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SHRED's Journal
SHRED's Journal
January 26, 2019

You want to see illegal immigration dry up?

Place those who hire illegally into prison for a 5 year mandatory minimum.

Not that I would necessarily support something that draconian but right now there is little to no consequence for the employer who hires illegally.

January 10, 2019

I heard it put this way

"Trump only takes credit, never responsibility"

January 7, 2019

National parks face years of damage from government shutdown

When the government eventually reopens, park experts warn reversing damage won't be as easy as throwing out the trash.


So what I'm gathering from this article is rather than shut our parks down completely ,and therefore protect them, this criminal administration wanted to keep them open to avoid public outcry and to benefit private businesses adjacent to the parks?

Do I have this correct?

January 4, 2019

The upcoming recession

I just talked in-depth with a real estate friend yesterday and the conversation shook me.
Turns out lending institutions have still been writing bad mortgages for people who really should not qualify and real estate investment companies are dumping their properties as fast as they can while the real estate market, at least here in San Diego County, is starting to crawl to a stop.
He asked one of the top companies why they are dumping so much property and they said they want to cash out and wait for this housing market to tank again then buy back in.
He said that 2019 may be okay but that a crisis by 2020 is all but a sure thing.
He added that when the media catches on to this it will accelerate.
He said banks are already drying up refinance cash outs as interest rates rise and uncertainty grips the market.

When people can no longer afford homes and can't use their equity as a bank then look out. The economy is in for a rough ride.

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