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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 3,559

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Harris has already proven her mettle.

Harris' questioning of Kavanaugh thus far has been a lot of the reason why his nomination slowed and there was time for further questions to be raised. I look forward to her being in the lead during this next hearing.


Jamie Dimon's wealth was a gift from Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam being "We, the People."

The failure by Holder to prosecute banksters is one of the worst aspects of the Obama Administration. The fact that Jamie Dimon is using his (illegitimate) wealth to taunt Donald Trump and his even more illegitimate wealth is small consolation here.


The little Ashe County Line stands tall!

Doing right in the northwest corner of NC:



No, he actually didn't.

I watched the debates. I recall Bernie saying "Enough with the damn e-mails!" or something quite similar.

Bernie ran for the nomination in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary. He did his best to win, but I never saw him demonizing Hillary Clinton back then. Why are you re-fighting this past primary via weak innuendo, in express violation of DU rules? It's not helpful, especially in a thread about Bernie showing support for Nancy Pelosi.

I'd rather build upon the common ground exemplified by the OP here.


The Democratic Party should have learned lessons of 2000

I have no qualm with noting that the Stein votes and post-Primary anti-Hillary rhetoric contributed to this awful state we are now in as a nation, rather like the "they're all the same" rhetoric and Nader votes contributed to the awful post-2000 reality. This is 100% true.

But the other parallels between 2000 and 2016 are equally disturbing. The Democratic Party put forth a wooden and out of touch candidate who ignored all calls from the left flank to engage with the voters, whether through VP selection, creative use of surrogates, specific campaign promises, or other ways to genuinely get out the votes in sufficient quantity. Al Gore and Hillary Clinton both are intelligent and dedicated politicians who failed to rouse enough voters. In both 2000 and 2016, this strategy did not work out too well. We need to own that. Might Gore or HRC have done better with a truly progressive VP candidate, sharing the spotlight with some fiery surrogates (whether VP or otherwise), and/or promising a few pie-in-the-sky progressive visions? I wish we could run the experiment again a few times to find out, and then live in the world where it works out better.

And yes, in both 2000 and 2016 a slim majority voted for the Democratic candidate. But a slim majority did not cut it in either case.


Viable options for fighting the Trump* SC nominee

It's way too soon to roll-over, scream "We're Fuuuuucked," or other defeatist nonsense. Here are two viable options Senate Democrats can take, maybe to derail the nomination, but certainly to fight as hard as they can.


Via Christian Finnegan on Twitter (@ChristFinnegan):

Dem senators, repeat after me:

“The President of the United States is under investigation for collusion with a foreign adversary and obstruction of justice. There can be no SCOTUS replacement until he’s been cleared.”

#2: Democratic Senators Refuse to Answer Roll Call Votes


How Democrats can shut down the Senate
If Democrats refuse to participate in roll call votes, the Senate will come to a halt for lack of a quorum.

What other potentially effective ideas for resistance do DU'ers have?


"Womp Womp." *

* Normally, I would never think to quote a hateful piece of shit traitor like Corey Lewandowski, but his horrid (when directed at a child) quote seemed so appropriate to instead direct at the Orange-utang here.



Justin Trudeau sat on DT's lap?

I'd be interested in seeing an analogous photo:


Cozying-up to war criminals is wrong, even when a major Democratic politician does it.


Terribly flawed analogy.

Pierce is usually so excellent. Rage and ideology are unfortunately clouding his logic here. He is comparing and conflating unfortunate side-effects and technicalities of other liberties with criminal activity related to guns. The criminal equivalents of the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments (etc.) are murderous cults, powerful drug cartels, mob racketeering, and so on. Yet, strangely, we only blame the right itself when it comes to the Second Amendment.

Using rights to commit harm is wrong, but that only means that the harmful crimes ought to be prosecuted, not that the rights themselves ought to be tossed into the dumpter.


Could a credibility gap be any wider?

MSF / Doctors Without Borders: Absolutely unimpeachable in their words and deeds.

Donald Trump: Hopefully soon to be impeached for his deceitful words and criminal deeds.


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