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Gender: Do not display
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 22,150

Journal Archives

Just LOVE these!! ❤

Foxes are such a joy!! You're So lucky, imo.

I look forward to more pics!

I've a 2+yr history with their smaller grey, tree-climbing cousins here in Virginia. (Whenever I can get my lazybutt over to Dicks' to buy a trailcam, I'll post pics.) But here's what our little, kitty-sized guy looks like...

I'm currently feeding a male on my front porch every night!

Gray foxes smaller than their red fox cousins. And, thankfully, this one is less-trusting than his mom was - she fully trusted me & unfortunately also trusted my hunter neighbor who killed her!! So, I make no attempt to make friends with this kid since I don't want him trusting any human.

He waits until all house lights are off & all noise has stopped before he comes to eat in the wee a.m. hrs. How do I know it's him eating the treats I leave out & not a raccoon? I've often quietly spyed thru a window. Besides, Booger, a male, marks our front shrubbery & has twice marked our porch with his little feces. Yes, yuck! But I tolerate his skunky smelling urine & pick up his little turds. 😛 My next door neighbors are offended by his smell & often spray some stinky smelling yard deordant to cover it. I'd rather smell fox urine!

Yes, I love them....a lot. 😁

Ok, beware Indonesians kill & eat dogs.

So do people living in Bali; so do Swiss farmers. You can ck this easily found info.

Sorry to pop anyone's bubble but I love & respect these animals, so I refuse to travel to countries that would eat either dogs or cats. Was in China but will never go back.


Excellent description.

"tendency to unshackle oneself in a way that permits a kind of open-ended indulgence in fabulism."

It's a 2nd religion for them.


I'm with you. Ending any life for pleasure & spectacle is psychopathic.

Solution to many cop killings: remove their fear

IF most cops had some convenient equipment that would fully protect them from being killed by bullets, wouldn't they be much less likely to shoot someone?

Not talking about the racists intent on killing or those using their badges to legalize murders.

If cops were required to wear flax jackets & bulletproof face coverings, it could cut down the numbers of these shootings, no?

Poor kid. This is mean!

She's mean, imo, teasing him like that.

It's almost sadistic since she's so insensitive to this dog's feelings. He trusted her! IF he had immediately gotten the joke & wagged his tail, that would've been less bad.

But never, never take pleasure & glee in producing this much fear in a dog just to get your jollies.

Corporate controlled states...map...

Wtf, Virginia? We're still too controlled by the R's.

Lucky!! How I wish...

Try having an ADD 2yr old empty a bottle of Wesson oil all over your kitchen & family room.

He wasn't diagnosed with ADD until he was entering 3rd grade & his teacher requested a conference. She only confirmed what I'd been telling my dh for yrs. He still wasn't convinced until our son was examined by a well-respected pediatric neurologist who prescribed Ritalin. That med got the kid through the next 20yrs of his education. (B.S., UVa; PhD, JHU).

That pediatric neurologist, btw, was Dr. Ralph Northam, current governor of Virginia!

Sometimes we just need some chemical intervention.

You sound like my mother.

She even ran a lot of red lights!!

She could never sit & watch tv or listen to music. (I do wish I had her energy though.)

Yes, she was ADD & I don't know how she ever made it thru school w/o Ritalin.

Ever try just reading on your phone when in a line? It helps me endure long waits.

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