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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
October 31, 2019

F me. I don't want this f'n traitor anywhere near me!!!!

And now he’ll be tainting one of our prime venues.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has shared that President Donald Trump will headline the state’s major annual Republican Party fundraiser. The Republican Party’s Statesman’s Dinner will be held on December 7th at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World.

Last year, the event raised Florida Republicans $500,000 and is their preeminent fundraising event annually.

Spectrum News was the first to report the event would be held at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.
October 31, 2019

Resolution passed 231-196. Impeachment Inquiry Rules passes 232-196

1 GOP member HAD voted Yea but has changed that vote apparently.

82-48 Yea v Nay so far

EDIT: 2 Dem defectors on both votes.

October 31, 2019

You know what I'm loving the MOST about the whiny Repukes complaining about "lack of due process"

That they are totally obtuse re: how a grand jury (which is what this is in essence) works...

That they made many of these rules 4 years ago...

That the leaked like sieves during Benghazi...

That they unethically modified reports during the Benghazi investigations...

But the biggest is hearing the absolute desperation in their whining right now!


October 30, 2019

WaPo: Trump's own Russia ambassador nominee: The Ukraine stuff is problematic


President Trump’s nominee to become the next ambassador to Russia suggested Wednesday that Trump’s and Rudolph W. Giuliani’s efforts with regard to Ukraine have crossed a line.
Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan didn’t directly rebuke the two of them, but under questioning about various aspects of the Ukraine scandal, he implied that what Trump and his personal lawyer have been up to is at the very least problematic.

At a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ranking Member Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) asked Sullivan broadly whether it was okay to ask foreign governments to investigate domestic political opponents.

“Soliciting investigations into a domestic political opponent — I don’t think that would be in accord with our values,” Sullivan said. He added later: "The concept of investigating a political rival … that would be inconsistent with our values.”


Sullivan sought to draw a line between his sentiment and what transpired in Ukraine, suggesting it might be okay if such an investigation was merely a part of a broader anti-corruption push. But there is no evidence it was. Evidence has shown repeatedly that Trump and his team pushed specifically for two investigations that carry obvious political benefits and not others. There is no evidence of them pushing for other investigations.
October 30, 2019

Salon: Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice

Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice

From Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, the path to Republican political success is rooted in profound deception


Normally, a political party wins elections by offering policies that benefit the voters. These policies attract the voters who then cast their votes for the political party.

But for the Republican Party, this is not an option. A candidate could not possibly campaign on the policies favored by the 1%. Just imagine the stump speech. “Vote for me and I will slash your health care! In fact, I’ll do even better — I'll fight like mad to completely eliminate your health care!”


The Republican Party is left with only one option. It cannot possibly be honest about its true intentions and actual policies. The working class would never vote for them. Instead, the only option is to lie.

The Republican Party must lie. It has no choice. It must conceal its true inner core. This is a matter of life or death for the party. The survival of the Republican Party itself depends upon lying. It cannot exist without creating a false impression about its true purpose.

This. So much this.
October 29, 2019

IRS emails previously withheld show tax prep companies "write the rules" for Free File

The IRS Tried to Hide Emails That Show Tax Industry Influence Over Free File Program

After ProPublica sued the IRS, the agency released emails that show it has allowed the tax preparation industry to write the rules.


The IRS tried to hide the documents from public view, initially withholding more than 100 pages of emails between agency officials and industry representatives in response to ProPublica’s Freedom of Information Act request filed in April. The agency released the emails this month only after ProPublica sued.

This year, as part of our coverage of the IRS and TurboTax maker Intuit, we filed a request for correspondence between the IRS and the Free File Alliance, an industry group. The request sought records surrounding a public-private partnership called Free File.

Under that program, which has long been championed by Intuit, the IRS agrees not to create its own tax filing system that would pose a threat to the industry’s profits. In exchange, Intuit and several other tax prep companies agree to offer free tax filing to most Americans. But the program has been declining for years, with less than 3% of eligible Americans using it this year.

The email correspondence sheds light on a pivotal moment for the future of Free File in the fall of 2018: An expert body called the IRS Advisory Council (IRSAC) had spent months investigating the program. It was preparing to publish a blistering report concluding that the IRS’ “deficient oversight and performance standards for the Free File program put vulnerable taxpayers at risk.”
October 28, 2019

Seems a second person went whimpering down a tunnel today...


Trump went running down the tunnel whimpering like a dog. https://twitter.com/nycsouthpaw/status/1188644762477322240
lol he mad
View image on Twitter

11:08 PM - Oct 27, 2019
October 28, 2019

Owners of the Nationals (Lerner family) did not want to be seated with #TraitorTrump


Laura Rozen
“Trump did not sit with the Lerner family, the principal owners of the Nationals. A representative for the Lerner family put in a request to MLB to not be put in position to turn down a request from the White House to sit with Trump, according to WUSA.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/playoffs/2019/10/27/donald-trump-world-series-nationals-park/2481826001/
October 28, 2019

Having bigly fun at the World Series. The best fun!!


And looking at the cameraman like, “you asshole”

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