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liberal N proud

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Help me out here: mask effectiveness against Covid

Before you alert because I am peddling right wing talking points, please read!

I need help countering a right wing talking point.

I had three people I work with, all who never wear a mask try and tell me a new report claims masks are not affective. Yes, they are all trump followers.

My response was what right wing site is touting this. No response. I only found one on a quick google search and it definitely right wing.

So, how many here have had right wingers shouting this?

I am only going to stop wearing a mask when Dr Fauci says I can.
They admitted that flue season was far less severe than normal, but still they believe what they want regardless of facts.

Rant off
Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Apr 20, 2021, 05:07 PM (29 replies)
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