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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,642

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Let me tell you why I know all the political and media right wingers are vaccinated

In the 1980s when I was a fledgling dentist, a man appeared in my office as a new patient. He was well-dressed well-comported, well-spoken gentleman who happened to be African-American, and was scared to death of dentistry and the dentist, and had been referred by someone he did not wish to name. This was not unusual in those days.

Interestingly, he was accompanied by a young, very well dressed, very well put together, Attractive woman, approximately 30 to 40 years his junior, who sat with him in the treatment room at all times. This was also not unusual among phobic patients. She declined to identify her relation to the gentleman, but as long as it was OK with him it was certainly all right with me.

Clinical examination revealed a dentition with severe bone loss, Inflammation and most teeth were not only mobile, but vertically depressible which means that they are considered terminal without doubt. I informed the gentleman that he was going to require full upper and lower dentures, that they could be made as immediate dentures so that he would never be without teeth, but because he had so many teeth remaining and the infection was so significant, I would prefer did an oral surgeon perform the extractions. He was very happy to hear this, because then he could receive general anesthesia which in his case, due to his phobia, was the requirement. I had just the surgeon in mind and made a few phone calls and accommodated him extremely well, and we were scheduled.

Of course it was time to discuss the fees and without hesitation he reached into his wallet and took out $500 cash to start. He had stated that he worked for the city, so I gently said that he might have insurance coverage, and he quickly demurred, And stated that he would pay for it in full with cash in any schedule which I deemed fit in the oral surgeon deemed fit. This caused my eyebrow to elevate slightly, but as long as I was being paid I didn’t really care about the mechanism. I fabricated the dentures for him, gave them to the oral surgeon for insertion, and this occurred on schedule. The surgeon referred him back to me for denture adjustments, I performed two adjustments which was very few considering, and the man disappeared from my practice never to be seen again.

Well, not quite never to be seen again, for one day I’m watching local news and I see That this very prominent local politician whose name I know well delivered a speech and there he is and there are my teeth smiling back at me on my 26 inch tube. At that exact moment I understood exactly what had occurred here: this famous gentleman did not want anyone to know that his teeth were in such disrepair and so rather than going to one of the big named Dentists who might recognize him from their political work in Center City, went to a competent but young practitioner who would not have considered that he was using a pseudonym on his health history.

no I am not saying that these congressman, senators, media plop Pol personalities, and others had to lie about who they were to get their vaccine, but experience tells me that there is much more going on medically than meets the eye, and that if the public knew all that was going on there would be a constant outcry of which representative is sicker than the other, or having more problems were has only a finite number of months or years to live which has been defined. Suffice it to say that I am virtually certain that all of these folks who do decry vaccination, masks, and social distancing are well-protected as are their families and none of them are willing to sacrifice their health or their lives for a so-called ideology of ignorance.

That being said, I’m a big believer in Darwinism and have long since abandoned the thought of altruism toward these Miscreants who refuse vaccination and health protection for the masses.

I can't stop smiling: DIRECT FROM PHILADELPHIA....


On its journey to keeping the longest troll in Philly history alive, Four Seasons Total Landscaping got thirsty.

So the Northeast Philly business that played host to one of the most preposterous political press conferences in modern history is now teaming up with Funk Brewing and Philly Drinkers to release a beer next month in honor of Rudy Giuliani’s hold-my-beer moment.

“They messed with us and now we’re going to mess with them for the rest of their lives,” said Sean Middleton, Four Seasons director of sales. “We hold grudges in Philly.”

“Lawn Jawn,” from Emmaus-based Funk Brewing, is a juicy IPA with a tropical feel that will turn any garage door into a day at the Caribbean.


Just so you all know:

Jawn is a slang term local to Philadelphia and its metropolitan area. Jawn is a context-dependent substitute noun, meaning it is a noun that substitutes for any other noun.[1] Jawn can be singular or plural.

Jawn essentially means “the thing”. Only in Philly.

Did you know that Senator Marco Rubio once played J. S. Bach's

Pray-Lewds and Fuck-yous?

The concert hall is right next to the German Dam which is near Four Seasons Landscaping.

Another Pennsylvania Republican "mishap"

This guy had announced he was running for Governor…..

Charlie Gerow, a Republican who announced his candidacy for governor last month, said Friday that he is cooperating with a police investigation into an accident in which a motorcyclist was killed, and that shut down the Pennsylvania Turnpike for seven hours.

Gerow apparently drove for several miles with the motorcycle stuck to the front of his car, according to a witness. In a statement through a spokesperson, Gerow said he did not cause the accident and he was not injured.
Much more at the linky:


Here we go again...

"Fool me once, shame on me...fool me twice...I won't get fooled again..."

A "brilliant orator" said that a while ago while living in the Wite Houss (sic) and then there was TFG after eight years of relative peace and prosperity. Republicans can't deal with peace and prosperity, they need to throw our lives into a blender and put it on high. I mean, who would have believed that if whole populations remained unvaccinated, and a mutant strain arose, that that population would be most at risk?

My guess is that some competent epidemiologists must have finally corralled the ears of some of these RW politicos and said, "Hey you dumb motherfuckers, you told these people that it was all a hoax and then you told them that vaccination was both unnecessary and a plot to control them, and now your voters are sick and starting to die at frightening rates, and its gonna impact your states and you're gonna be fucked because all those laws you passed to keep people of color from being able to vote ain't gonna mean shit because your loyal salt of the Earth crowd, you know, the morons, are in real trouble and this is gonna explode exponentially again and you're gonna look like the biggest assholes down South since Buford T. Justice was chasing the Bandit. Yup. You went and did it again, but this time, you fired a torpedo that is traveling in a big circle (Yes, from The Hunt for Red October). You "arrogant ass(es)". You "killed " them.

