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Hometown: Springfield
Home country: Planet Earth
Member since: Mon Aug 9, 2004, 12:39 PM
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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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Technically considered a boomer, born into a solidly boomer family in 1964. Gen X is supposed to start in 1965. But let me tell you, my life experience has been Gen X all the way. My mom worked outside the home from the time I was three, whereas she had been a stay-at-home mom for my sisters (10 and 7 years older than me). As a young adult, I was a Microsoft trainer before the mouse was invented (I also used a typewriter for part of that job as certain things had to be on regular paper, and not on dot-matrix-edged printer paper). My understanding and engagement with politics is completely above my family of origin (who vote Democratic but don't pay much attention otherwise). My sisters were anti-Jim Crow, where I am firmly and antiracist. Etc.

Excellent recap of US history's other Big Lie, the Lost Cause.

The argument against the Lost Cause version of history is laid out methodically and logically while also being easily accessible and even humorous at times. Well done!

Could have done without the zombie confederates at the end, that was just stupid and gratuitously, needlessly long. It's not even original; I've been calling MAGA "confederate zombies" for a few years now.

VERDICT: If you're only interested in the history and/or are short on time, you can skip the last 5 minutes of it. (The whole video runs over 36 minutes, but you could easily stop at 30 minutes and not miss a factual thing.)

Fitzmas brings me back!

Back to when DU had its own version of Urban Dictionary and every acrymym and inside joke had an entry. I remember the McConnell entry was just a photo like this:

Seriously, tho. How do newer DUers keep up? And kudos on an excellent post.

Right. And the last time I looked at a map,

Egypt is in Africa - a continent, apart from the Middle East.

He bought Twitter to kill it.

What a fantastic tax write off! Such a loss leader! Plus, it takes down an organizing and verified news platform for the left. No one buys a company, fires shitloads of people, and tells remaining staff they’ll work them like slaves unless they 100% intend to kill the company.

Cradle of civilization is in the Middle East?

I think you mean Africa, as that's where human beings originated.


I read a truncated version of that excerpt in the Twitter thread. It ended at “political narrative through lawsuits”. The addition of BS legal theory is what gives this quote the chef’s kiss!

So my theory about Musk's terrible Twitter...

Everyone’s on about how this takeover is a master lesson in how to kill a business, meaning he’s a shitty business man. But I’m beginning to think this is all working as planned. He bought Twitter to break it; trolling cranked up to eleven. Everything he’s done has been with the express intent to disrupt the left organizing and legit media outlets having voice. Now he’s looking at declaring bankruptcy? He bought it to troll, and he also bought it as a loss leader to write off on his taxes.

Red states get a LOT more federal money than

blue states well beyond disaster recovery. Or maybe better stated, they spend more federal funds than they put into the federal coffers. Infrastructure, manufacturing, Medicaid/Medicare, unemployment, and welfare… they disproportionately use federal monies.

There are a million veteran groups that always need volunteers, like:

Vote Vets

Veterans to Farmers

Veterans for Peace

Wounded Warrior Project

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