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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,208

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Last two kids just got their first Pfizer shot!

#PfizerVaccine #VaccinesWork

On gaslighting hate speech and supporting violent insurrection

Came across this ignorance-fueled screed. This is a PRIME example of gaslighting hate speech as protected speech and violent insurrection on par with peaceful demonstrations (with a touch of Appeal to Authority thrown in for good measure)

Letter from Washington: How the left fell out of love with the First Amendment
The drift of the ACLU is symptomatic of a wider problem among American progressives
But, like the MSNBC and CNN executives panicking over plummeting viewing figures, the ACLU leadership is searching for its role now that Trump has gone. The answer appears to involve drifting yet further away from litigation to defend core constitutional rights – the purpose for which the organisation was founded a century ago – and towards all-purpose progressive campaigning. Last month, for instance, it launched its “systemic equality” racial justice agenda designed to “dismantle white supremacy”. As part of that effort, the organisation will push for reparations for slavery, student debt forgiveness, expanded access to high-speed broadband and child tax credits.


Today, that defining commitment to freedom of speech has been subsumed into the policy priorities that increasingly make the ACLU indistinguishable from the many other well-funded progressive nonprofits that populate the political scene in Washington. As Ira Glasser explained to me in a conversation this week, a great deal has been lost in the process. Glasser ran the ACLU from 1978 to 2001 and is the subject of a recent documentary, Mighty Ira, which tells of his rise from a Brooklyn boy obsessed with the Dodgers and their star player Jackie Robinson (the first African American to play baseball in the major leagues) to a prominent and often unpopular defender of free expression in the United States.

“‘Progressive’ doesn’t seem to include any sort of commitment to or belief in the value of speech,” Glasser tells me on a video call from his New York home. “The disaffection towards free speech rights is now coming from liberal quarters.” Increasingly, Glasser (who would have been considered an impeccable liberal throughout his career) worries that those on the left, “seem to believe that free speech is an impediment to social justice”.

“And I think they believe that because so many advocates of free speech today seem to be on the right and seem to be opposed to social justice,” he says. “But whatever it is, it’s historically wrong and strategically stupid. The truth is that every movement for social justice in America has always depended upon and required free speech rights.”

See that bolded/italicized part? Does the author actually believe that advocates of free speech are on the right?? Has he met the GQP? Has he lived under a rock for 70 years? The right has, for decades if not longer, consistently fought to censor criticisms of authoritarian rule

The projection from this guy. Sickening

Getting back to normal. Get vaccinated! L O V E this photo!


Is it safe to say...

That the Information Age didn’t go quite as planned?

This is the perfect analogy for the GQP of today!


Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets

The overwhelming majority of Republicans at ALL levels of government are gutless cowards.

Adam Rifkin is half-vaccinated. @ifindkarma
Replying to @joncoopertweets

It’s full-on Wizard of Oz in their leadership: No guts, no brains, no heart.

The Stowaway (Netflix) ... just read "The Cold Equations"


If The Stowaway is as harsh, oof, not sure I could take it!

Pfizer dose numero dos. My wife and I this morning

Couldn’t have been an easier process at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando

Publix no longer requires people to wear masks in their stores

Sooo... Publix no longer requires people to wear masks in their stores, at least in my part of FL

Signs on the doors say masks required but yesterday as my wife was checking out w/groceries at self-checkout, three men were in the same area WITHOUT masks

WTG, Publix

Employees have been told they cannot confront customers with masks, unless another customer says something and then they can get a manager

Remember the south FL "Shadow Candidate" for Congress? Raid conducted at home of fmr Repub st. sen.


Police cars revolving lightBreaking: search warrant raid right now at home of resigned #Florida Sen. Frank Artiles re shill candidate he planted, Alex Rodriguez.
re: scheme to dupe voters/manipulate a Nov 2020 FL senate election.
Much to come...

Background https://bit.ly/386eacT


Ex-Sen. Frank Artiles’ home raided in shill candidate investigation
search warrant was executed Wednesday morning at the home of former Florida Sen. Frank Artiles as part of the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office’s investigation into whether he illegally funded a planted candidate in the November election.

Sources say the warrant involves the search of his electronics, including his cell phone and computer, and a safe in the Palmetto Bay house might also be included.

Investigators are looking for evidence of Artiles’ possible communication with Alex Rodriguez, a shill candidate in the District 37 Florida Senate race, and whether there is evidence Artiles illegally funded a sham candidacy.


Prosecutors have been following the money and communications between Artiles and Alex Rodriguez. Artiles resigned his state Senate seat in 2017 after using a racial slur among colleagues and amid reports that a former Hooters calendar girl and a Playboy model with no political experience were hired as “consultants.”

Evidence suggests several state Senate candidates were plants funded by dark money
Why would candidates for Florida Senate seats do no campaigning, no fundraising, have no issue platforms, nor make any effort to get votes?

Local 10 News has found evidence to suggest three such candidates in three Florida Senate district races, two of them in Miami Dade County, were shill candidates whose presence in the races were meant to syphon votes from Democratic candidates.

Comparisons of the no-party candidates' public campaign records show similarities and connections that suggest they are all linked by funding from the same dark money donors, and part of an elaborate scheme to upset voting patterns.

In one of those races, District 37, a recount is underway because the spread between the Democratic and Republican candidates is only 31 votes. The third party candidate received more than 6300 votes.

That third party candidate is Alexis Rodriguez, who has the same last name as the Democratic incumbent senator Jose Javier Rodriguez. The Republican challenger is Ileana Garcia.

This admin did the relief payments correctly!

Got the amount for me and all dependents deposited this morning

No separate checks for our daughters who work part time
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