TFG's Big Lie and actually his whole life is truly the story of

Florence Foster Jenkins.

For those of you who are really old as I am, we recall our parents referring to her and her “singing career”. Those who saw the film with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, you know to what I’m referring.

For you others:

If you watch the film with the MAGATS in mind, it takes on a whole different meaning, one of significance.

I feel I have to say something here:

I have been an established practitioner in Center City Philadelphia for going on 43 years. During that time I’ve had the fortune and misfortune to be acquainted with literally tens of thousands of people. The vast number of these individuals are and were solid citizens as we used to call them in the old days. However, I have been privy to, and witnessed an extremely frightening and disturbed group of individuals who participated in behaviors which sink beneath the term “reprehensible“.

I will not detail them here, but suffice it to say that the average person cannot begin to conceive of the nature of these peoples’ actions, the reprehensibility of their immorality, the victimization of minors, women, men, and some of these are people who are depending upon them for their income and possibly their survival and I mean the latter quite literally. Now I am not referring simply to seduction of office mates, offputting commentary or behaviors, bad jokes told in the workplace, touchy-feely individuals, or other typical offenses often detailed in the media and often ascribed to poor judgment or stupid behavior. I am referring to behaviors participated in by both genders, which when described are so awful that visions of them in my brain have haunted me for decades in some cases. I wish I could detail these, But quite frankly doing so would probably violate the DU rules and sicken many of the readers.

So when I hear the congressman has been traveling with a minor, paying for sex, gifting people for favors, forming partnerships with other individuals to continue in this illegal, immoral, narcissistic, and inappropriate behavior, I am not surprised, certainly not shocked, but my question is what extreme perversities are being covered up in so many venues?

Most of whom I was associated professionally have retired or passed away, and I will let you in on a little secret. When I first opened my practice I was a single fellow dating one woman for a great length of time who was not in the city but in the suburbs. I was approached on numerous occasions by practitioners and patients in my building and elsewhere who wanted to know what my proclivities were, and those of my girlfriend at the time, testing me to see if I would be interested in participating in any of their groups. Now I found out later, after I had declined, that some of these groups were like a discount Eyes Wide Shut-type series of situations. The actions and what even I would call perversities, and I’m a pretty open guy, were so extreme in some cases from what I heard that people would have to be hospitalized or take long vacations in order to recover physically and mentally. Now you may wonder how I know this, and so I will confess to you that two of my closest associates had psychiatric breaks and poured out their souls to me independently, interestingly corroborating each other‘s stories. Suffice it to say that I would never repeat these or write a book about them because I would be marked for vengeance by this whole undercover group, just as Tom Cruise’s character was in the movie.

I posted this today because I feel as though we are looking through rose colored glasses and don’t necessarily understand the depths to with these people can plumb. I will leave you with this: when I was an adolescent, I returned home from school one day and my father happen to be visiting us, since my parents were separated, and I expressed shock at something which it happened at school. My father said to me you should never be shocked, remember, there are people who screw chickens.

What I hadn’t realized at the time was that that would be the least of it.

Yeah...I Dunno....this space stuff...

I was raised on the network coverage of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo flights, which culminated in the space shuttle launches. The scientific approach, the epic seriousness of the undertaking from a scientific and aerodynamic standpoint, the incredible engineering and physics which entered into the design and execution of these projects was Beyond any person’s ability to comprehend. The network people approached it with gravity, with concern, and with perspective.

This coverage today reminds me of Entertainment Tonight coverage in the 80’s of the premiere of a film. I did not see one technical piece on the “Mothership” (give me an effing break -yeah…it’s JUST LIKE the Mothership in Close Encounters 🙄. ) or the rocket plane itself, the way the major networks used to have the engineers discuss the various attributes of the modules or rockets.

It’s all about self-aggrandizement and being a billionaire. Well. Good for them. This is the New America.

I realized I've changed substantially somewhat recently...

I was having a conversation with a “fellow-traveler” in my office and I found myself actually saying this: “I was always a humanist and an altruist and I used to try to convince people that certain things were for the better good of the individual to whom I was speaking (and the population) even though the person would argue with me. In other words I was trying to assist someone who was resistant to the conceptual aspect of my altruism or suggestion and would become somewhat agitated if the person didn’t see it my way. But with respect to the vaccination, I find myself saying, ‘ Ok, then get sick and perhaps die. I don’t really care one way or another. That the Darwinian precepts and theorems were fully applicable here and so be my guest.’”

And it’s true: this insanity promulgated by narcissistic, malevolent, know-nothings is a self-perpetuating moron machine which has led to incredibly unnecessary morbidity and mortality. In short, if you refuse vaccination, then whatever happens to you….happens to you. As a college professor once said in lecture, “If you don’t apply yourself and then do badly, well that’s just tough shit.” I agree. I only hope and pray that they don’t take too many innocents with them.

I never ever thought I’d feel that way but I do. One of the saddest aspects of the most recent rise in fascism is that I am filled with vituperation, hate, and disgust. But that’s the truth and I’m no hypocrite and I don’t live in La La Land, so, as Michael Corleone said in Part III, “If they want to do business with me, then I will do business with them.”

Dinnertime post: the Scatological Rites of Burglars

Much has legitimately been made of the fact that piles of feces were found in various places following the Insurrection of 2021. I have a citation and a story:


When I was a student, a classmate lived in a nice apartment in West Philly on the ground floor. He came home from class and found his abode ransacked. On his bed the thief had taken a giant dump.

The police detective told him that it is not unusual for this to occur, that the thief is either so excited by his score that he craps spontaneously or that he willfully intended to defile the scene.

I came upon the above article which you have to register to read BUT IT’S WORTH IT! Fascinating reading and will broaden your horizons immeasurably.
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