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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

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You know all of the insanity going on now is building to something...

trump, I believe, knows deep down he's in deep shit, but because of his complete mental instability, his reaction only comes out as a form of stupid panic.

Panic in the form of reactionary rhetoric, panic in the form of distraction, panic in the form of never admitting he is wrong and panic in the form of inciting violence.

As more and more details come out about the investigation, as Mueller issues more indictments and witnesses come out with information about trump and as we get closer to the 2020 election, trump will only get worse.

Frankly, I don't think trump handles stress or pressure very well and, it's become obvious, he doesn't like confrontation.

If you look back upon the last couple of years, you can see a very clear pattern to his behavior.

He started out very high on his own self-righteousness by spreading lie after lie that he thought, that he believed, could never be proven incorrect.

Because, like many people in a certain demographic and have the same type of behavior and have been in the media for decades, they only realize the power of the internet after the fact. ghouliani is a perfect example. He says a lie; a lie that once upon a time took weeks to check, but now can be disproved almost instantly. As a result , he immediately looks like the ass that he is.

However, unlike ghouliani, trump uses it to his own advantage. Since he has always been a gaslighter, he just goes on to say, "I never said that" or just ignores it altogether and goes on to say something equally stupid or controversial to cover over the last fuck up.

His mouthbreathing followers eat it up because they hate all things non-white and non-male. And they feed with glee over any insult to either Obama, Hillary or the Dems.

But as time has worn on, and trump has become more desperate and panicked, his rhetoric has amped up.

Just short of calling for open violence, he has basically threatened the nation with violence via the Army, police and bikers comment.

Mark my words, as we near new indictments, perhaps his kids and jared, and as the circle gets closes around him, he will call for open violence. There is no "if" here, he will. His pattern shows this.

I have never owned a gun, and I'm not against people owning them. I believe honest good law abiding citizen's who are instructed in weapon safety, should be allowed to have them. And for the first time in my life, I am now seriously considering getting a shotgun for my personal protection.

I'm not one who generally believes in conspiracy theories, I've had my moments, but by and large choose rational critical thought over crazy ass, explain away whatever problem with stupid reasoning.

I am now honestly frightened. And if anyone knows me, it takes a lot to frighten me. I'm frightened because given trumps ramped up behavior over the last few months, I honestly don't think any of this is going to end well.

I foresee a point where, trump is alone. Everyone has been indicted and he can't trust those around him. (not that he really ever trusted anyone anyway). It will be at that point, he will go for broke. He will have nothing further to lose.

Two outcomes I see:

1) He gets reelected but the Dems take back the Senate and impeachment proceedings begin. He freaks out and calls for violence.

2) (The more likely of the two for me) His kids get indicted and he knows he's going to lose the election big time. He ramps up his rhetoric about fake elections, fake voters, voting suppression, vote rigging, etc and calls for his crazy followers to "protect the polls". At which point, there will be violence of some kind. trump will respond by saying, "they were protecting the polls" and say further, "any person suspected of vote rigging, etc, should have his ass kicked". And from that point, away we go to open fighting at the polls.

And for the first time in my life, I think I will see the National Guard out protecting polling sites.

Something is coming. I don't know what exactly, but it's stirring in my gut and it feels awful.

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