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Pickles: love them, hate them, meh ?

I'm kind of in the meh category. I was really avoidant with pickles when I was a kid, so my brother played tricks on me and hid them in my drive-in burgers to get me to eat them, and then said "AHA, you DID eat a pickle!"

Imagine being as smooth as this cat.


(no other text, if you can't see this refresh the page or fix your browser)

maybe this is common and not only my experience...

I really like my new psychiatrist. He's very competent, actually spends time with me, tries to understand, reveals himself at times, and actually seeks my opinion about which medications to prescribe (?!!). If you know ANYTHING about psychiatrists, it's that, in my experience, they are kindly authoritarian and darn sure don't seek your input. They dictate and you either take the medication or assert yourself. He's extremely unique in my experience. He seems to genuinely care about me (which should be a given in his profession, but I've seen some fairly callous psychiatrists in my career).

At any rate, leaving him is not an option. However, as with most doctors, you have to get past the office staff to interact or schedule appointments, etc. That has been a ****show from the very beginning. Ok, scheduling the very first appointment was OK, I give them that much credit. However, it's been pretty bad ever since. Two examples: 1- They failed to call me back when I left a message asking them to do so and of course left my phone number, name, etc.; and 2- I had an appointment and when I showed up, I was told I did not. I very gently asserted myself and said oh yes I did. A few hours later, I finally saw him.

When I finally saw him during fiasco #2, I told him how unhappy I was with his office staff. Long story short, he said he had no control over them whatsoever since he was not their boss. I'm assuming he subcontracts with the office and someone else owns the practice ? I don't know, none of my business. I think he did speak to someone about them totally messing up my appointment and the next time I had to interact with his designated person, she was extraordinarily rude to me. I just shut up and took it basically, since I like my doctor so much. My gut feeling is to assert myself with them means, eventually, I have to leave my doctor since he has no control over them.

TL, DR: Great doctor, horrible office staff. You too ?

possible resource in paying for therapy


Our official partner, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, has many great resources and provides help in numerous ways. One of their best resources is helping you find a therapist right in your own backyard. We have partnered with them and are happy to relay this resource to you.

Find Help Near You

We understand that finding the funds for counseling and therapy sessions can be difficult and we are here to help. Contact info@aaadf.org or 310-923-6394 to get help with funding for your therapy sessions.

As usual, do your own research because this is all I know about them. I hope this works out for people

Above NYC - Filmed in 12K (resolution)

The people who made this stunning video explain the whole process and how they came to the 12K figure. I highly recommend doing this full-screen if you can.


It looks like they are flying north from downtown Manhattan up Broadway, but I could easily be wrong.

Theresa May is sitting in the garden listening to the #RoyalWedding while drinking rose' muttering

Theresa May is sitting in the garden listening to the #RoyalWedding while drinking rosé muttering that she didn’t want to be invited anyway... #kitileaks


I found this a bit funny

Putin beaten by a cat as first to cross $4 billion Crimea bridge


Russian President Vladimir Putin looked set to be the first to cross the controversial multibillion bridge linking Russia to Crimea—but a cat seems to have beaten him to it.

Putin drove across the newly built bridge to Crimea—a territory Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014—to officially open its road lanes for car traffic. His truck led about a dozen others from Russia’s Krasnodar region to Crimea, as TV cameras showed him to be the first to make the 12-mile trip, as he inspected the construction that will continue until next year.

A local feline gave his seal of approval a full day before the Russian leader, however, after apparently making the journey by foot.

“First to run the 19 kilometers (12 miles). Everything is ready!” Mostik the cat, a mascot for the bridge builders, posted on Instagram on Monday. “Tomorrow I am ceremonially opening the bridge with the builders and the president. And starting May 16th you can come yourselves.”

(Before anyone scolds me, I'm only posting this for the cat reference. Putin is still an a*******e )

Caged Tiger at Jungle-Themed Prom Sparks Outrage Among Some Social Media Users


A caged tiger that was part of a South Florida high school's jungle-themed prom is causing an uproar among some social media users.

Video posted on Facebook shows the tiger pacing around inside the cage in the center of a dance floor, as performers holding torches dance in the surrounding area. Students at Christopher Columbus High School watch the scene unfold, with some recording the show on their phones

"How shameful for Christopher Columbus High school ...showing its students on prom night who is the “king of the jungle," Mari-Cristine Castellanos wrote in the Facebook post. "This poor tiger was used as an EXOTIC amusement for the mindless teenagers who were present, it is not the student[s] fault to be so naive BUT it’s the CCHS STAFF who arranged this event, therefore they are responsible for this tiger's misery."

Castellanos' brother goes to Christopher Columbus, and her post went on to speak of animal cruelty and abuse allegations.

Sigh, what's up with south Florida ?! First, a horse is brought into a night club, now a freaking TIGER in a HIGH SCHOOL PROM! Yes yes, I know animal abuse happens all over Florida (and the rest of the country).

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"Holy S***": woman on Twitter gets pic of Jeff Goldblum on her pillow in a hotel, per her request


1- AFAICT, this is not trolling.
2- I never knew any woman viewed him as sexy.

Sorry, the two words in the subject line are the only thing besides the two photos in her tweet.

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