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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 15,798

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Coincidence that you would say that. My son just boarded....

a flight for Scotland! He and a friend plan to hike Scotland's western coast for the next two weeks.


While Congress twiddles their thumbs, hoping the American people will wake up by whatever means (osmosis?), babies, kids, and people are dying!

Start impeachment hearings now! Educate the damn public.

Re: a couple of "non-political" people

Old friends who got in touch with us after decades, I recently discovered just days ago did not know the Bush-Cheney cabal actually lied us into that war!! 😖

I don't even want to stay in touch with them now. Such apolitical, pseudo Democrats are just hopelessly self-involved. It's not that they have busy careers now, they're both retired, but just don't want to bother their "beautiful minds" (Barb Bush reference).

From Wiki:
Good Germans is a term referring to German citizens during and after World War II who claimed not to have supported the Nazi regime, but remained silent and did not resist in a meaningful way. The term further denotes those who claimed ignorance of the Holocaust and German war crimes.

"We repeat what we don't repair."

We need need more education.

Just thought about him a couple of months ago.

And googled to see if I could find any news, so thank you so much for posting this.


Links found in my email...



I have a friend who tells me SHE doesn't hate anyone.

That's her "I'm a better person than you" answer when I say I hate people.

She doesn't hate people simply because she keeps herself so cloistered from truth, just like many church-going Republicans.

There are truly evil people in the world, people we must be ready to confront in order to protect innocent animals and innocent people.

The "Hear no, See No Evil" may work for you, but DU wouldn't exist if we took that stance about all evils of the world.

Saying that, I still understand where you're coming from. If there were not laws and consequences, I know I could truly "end" people who hurt innocent animals. I love animals more than most people.

"The sheer scope of corruption and malfeasance is unprecedented."

The BushCrimeFamily didn't destroy our democratic institutions as has the COPO (CorruptOrangePutinOrg.) They didn't commit Treason as 45 has, yet this is headshakingly horrible:

— Operated a secret global network of torture prisons.

— Refused to comply with a SCOTUS order to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

— Fired US attorneys who wouldn’t agree to gin up bogus voter fraud cases.

— Launched a WAR on false pretenses.


To which I'll add:

— Also stole a Presidential election.

— Sent $12bn in cash to Iraq that disappeared.


Proof that the GOP is corrupt to the bone.

And like victims of a Mafia protection scam, we've been letting them get away with it. "Hand it over or we'll destroy the country."

The Horrors!

Another one, much less known or discussed here in the US, is what the Japanese did to the Chinese...

In 1937, four years before Pearl Harbor, the Japanese military invaded China, unleashing a wave of terror that killed 14 million people over the next eight years.


14 Million deaths! Why is this never mentioned in the U.S.?
I was made aware of this only after visiting China.

We must stop killing whales - talking to you, Japan!!

And another inescapable conclusion: we must stop propagating ourselves into extinction - a most unpopular subject here.

Thanks for posting this, Cattledog. Wish more folks read this forum.


New Survey Finds 3 Out Of 4 Americans Accept The Reality Of Climate Change

Jan 23, 2019 · A record number of Americans believe in climate change and the impact it’s creating on their daily lives. ... The survey, conducted by Yale University, polled 1,114 American adults on a number of topics related to climate change and global warming. ...


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