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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2004, 05:57 PM
Number of posts: 3,384

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This is the NC GOP trying to void elections forever.

An illegally-gerrymandered legislature wants to keep its power despite voters being against them, and they are trying to rig the courts at the state level with a gerrymandered judge elections scheme as well.

If the US Supreme Court fails to dismiss the NC GOP appeal, democracy of any sort will be finished in North Carolina. The Republican Legislature will choose its voters, and cement their decisions by also choosing the judges who will review their laws.



Four anonymous complaints + 2 Repub partisans + a psycho?

Yes, I am saying that I "believe" that Tina Dupuy is a psycho. If you ask for a photograph "with" someone, putting an arm around a waist is a normal gesture of proximity and friendliness. It is not sexual assault.

If you want to believe partisan Republican Leanne Tweeden, go right ahead, but you don't get to pretend that you're taking a Democratic or progressive stance when doing so.

I feel no obligation to support anyone who railroaded Franken. He was the Democrat I supported. Why should I support his opponents?


How is this at all similar to letting an ethics hearing proceed?

No one is saying that Democrats should throw-out core principles: exactly the opposite. It was Schumer, Gillibrand, Harris, and other conservadems who threw out the principles of due process, fairness, and sticking together as a party who got us into this mess. And many of us are saying they were wrong to do so.

Also, Schumer and Gillibrand, as reliable Wall Street pawns (almost inevitable for a NY Senator, but can't we hope for better?), are the main Democrats catering to the whims of billionaires here.


Yes, but the PLO lost.

And even after losing, Israel came to the table in good faith multiple times. I watched the 2000 Camp David events shepherded by Clinton on live TV, thinking "finally, there's a chance for peace." And then Arafat walked away from a deal that would have given the Palestinians 91% of the West Bank and the vast majority of East Jerusalem. That was a loser move if there ever was one, and a big waste of a Democratic President's time and efforts.


I've seen this tragic Democratic Lifetime movie before...

Yes, this is my perspective on the railroading of Al Franken.

Having been a political junkie since the 1980's, I've watched an eerily-similar sort of group think before among Democrats: the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980's that ballooned the deficit and provided the rationale for the shredding of the social safety net, the 2nd-Amendment-violating and ineffective Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, the early 2000's Iraq War Resolution, then the Swiftboat nonsense against John Kerry, and then the meritless innuendo against ACORN (damn, the B*sh years sucked, didn't they?). With the election of Obama, the group-think became self-constructed weakness: Democrats had to push a Republican/Heritage Foundation private market health plan instead of a public option or Medicare for all. Democrats had to take the "high road" and honor Republican "blue slips" regarding judicial nominations... Are Republicans doing the same now?!? Nooooooo!

And now this Media Star Chamber trial of Franken. I don't know and won't debate whether he was perfect or not, but he is a damned good Senator: on women's issues, on economic issues, on many civil liberties, and on government accountability. Franken is why we have tenuous (and ever fainter) hope that Robert Mueller's investigation might bring us back from the brink of authoritarianism.

On every one of these issues, Democrats pre-emptively folded on the wrong side of the matter and then suffered entirely predictable and avoidable (had they employed a lick of common sense) consequences. As far as I am concerned, Democrats just surrendered 2018 and 2020. Why am I expected to slavishly support their continued incompetence as a condition of posting here?


Actions on this tax theft need to shift into high gear.

I refuse to call the Repug tax proposals "tax reform" or "tax cuts." They are tax theft, pure and simple: a theft from the public infrastructure and working people, benefiting only billionaires. Passage of this theft will hamstring public programs for decades to come, while causing real suffering among working Americans.

This theft MUST be stopped.



Beware the halogens:

Fluorine, Chlorine, and Bromine are nothing but trouble, except of course that they offer a devil's bargain of useful chemistry: teflon, gore tex, solvents, plastics, fire suppression chemicals, all sorts of drugs and biocides, etc.

Decades ago, I joined (in a very minor way) GreenPeace's efforts to ban chlorine chemistry from manufacturing and industry. At the time, most sensible people viewed the campaign as a madman's quest. However mad the idea may be, getting halogens out of our industrial ecology may be necessary for the sake of our food web, groundwater, and health.



An AWB will alienate many independent and even Democratic voters.

"Thoughts and prayers" are merely empty and vapid, whereas an Assault Weapons Ban will step on a right that many voters hold dear.

DiFi is not helping to keep Americans safe with this bill, nor is she helping Democratic candidates' chances in 2018.

I'm disappointed to see the list of cosponsors. I anticipate that many of them eyeing the Presidency will regret this move in 2020. Also, do they plan to renounce all police protection by any officers carrying said "Assault Weapons?" I didn't think so.


How quickly you forget the Nader-hatred.

"anybody else go run in a Third Party?!"

Welcome to a permanent Democratic minority then.

The Democratic Party needs the time, effort, volunteer hours, donations, and passion of committed progressives. Yet they steadfastly refuse progressives' ideas, hopes, commitment to justice, and initiatives.

When Nader ran in 2000 as an independent, everything was his fault, because clearly Gore/Loserman had ironclad title to every voter to the left of Genghis Khan.

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