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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 19,091

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So Let Me Get This Straight - Trump Told Cohen To Lie To Congress.....

and now he is calling Cohen a liar because he lied to Congress?

Is this what I'm expected to believe?

Those Of You That Have Been Ordered Back To Work Without Pay - Now.....

you know what it's like to be a slave.

Thank You Mr. Trump!!!!!!

Trump Is Now Talking About A Humanitarian Crisis On Our Southern Border....

Therefore we should pick up his lead and come up with the most 'humanitarian way' to treat those wishing to come into our country from the South.

Trump has gone from the Wall; to various types of walls, steel slats, fences; to calling it 'border security'; and now he's saying there's a humanitarian crisis on the border.

His child/parent separation policy created a major humanitarian crisis which still isn't resolved and they keep on finding creative ways of keeping people from coming to the U.S.

So lets take him up on his 'humanitarian crisis' and propose the most humanitarian way to handle and treat the people wishing to come into our country from the South. Call his bluff. Give him a plan that will treat people the kindest and most humane.
Make him eat his words. Continue to deny him money for a wall or fence or barrier - but agree to provide him money to welcome and accept people in the most humane way.

1 877 Wall For Trump - 1 877 Wall For Trump - 1 877 Wall For Trump...

make him go away.

Just The Thought That Trump Might Be A Russian Asset......

disgusts me.

If in this FBI investigation of Trump as a Russian Asset turns up evidence that - in fact - it is true - they should move quickly to make sure the American People are informed and action should be taken to remove Trump from office and punish him to the fullest extent of the law.

Mr. Trump You Say You Never Worked For Russia - Yet You Shutdown.....

our government which is playing right into the hands of Putin and the Russians. You can prove to us you don't work for Putin by ending the shutdown. If you refuse to end the shutdown - all we can assume is that you really are a Russian Asset.

How To End The Shutdown With Everyone Sorta Winning......

1. Trump calls Mitch in confidence and asks Mitch to allow the vote and make sure it is veto-proof. He & Mitch don't let on that they are hatching this scheme.

2. Mitch holds a news conference where he says he wants to end the shutdown and that he's going to defy Trump and schedule the vote.

3. Trump says he'll veto it to look tough.

4. Trump throws a fit to make it look he's pissed but he acts reluctantly that he's forced to sign the bill to end the shutdown without the wall money because it is veto-proof.

5. The shutdown is ended without the Dems giving in and providing any money to Trump for the wall.

Mitch looks like he and the Repugs saved the day and got tough with Trump by defying him.

Pelosi and the Dems look good cause they didn't give in on the wall and could claim they forced the Repugs to cave.

Trump says he still will get his money for the wall in the future and that he would have gotten the money but Mitch caved and there was nothing he could do because it was veto-proof. But he's glad the shutdown has ended and he lives to fight another day for the wall.

This gets Trump out of the corner he backed himself into.

All walk away to fight another day.

This is my suggestion as to how to end it in a way where all parties walk away with kind of a win.

What do you think?

How Come The MSM Won't Ask This Question......

of Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Repugs:

Why won't they cross Trump? Why they fall in line with him all the time and protect him?

The talking heads hypothesize on everything else - but is seems that no one goes there that perhaps the Repugs are in up to their necks with the Russians as well.

In light of the NYT article about Trump as a Russian asset - is it that hard to perceive that other Repugs might be wrapped up with the Russians as well?

What about Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter and Ingraham and the Fox Network for that matter? Why isn't there ever any speculation that maybe these people might be tied to the Russians as well?

I know we speculate about this here on DU - but it seems like the MSM won't go there.

I Retired In August - Put On 22 lbs Since & Am Considering Joining A Health Club.....

I was wondering if anyone here joined 'SilverSneakers' and am looking for a review of that and suggestions as to what health/fitness center I should join. Any comments would be appreciated. My goals are weight loss to get back to my ideal weight of 148 lbs & conditioning as I noticed I've been huffing & puffing just doing simple chores.

Is Michael Cohen Under Protective Custody?......

Just askin!!!!
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