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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
August 27, 2021

Hurricane Ida is a myth.

Those so-called maps are simply a fabrication and the photographs not only are a misrepresentation of the weather, but the implications of the earth is round is just one of the many lies that they who are in charge of the media and the Weather Establishment are trying to convince you of. The heavy winds and rain which will soon possibly, and I mean possibly, inundate the area are simple rain storms which occur In this climate. They are just trying to scare people and not only should you not evacuate but I would leave my windows open because if God doesn’t want your house to get wet it won’t get wet.

Now even if you believe in weather reports there isn’t a 100% chance of this occurring as they say it will, and you can’t be too careful when it comes to over reacting to weather reports. After all, how many times have you watched them say it’s going to rain and it doesn’t? Or that it’ll be really nice, and it isn’t? These people are wholly untrustworthy and we have reports that during the 1940s they deliberately altered the weather reports to fool the populace of countries like Germany and Japan and Italy for nefarious reasons. Often times invasions followed our bombing runs over cities which had productive factories. The Democrat administration here in the United States in those years caused many disruptions in these countries for no apparent reason other than to disturb their economies.

Well, we are not going to be fooled again. don’t believe for one minute did that storm they called Katrina actually happened, for it was a certified hoax and all the people who were in the convention center and the stadium were crisis actors. It’s all fraudulent and y’all need to wise up before it’s too late.

just in case…

August 22, 2021

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Concert Review:


Nine months after Rudy Giuliani yelled “Don’t be ridiculous!” during a now-infamous news conference at the Northeast Philly landscaping business, ridiculous is just what Philly got on Saturday, when a life-size cardboard cutout of Giuliani crowd-surfed over punk-rock fans during a performance by musician Laura Jane Grace at the same unlikely venue.

“I’ve played Giants Stadium. I’ve played Wembley. Sang on stage with Cyndi Lauper. Written songs with Weezer. Been on stage with Joan Jett. None of that compares to this,” Grace said on stage. “I’m 40 years old and I can draw a bigger crowd than Rudy, and I have more Twitter followers than [Donald Trump], which isn’t [so bad] for a transgender high school dropout.”

About 200 people, some from as far away as North Carolina and Florida, attended the concert in Four Seasons’ gravel parking lot, where staffers set up a small stage, surrounded with shrubberies, near the company’s now-notorious garage door. Landscaping equipment, bags of rock salt, fuel tanks, wheelbarrows, and a very tall Sunoco gas station sign nearby helped set the mood, while Four Seasons trucks around the perimeter provided plenty of photo opportunities for fans

More at the link including video and the cardboard cutout of Rudy!!!
August 22, 2021

Saturday Night Special

August 21, 2021

A Saturday morning thought or two:

Did you know and were you aware that the steering wheel in the car has no effect upon the wheels? It is God who is keeping you on the road and if he decides that he doesn’t want you on the road anymore he will steer you into a pole, a tree, or off a cliff. What Man needs to realize is that there is no more cause and effect other than the Almighty‘s decisions.

And were you also aware that the theory of aerodynamics is just a theory? In fact, as the airplane taxis down the runway, increasing speed, hundreds of angels swoop down from Heaven and lift the wings of the plane. Now the reason plane crashes occur is not due to the myth of engine failure or pilot error, but that there are a sufficient number of sinners on board who souls need to be reclaimed by the Devil. Do not for one moment believe that you can make omelettes without breaking eggs.

God certainly works in mysterious ways. And if you get lost, consider that God also works in mysterious Waze.

August 15, 2021

Two statements about Afghanistan:

I am woefully ignorant with respect to the complexities of international Geopolitics, and therefore rarely if ever comment upon these issues. I rely upon better educated, more aware individuals and rarely venture commentary, for it would be founded in naïveté and lack of any true knowledge base.

However two things strike me at this time:

First, we all knew this was eventually going to happen in the year 2001. The joke used to be that people who fight in Afghanistan and blow larger rocks into smaller rocks, and nothing else ever changes.

Second…forget the second thing. I was mistaken. Thanks to DUers for correcting me.


August 12, 2021

American genocide.

You know, it’s almost impossible to believe that Americans would commit the act of genocide against their own citizens irrespective of background. Now, I am not saying at all whatsoever that Americans are not capable of selecting various and sundry minority groups in our own country and shipping them off to gas chambers and Ovens. What I’m saying is that The grossly incompetent and amoral Il Duce wannabe former guy and several governors are complicit in plotting and executing the deaths And lifetime chronic illness en masse of their own loyal constituencies.

I understood their insanity when it was applied to only blue states because of their hatred of an electorate which often votes for Democrats. What is hard to fathom is that they are now doing the same thing, or arguably worse, to those who vote for Republicans. The difference of course, is that these Republicans will continue to vote for people who are trying to kill them. For we older folks, this is reminiscent of the Vietnam war strategy: drafting, mutilating, and killing their own sons for what was admittedly a ridiculously poorly conceived project, i.e. war.

