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"If we paid farm laborers a living wage..."

"...then lettuce would be $12 per head."

Have you heard this argument?

I heard a similar claim last night on this show:

Morgan said that US citizens would do this job for maybe $30 per hour but then orange juice would be $20 a carton (or something like that).

The point is that every time I hear this claim I NEVER, and I mean NEVER hear about the profit margins the agi-corporations are pulling in.

Does it ever occur to anyone who repeats this oft repeated claim that maybe, just maybe, that profits paying multi-millionaire'd CEO's in agribusiness could be paired back instead of raising food prices?

Just asking.

From the "Comments"


The corporate take over the state is complete. It has been for some time. Elections are all prepackaged show biz glitz without any substance whatsoever. Congress spends all their time raising money for re-election, so legislation is written by corporate lobbyists. The news media has become a cheerleader for wealth, greed, and corporate control. The police have become tools of the military. The Pentagon spends millions every year on developing weapons to crush "urban unrest." It is not just the government that needs to protested against, it is an entire society. The "Greed is Good" culture needs to be overthrown. It cannot be done without massive numbers of people willing to put everything on the line. And so, in the US, it cannot be done.

If Snowden had only...

...alerted the USA citizens that they were being intensely spied on without divulging foreign affairs to other countries would that have made any difference?

If he would have done just that and stayed and faced the justice system I think the support for him would be overwhelming.
He wouldn't be labeled a traitor and the public outpouring would be intense I think.

When he went overseas and divulged to other countries I think that is where the line was crossed.

Corporations portrayed as "victims" of our government

This is a universal theme among the Reichwing.
They even have working-class CONs believing this nonsense.

If there is one constant in the right side of the political spectrum then this would be it, IMHO.
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