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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 04:44 AM
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Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson keeping it stupid

And you thought RG III was having it bad

DeSean Jackson instagrammed this little tidbit 'A woman who knows her place never loses her position.'
Now some people are defending him, like NY Giants Safety Brandon Meriweather, "I got to steal this one bruh." and New Orleans Saints Brandon Brower who deleted his post when he received a flurry of responses, most telling him he's an idiot.

Some have taken to defending Jackson by saying, "It doesn't mean what you're thinking. We're all misreading it."
Others say it's a joke. While others are defending him on free speech grounds.
I posted to one free speecher, pointing out that he had his free speech, now it's our turn to get ours in

It's being covered at sbnation

Quick Quiz: Who was Planned Parenthood's treasurer in 1947

If you said Prescott Bush, you'd be correct
That's right... Jeb's granddaddy was a founding member of 'The Birth Control League'.
The name was changed in 1942 to Planned Parenthood because of the controversy of the name.
And when Bush ran for public office the name Birth Control League would have turned off a lot of Catholics
Prescott was PP's treasurer for their first national fundraising drive in 1947

Just a little tidbit of history
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