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The "rule of the GOP"


The #GOP is not interested in "the rule of law;.
They are interested in "the rule of the #GOP ".
They are willing to attack law enforcement and climb into bed with #Putin to achieve it.

7:37 AM - Jan 30, 2018

What Even Matters Anymore

This is horrifyingly funny.

Term Limits


The Hill

LISTEN: Term limits are necessary fix in Congress and Trump likely to agree, Meadows tells Power Politics http://hill.cm/ID8Cd5h pic.twitter.com/9Y1oGFzrdK

Big money has no "term limits". Lobbyists have no "term limits". The "revolving door" has no term limits. Term limits on Congress fix nothing.

9:24 AM - Jan 20, 2018

Adam Schiff nails it


Adam Schiff

What passes for logic in the Oval Office:

Republicans control the Senate.
Republicans control the House.
Republicans control the White House.
Last year, @POTUS tweeted that we need a “good shutdown.”

If government closes, who’s responsible? Democrats!

6:41 AM - Jan 17, 2018

#ShitholePresident #RacistTrump


The Steele Dossier


Pé Resists
Multiple people named in the Steele Dossier have ended up dead under mysterious circumstances. Steele himself is likely in mortal danger.

What does the GOP do? Demonize him daily and recommend criminal charges against him. I.e., exactly what Putin desires.

3:15 PM - Jan 7, 2018

I think this is "head in the sand" thinking

Why Jeff Sessions’ War on Weed Is a Futile Pursuit


I see an overconfidence in the cannabis community.
I think it's dangerous.

A few well placed raids on the 5 biggest growers and dispensaries in each legal state, property and cash seized, and people put in prison.
Hemp farms raided and seized.
Then let's see where the cannabis trade is.

We're in dangerous territory and people need to wake up.

This wouldn't be happening under a President Hillary Clinton

I am so sick of lefty cannabis activists who refused to vote for her.


Russia? Russia who?


Is this even legal?

Maybe one of our legal minds can answer this.

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