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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 14,099

Journal Archives

The thing that Trump knows

and uses with his minions: perception is everything.

His poll numbers go down, the GOP lawmakers take note and have less fear of him and stop supporting so many of his lies.

I can see a lot of advantages, starting with reducing

IQ45's power via reducing his poll #s and it's working.
2ndly, rattling him will cause him to take more errors.
3rdly, the more his Administrative minions think is being exposed the more likely they are to cooperate with Mueller and the SDoNY's prosecutors.
4thly, the more dominoes seem to be falling, the more quickly McConnell is likely to let the vote comes the floor to reopen government. Our economy is hurting and I'm not referring to the DOW.

In addition, I'm happy with talk of impeachment moving forward sooner and am aghast at the destruction Trump and his administration have caused to our country. Bill Maher said it best: "MSNBC, Hardball - Bill Maher: If We Don't Impeach President Donald Trump, Where Is The Bar?"
The sooner the better.

There are probably many more but I'm in a hurry.

Breaking on Lawrence: Cohen said Trump instructed him

To lie when he testified to Congress. This was while Trump was sitting in the Oval Office.

Tune in.

I've personally seen them.

My hubs, a retired NASA PhD physicist, was at first very skeptical, but is now convinced and says humans do not have the science to duplicate what I and others have seen. Many years ago he had a colleague who said he had seen some strange things. I was irritated that my husband didn't press for more information.

Yet most folks can believe in a sky daddy.

Just sent another donation.

Thanks for posting the link! 🙏Always makes it more convenient.

I've been a long, long-term donor to the Sea Shepherd. They've put their lives on the line to save cetaceans, all of which are very intelligent.

Apollo Astronaut: It Would Be "Stupid" to Send People to Mars

According to one of the astronauts aboard NASA’s 1968 Apollo 8 mission, it would be “stupid” and “almost ridiculous” to pursue a crewed mission to Mars.

“What’s the imperative? What’s pushing us to go to Mars? I don’t think the public is that interested,” said Bill Anders, who orbited the Moon before returning to Earth 50 years ago, in a new documentary by BBC Radio 5 Live.

Anders argued that there are plenty of things that NASA could be doing that would be a better use of time and money, like the unmanned InSight rover...


We had a small fox living in and around

Our property. We also had at least a dozen rabbits - they were everywhere until mr. Fox showed up. But he was a nice little critter who followed us & our dog on our nightly walks. He'd even walk within ~12' of us. Apparently he's now moved on to where there's more rabbits but I miss him more than I do the rabbits who are now repopulating our property.

Sorry about your rabbit. If I'd seen remains, it'd probably have been bothered me too. But you should've seen this friendly, gorgeous little eastern grey fox.

And they can climb trees! One night my flashlight beam caught ours in a tree after my big Lab gave chase. Glad he escaped her.

World stage? Ha!

They all know tRump is a pawn of the Russians and Saudis.

I vehemently disagree with your assumptions and approach. This country is strong because each citizen is (should be) equal under the law. Period.

Pierce is eroding my respect for him. 😵

As posted above by octoberlib:

"Sirota falsely claimed that O'Rourke took a bunch of donations from big oil. It was pointed out to him on the chart he tweeted that they were all individual donations. On FEC forms, occupation is listed when an individual donation is made. If he has a point to make ,fine but no need to lie."

Wonder what happened to this promising study?....

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function

BEC CREW 18 MAR 2015

Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques - structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.


I may be needing help soon.
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