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MagickMuffin's Journal
MagickMuffin's Journal
October 4, 2017

Guns Kills More People Than ALL "illegal" Drugs Combined

Of course I don't have any stats for this statement. As we have learned over the course of this mass shooting the gun lobby has been very successful in stopping any research into this area. So, this is just an observation.

The politicians have made claims throughout the decades to decry the horrors of drugs and how it is saving the lives of children (won't anyone think about the children) and they did everything in their power to create a War on Drugs.

However, when it comes to children and gun violence they are on the ready to defend the NRA and the rest of the gun lobby.

And I suppose it should be pointed out that this flies in the face of hypocrisy with their pro-life agenda (won't anyone think about the children) being shot by careless gun owners?

Perhaps because drugs are illegal there wasn't anyone to lobby congress without the fear of being busted. If there had been lobbyist for the illegal drug trade they wouldn't have created the WOD.

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