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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,713

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To Trump’s true believers, the insurrection was an act of faith, Ashli Babbitt is a martyr, and white is not only a race, but a spiritual state.
JUNE 22, 2022

I ping-pong between the front of the rally and the back, the rhetoric and the action. Ashli’s mother tells the crowd to be proud Americans. “Be proud white Americans!” She goes on to list other races she feels should be proud Americans, too, but she’s hard to hear over Kelli and Freedom shrieking.

Toward the back, a livestreamer named Julius is providing commentary. “She’s right,” he tells his camera. “ ‘Slavery, slavery, slavery,’ ” he says, imitating his imagination of the nerdy voice of a leftist. “No one got time for all a that.” Julius is Black; he’s wearing a Saviors T-shirt, with bleached-white Lady Liberty.

Image may contain Symbol and Flag
Julius is not alone as a man of color in this crowd—there’s Jorge Riley, and a Black Second Amendment speaker. I meet nearly as many self-identified Latino people as white ones. Nearly all want it known that “patriots” are more diverse than liberals think. This is true. And yet the crowd cheers for “proud white Americans” not because they are blind but because they want to be—to believe in what historian Anthea Butler, author of White Evangelical Racism, calls the “promise of whiteness” offered to people of color willing to collaborate with white supremacy. This bait and switch—the mythical promise of whiteness is unfulfillable—may be the next American contribution to fascism. Purification projects have become impractical for a nation in which the rightist ascendency can contend for the loyalty of a third of Latinx voters. Now, white supremacy welcomes all. Or at least a sufficient veneer of “all” to reassure its more timid adherents that border walls and “kung flu” and “Black crime” and “replacement theory” somehow don’t add up to the R-word, which anyway these days, in the new authoritarian imagination, only happens in “reverse,” against white people. Such victims feel themselves drawn together not by whiteness but by that of which it is made: their belief in a strongman—Trump—and their desire for an iron-fisted God, and their love of the way guns make them feel inside, and their grief over COVID-19, and their denial of COVID-19, and their loathing of “systemic” as descriptive of that which they can’t see, can’t hold in their hands and weigh, and their certainty that children are being taken, stolen, if not in body then in spirit, “indoctrinated” to “hate themselves.” They are drawn together by their love of “fairness,” which is how it used to be, they’re certain they remember, or, if they’re too young, they’ve been told. And yet, “slavery, slavery, slavery,” murmurs the past. “It gets to be too much, sometimes,” Julius laments.


Long worthy read!

Uvalde School Police Chief SECRETLY sworn in as City Council member today!

BREAKING: Uvalde ISD Chief Pete Arredondo was officially sworn in as a city council member today, Mayor Don McLaughlin confirms in a statement. This comes hours after DPS said he is not responding to a request for a followup interview.


Memorial Day. A cynical take?

Memorial Day. A day to honor America’s fallen soldiers over the years.

Current take is “Freedom isn’t free” jingoistic bs

No one has fallen for American freedom since WWII. Anything since has largely been a manufactured war where our soldiers died for “American exceptionalism”

This is how I’ve felt since my “revelation” in late 2003 when I examined my political beliefs and made a deep-seated change and left the Republican Party and became unabashedly liberal

Conservatives have hijacked many things and they do it to cover their own failings and their qultist followers lap it up

So today. In honor of all who’ve fallen, I’m smashing up a Lee Greenwood record

What better way to end a speech reading the names of school shooting victims??



Fuck this grifting narcissistic traitor!!

It's been *72 hours* since the shooting and we still don't have a solid, confirmed timeline

the stories have changed multiple times

We know enough now to know that the cowardly and criminally incompetent officers (local and CBP) have been trying to delay and cover up their deadly ineptitude.

Heads need to roll (metaphorically) and prison time needs to be served!

These colors don't run.....into schools to save dying children

'nuff said

Child: "Please send the police now!" - nothing happened for another 48 minutes!


A girl who was inside one of the classrooms where the gunman opened fire called 911 several times during the siege, Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety says.

“Please send the police now,” she said at one point.

from 12:03pm to 12:51pm, MULTIPLE children called 9-1-1, begging for police to come.

48 minutes of pure, abject horror for these kids as the cops and border patrol DID ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING!!

They are accomplices to mass murder!

Only Empathy In The Building

(see what I did there ^ ?)

A few photos from @SelenaGomez’s visit to the White House for a critical discussion on mental health.

Her reaction!

We needs wolves heading the DOJ and FBI

We need liberals with teeth who aren’t afraid to use them!

Make those who break the law actually fear Justice!

And yes. I’m referring to holding republicans to account for all their crimes against America

Republicans' statements on causes of Uvalde shooting. Have I missed any?

Republicans’ statements on causes of Uvalde shooting:

1) too many doors
2) unarmed teachers
3) “woke”’culture
4) critical race theory
5) mental illness
6) video games
7) rap music

(Yes. Those last two came up again!)

Anything. But. The. Gun.
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