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Angry and tired. And tired of being angry. Still in The Struggle.

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Thank you for this post.

I don't understand why so many "liberals" seem to think policing as it stands today is a fantastic institution that can't be challenged. It's a killer combo: lack of imagination and white supremacy. A literal killer combo as "because it doesn't affect my white ass, I don't have to spend time imagining why and how it's not working for others" as Black bodies are incarcerated and killed by police and the current criminal justice system.

Do you buy new clothing in the US?

If so, then you, too, are paying companies who "engage in questionable business practices which exploit workers including kids." My former job was writing up reports of companies who were engaged in in just these kinds of practices, it's definitely not just Nike. Same goes for computers - if not the finished product, certainly the parts, and almost definitely the parts that contain toxic chemicals.

Misleading headline.

Fuck yes, we'll turn out. This isn't 2016. Trump is reviled. They will turn out to vote him out, which is enough for me right now.

What will end their future support will be if Joe does not aggressively seek prison for Trump and Barr, if his administration does nothing about reinstating racial justice and voting laws, and if the party weakens New Green Deal goals in favor of monied lobbyists.

That's a lot of eye-blinking from DeJoy during testimony.

Dead give-away that he's lying, per this article in the US National Library of Medicine: Detecting false intent using eye blink measures. I was so struck by his blinking I looked it up to see if that was, indeed, a sign of lying. It was so... blatant.

It's true that Black voices have been shunted to the side.

That's exactly the point of my post. I was able to find this piece from about two weeks ago, from Oregon Public Broadcasting, where they talked with Black Portlanders. This quote jumped out at me:

“It happens so much that the things that we care about get hijacked and get put on the back burner. And that just gets put into a big barrel with everything else,” said Neil Anderson, a Black business owner. “We all want the same thing. But so often we get drowned out.”

Pretty much what I'm saying. Black voices and concerns are not considered in a poll about "protests." The protests are about something near and dear to the literal lives of millions of Americans. This entire subthread could have been avoided by asking if the violence at the protests hurt or help. The protests themselves are not the problem, and wording the question that way shifts the conversation away from both the human and Constitutional rights violations that BLM seeks to raise up. It literally recenters the BLM protests on white people getting shot.

You got this backwards.

Obama's failure to act decisively then enabled us to get where we are now. That line of thinking is so old it's how we ended up with Confederate generals in the US Congress after Reconstruction, who then became statues, which brings us right up to the present again.

It is time to stop this bullshit and build a new paradigm. Neurenburg trials for them all.

I remember Prince from his original Blackwater tour.

I'm thinking more along the lines of changing locks, freezing assets, and withdrawing secret service protection, but I'm well-aware of the gravity of the situation. This ain't my first rodeo.

Ping, ping, ping! We have a winner!

Voter suppression, for sure. I think Portland is a test ground. They're planning massive voter intimidation on Election Day, and this is how they recruit their "troops." I think they'll be all along the Mexican border, as well as major cities in blue areas that are surrounded by seas of red (NOLA, Denver, St. Paul, DC, Atlanta, etc.). There's gonna be a lot of people waiting hours at polling places while twitchy, obnoxious, heavily-armed white men and their loud-mouthed, fouled-mouthed womenfolk menacingly pace around them.

It's easy to forget, at times, that there are many sane people in government

who work very hard to maintain some semblance of normality in governance. And not only the Lincoln Project Republicans, but Democrats at all levels who haven't been fired or left in disgust and frustration. And I'm pretty sure Biden/his campaign is working with the Never Trump Republicans to counter any attempt at a coup. He would be stupid not to. I know for certain Joe Biden is not a stupid man. It makes me feel a bit more confident that this democratic experiment might be saved.

About the same time the federal stockpile of PPE

was being confiscated for, as Jared put it, "us, the federal government."

BTW, check out those high-quality face masks on the troops. You know they're marching against masks while off duty. But it makes for a stylish, updated KKK look.
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