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Just saw this in my neighborhood this afternoon

Sometimes it takes quick wit and humor

A few years ago my co-worker witnessed an interesting confrontation at a donut shop.
He frequented it often. It is ran by a Chinese family. Super nice guys.

Anyway, these two skinhead racists came in to the donut shop one morning to harass the owners. In part of the exchange they called the owners "gooks" whereupon one of the donut shop owners behind the counter replied,
"We're not "gooks" damn it, we're "chinks"!!

The skinheads didn't know what to do. It threw them off completely. They left the store sheepishly.

Nice diffusion.

David Corn wins Twitter tonight IMHO



We've moved into a new category...Treason


Highway 12 between Escalante and Boulder, Utah

I mounted my GoPro on top of our motorhome during a recent trip we took.

And I don't do well with heights...

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