe wants to come off looking as a tough negotiator. If Biden compliments McCarthy - it will be the wrong message McCarthy wants the Repugs to take away from these negotiations.

There Is A Shortage Of Candidates To Join Police Forces Around The Country.....

I can't help but think that one of the reasons is the availability of guns in this country and that the job now is probably more dangerous now than ever.

I seem to recall that the Uvalde shooting - the police were scared to go into the building and that was a factor in the time it took to end that crisis.

The proliferation of AR-15 - and knowing the damage that they can do - I can only assume that many are thinking twice about becoming a cop these days.

We Don't Hear Anything About It - But What's Going On With The Writers Strike?....

I hadn't heard much about it now since it started.

When This Debt Ceiling Gets Voted On This Coming Week - All Dems Should Be....

saying loudly that the American People should remember this moment - and recall how the Repugs were willing to let it lapse and put us into an economic crisis.

If the Repugs ever retake the WH in the future - the American People need to pay very close attention to how they treat the debt ceiling and how the Repugs would be behind passing it when they're in power.

The only time the Repugs question the debt ceiling and hold it hostage is when the Dems are in power and the Repugs could embarass the Dem President.

The Dems need to really drive home this point - because the American People easily forget over a period of time - how hypocritical the Repugs are.

Here's A Thought On McCarthy And The Debt Ceiling......

There are some moderate Repugs in the House that don't want a debt ceiling default to fall on the blame of the Repugs and know the serious damage it could do to the U.S..

Why don't a group of them get together and put pressure on McCarthy and threaten to depose him from his speakership - if he doesn't quit screwing around with these dangerously close negotiations re: debt ceiling.

I know McCarthy has pressure from the other side that are pushing him to play hardball and default - but I believe it is time for the moderate Repugs to push back and put the pressure on McCarthy.

If they have to - knock McCarthy out of the speakership and put someone in that position that will end this crisis.

If A Person Bought A Presidential Pardon From Rudy (Tr**p)......

would they be in trouble too? If proved - would the pardon be voided?

We Watched The Movie 'Champions' With Woody Harralson Today....

Woody deserves an Academy Award for his performance.

It is a great picture. I recommend everyone watch it.
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