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I believe this is the GOP game plan

They are going to have Donald as the distraction for headline grabbing. They don't care if peeing comes out. In fact the GOP would welcome it as a big distraction for the media.

Meanwhile, like they promised starting Monday, they are going to dismantle any traces of government that don't benefit the wealthy special interests.

As long as they have just enough scandal cover but not quite impeachment until they are done with him.

What do you think?

Fired up and ready to go in San Diego!!

Let's all get out and march today!

Goodbye public lands

Another scam is brewing for 640 million acres of Federal land.

Here's how it works:

Claim it's worthless (not true).
Give it to the States.
The States can't afford to maintain it so they sell it off to mining, drilling, and logging interests.

Goodbye access for public recreation, goodbye jobs, and hello more environmental destruction and pollution, all for the sake of big business special interests.

It's a terrible deal for us both in losing access, blowing a hole in the Federal budget, and our economy.


Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue

Though recreation on public lands creates $646bn in economic stimulus and 6.1m jobs, Republicans are setting in motion a giveaway of Americansí birthright

"Essentially, the revised budget rules deny that federal land has any value at all, allowing the new Congress to sidestep requirements that a bill giving away a piece of federal land does not decrease federal revenue or contribute to the federal debt.

Republican eagerness to cede federal land to local governments for possible sale, mining or development is already moving states to act. Western states, where most federal land is concentrated, are already introducing legislation that pave the way for land transfers."



Why calling Trump illegitimate might legitimately work
Democrats are slowly moving from attacking Trumpís character to attacking his legitimacy, and just purely from a strategic standpoint, it could be a better option
Jaime Weinman
January 18, 2017



I like this strategy.
Thank you John Lewis.

They call austerity...

..."draining the swamp".

I'm convinced after reading, hearing, and seeing DT supporters speak out on social media and the M$M.

It's not wealthy interests that are the source of the corruption of our democracy in tRump supporter's minds. If it is then it takes a big back seat to cutting the size of programs according to the guidelines of the Heritage Foundation and the like.

They even say, "rich people have never harmed me".

They are thrilled with this opportunity to "cut government spending" and their definition of "drain the swamp" is not what ours is.
Remember their mantra, "smaller government".

Unfortunately the cuts coming will damage us all.

If you're more upset at Meryl Streep...

...than you are with the Russian interference, then chances are you're a fucking traitor.

Just sayin'.

Donald is "going rogue"

These are Tweets from today.
Even AFTER he's seen the evidence.

The intel community (and the rest of us) needs to stop this enemy of our country.


Release of tax returns as a requirement

I think, at the very least, that the release of the last 10 years of tax returns should be a requirement when running for Congress, the Presidency, and all high level cabinet selections.
The same rule should apply at the State level also.

With more and more money controlling our politics we need some transparency here.

What do you think?

Repealing Obamacare affects everyone

A few points I've jotted down here (with input from some of you here) should the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act be done away with as the incoming GOP dominated government will most surely do. (see article below for more details)

Repealing Obamacare would again allow insurance corporations to...

Deny you the ability to purchase insurance on the individual market based on your health condition.

Drop you from coverage from the individual market if you become ill.

Charge more for female coverage.

Limit your coverage to an arbitrary maximum amount. Once you hit that limit, you pay for all costs over that amount. This is especially troubling if god forbid we had a serious accident or illness. It could bankrupt us (you or I). The ACA requires the insurance company to cover your entire treatment no matter the cost. It wasn't that way before it's passage in 2010.

Deny covering your adult children under your plan up to age 26. A very popular option.

Charge you for preventive care, such as physicals, health screenings, flu shots, breast-feeding supplies and contraception which are currently covered at no extra charge.


Funding for rural hospitals and clinics would dry up.

Rates for everyone will go up
as insurance pools get smaller and the cost for those who have no insurance will once more be spread among those who can pay.

It will bankrupt hospitals because people would start using ER's as routine doc visits again because they have lost their insurance.

Plus repeal will drive up prescription drug costs for those on Medicare...and us all.

Repealing Obamacare affects everyone

Under Obamacare, senior citizens pay less for Medicare coverage and for their prescription drugs. Many Americans have received free contraceptives, mammograms, colonoscopies and cholesterol tests. And small business employees with older and sicker workers have not been slapped with super-high premiums.


With capitalism soon installed in the Whitehouse...

...job one will be removing regulations. Especially those that protect consumers and the public at large.

Job two will be to raid the public safety nets of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA and turn them over for Wall St management to the banksters.

Donald doesn't think in terms of public service and neither do his cabinet appointees.
Private sector capital enrichment is the goal of these Oligarchs and people like the Koch Brothers are sharpening their knives and licking their chops.


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