So far, these individuals are guilty of executing approximately half a million individuals, given that perhaps 100,000 would have died anyway while we were ramping up a set of protocols to prevent the disease from spreading. At this rate, they might eventually hit 6 million, And would that be just a great campaign slogan for them to run, and run successfully, in the states in which these people can do no wrong. It is beyond mind-boggling. But then again PT Barnum said it best… Well, everything he ever said about the masses applies.

August 8, 2021

I'm gonna say it...

I love the Olympics, whatever the sport. These people are all gifted almost beyond comprehension.

However, the interviewers ask the most insipid questions and worse yet, essentially rephrase the previous question and ask it again. And again. And again. I was just watching the interview of the baseball player who played on our Silver Medal team, and the questions…OMFG.

No depth, no insight, no knowledge of the sport is required to ask:
“How did you feel when…”
“What were you thinking when…”
“When did you realize…”

Formulaic and grotesquely insipid. I’m sorry for the rant but you know what? This is how the media treat Republican politicians:

“How upset were you when you heard that the hospitals in your undervaccinated congressional district are full?” Not:”How can you live with yourself after you told your constituents not to mask or social distance, and the hospitals are full of Covid patients?” Never that….well, almost never….

August 7, 2021

There's gonna be a "rally" at the Capitol in September??


The former data chief for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign has announced a protest next month at the nation’s Capitol — to rail on behalf of so-called “political prisoners” charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

“We’re going back to the Capitol, right where it started. And it’s going to be huge,” Matt Braynard told former White House strategist Steve Bannon as he announced the rally on Bannon’s podcast last week. 

The protest, “Justice for J6,”  has been set for Sept. 18 at the Capitol. It’s being orchestrated by the group Look Ahead America, headed by Braynard. 

More at the link…
August 1, 2021

Let me tell you why I know all the political and media right wingers are vaccinated

In the 1980s when I was a fledgling dentist, a man appeared in my office as a new patient. He was well-dressed well-comported, well-spoken gentleman who happened to be African-American, and was scared to death of dentistry and the dentist, and had been referred by someone he did not wish to name. This was not unusual in those days.

Interestingly, he was accompanied by a young, very well dressed, very well put together, Attractive woman, approximately 30 to 40 years his junior, who sat with him in the treatment room at all times. This was also not unusual among phobic patients. She declined to identify her relation to the gentleman, but as long as it was OK with him it was certainly all right with me.

Clinical examination revealed a dentition with severe bone loss, Inflammation and most teeth were not only mobile, but vertically depressible which means that they are considered terminal without doubt. I informed the gentleman that he was going to require full upper and lower dentures, that they could be made as immediate dentures so that he would never be without teeth, but because he had so many teeth remaining and the infection was so significant, I would prefer did an oral surgeon perform the extractions. He was very happy to hear this, because then he could receive general anesthesia which in his case, due to his phobia, was the requirement. I had just the surgeon in mind and made a few phone calls and accommodated him extremely well, and we were scheduled.

Of course it was time to discuss the fees and without hesitation he reached into his wallet and took out $500 cash to start. He had stated that he worked for the city, so I gently said that he might have insurance coverage, and he quickly demurred, And stated that he would pay for it in full with cash in any schedule which I deemed fit in the oral surgeon deemed fit. This caused my eyebrow to elevate slightly, but as long as I was being paid I didn’t really care about the mechanism. I fabricated the dentures for him, gave them to the oral surgeon for insertion, and this occurred on schedule. The surgeon referred him back to me for denture adjustments, I performed two adjustments which was very few considering, and the man disappeared from my practice never to be seen again.

Well, not quite never to be seen again, for one day I’m watching local news and I see That this very prominent local politician whose name I know well delivered a speech and there he is and there are my teeth smiling back at me on my 26 inch tube. At that exact moment I understood exactly what had occurred here: this famous gentleman did not want anyone to know that his teeth were in such disrepair and so rather than going to one of the big named Dentists who might recognize him from their political work in Center City, went to a competent but young practitioner who would not have considered that he was using a pseudonym on his health history.

no I am not saying that these congressman, senators, media plop Pol personalities, and others had to lie about who they were to get their vaccine, but experience tells me that there is much more going on medically than meets the eye, and that if the public knew all that was going on there would be a constant outcry of which representative is sicker than the other, or having more problems were has only a finite number of months or years to live which has been defined. Suffice it to say that I am virtually certain that all of these folks who do decry vaccination, masks, and social distancing are well-protected as are their families and none of them are willing to sacrifice their health or their lives for a so-called ideology of ignorance.

That being said, I’m a big believer in Darwinism and have long since abandoned the thought of altruism toward these Miscreants who refuse vaccination and health protection for the masses.

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