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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
October 18, 2021

An outrageous post

Some of you have been reading my endless posts over the past few months about the Republican Party. And for those of you who haven't, let me state my position. Today's Republicans are fascists. And they are perhaps among the most vicious fascists the world has seen.

The Most Vicious Fascists? What does that mean? For those of you a step ahead of me, I mean Nazis. You all saw them on TV in Charlottesville. "Jews will not replace us." That's what they chanted, and chanted, and chanted, as they carried their Tiki torches through the streets (with no authorities stopping them).

There's more than a good chance that the Republican Party will steal our government over the next two to three years. And that's because we can't pass a voting rights act to stop them from doing so.

Let's say that happens. Let's say that by 2025, Republicans are in charge of the entire federal government. And it really doesn't matter if the president is the orange prick, or not. If it's not him, it will be some other authoritarian, but one who is smarter.

So here's my point. And it's really ugly.

I personally believe that American fascism will be as diseased and deadly as German fascism was. I believe American fascism will match Nazi fascism. I believe our country can become as uncivilized as Germany was during the 1930s and 1940s.

If Republicans/fascists are in charge of everything, does anyone really believe there won't be "camps?" Camps for blacks, browns, Jews, Muslims and all "Others?" Is there anyone who really believes those German death camps could never again happen?

Yes, I'm talking about genocide. Look at the people wearing MAGA gear. Do you think they would object to death camps?

Look at the people waving Confederate flags. Do you really believe they would object to death camps?

Look at the people who carry their guns in full sight in public. Do you really believe they would object to death camps?

Let me say this as plainly as possible. A Republican/Fascist takeover of America will lead to death camps.

Some of you will think I'm nuts. Some will think I'm overreacting, some will think I'm smoking too much grass. Some will think the very idea is insane. And some of you will agree with me.

Here's the bottom line. We stop them now. We won't get another chance.

October 5, 2021

What is Merrick Garland doing to help save our country?

Have the Republicans taken him hostage?

Have the MAGAs kidnapped him and replaced him with an AI replica?

Does Putin have something on him?

Actually, I don't believe any of those scenarios. Garland has always been a dedicated professional who fervently believes in the Constitution. This is a man who has always stood for and defended the best concepts of America.

So what's he doing to protect America right now? I don't know. But if I had to guess, I believe he's intentionally keeping, whatever it is he's up to, out of public view.

Why the silence? Here's my opinion. When you're trying to gather evidence to indict a former United States president, it's not something you're going to announce. Were he to do so, the alphabet of wingnut organizations would be running amok in the streets. Therefore, saying nothing is the wisest thing to do.

Maybe a bit more trust in Garland is needed. I know this won't stop the bitching, but I'm more than willing to be patient and give him more time.

And let me repeat the important idea in this post: When you're going after TFG, you don't announce it.

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