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mopinko's Journal
mopinko's Journal
May 21, 2024

i hate to admit this but i've been catfished on xitter.


not sure y this isnt showing up.
no harm done, was sus all along. he gave me a phone # that traced to scams on a legit charity.
le sigh. it was fun while it lasted.
May 19, 2024

so, today my dear friend roberta and i walk for ms.

so i’ve done a few threads about today’s walk for ms in northbrook, il. not as many as i meant to cuz i’ve been feelin like shit. i was feelin great when i singed up. but my lifelong gut problems had me in er twice in the last mo, and on the hot list to see a gi. hopefully i will finally convince a doc that i also have an autoimmune disease. i’m pretty sure i know which 1, and lemme tell u, i have often ms is the cruelest disease, but the ai u have, but dont know it, might take the cake here.

i have had a couple bad days cuz i totally cheated on the diet. supposed to do minimal fiber, losta liquids. but damn, i’m just hungry all the time, and eating all the time. 5-6 small meals a day is just a pita. but i was super good yesterday, feel decent so far today tho i was up too early, so i think i will make it.

i’ll update this thread w pics from the finish line later today. in the meantime, pls k&r. and dig.
i must say that i’ve been a tad disappointed in y’all. eternal thx to the few ppl who did donate. but c’mon du. i know what u can do. i know i have friends here. dont make me pm u.
we were on the leader board, but since i have been slacking, so we’ve fallen off. pls get team roberta miles on that board in the final tally.
also if u or a loved 1 has been affected by this curse, pm their name, and i’ll put them on my tshirt.


more here, plus links to other threads.

May 15, 2024

joe, make nikki haley an ambassador. update- i'm talking about offering haley the deal he gave to rahm.

she ran a very serious campaign. i dont know how many states she got on the ballot, but they did a damn fine job. for a long shot to b on the ballot this late, i dont think i’ve ever seen that happen. gene mccarthy, maybe.
she’s still getting 20%.

i have no doubt there have been talks. i think ambassador to some nice liberal country where she cant stir up any shit wd b a fitting reward for her endorsement. i think she’s smart enough to b told she reps a dem president so she needs to leave certain things at the door.
i might even accept a state dept gig. we keep close tabs on those ppl.

but i honestly think it wd b smart politically. the gqp will b declared dead nov 6. she stands to lead the “yeah, it’s your father’s gop again. but w women and brown ppl” party. she’s central casting as a responsible grown up.
and i will note that i have seen this pattern over and over- the old white guys fuck something up, and it’s time for some dei. usually a woman, brought in to mop up. they’re fine w that.

so where shd joe send her?

ok, look. if u dont reward your allies, you wont make friends. this is classic old school politics.
it’s a game joe mastered long ago. it’s about keeping your enemies close.

of course she’s gonna run in 28. on what? she’s already been an ambassador. serving a term in fiji will not add anything to her campaign but proof that she is a ‘traitor’.
and it’s keeps her out of the dc bubble. y do u think he sent rahm to japan? i suspect joe was not fond of him. i’m sure he didnt want to see him every sunday on the teevee. so, he asked him where he wanted to end his career. he’s having the time of his life. and he’s not on my teevee.
that’s what i’m talkin about. give her the full rahm emanuel.

May 14, 2024

pipe bombing suspect.

so apparently this guy has been floated as the j5 pipebomber.
dont put that much credibility in anything on xitter, but this seems to b long running.


clarification- i have no opinion of this theory. like i said- xitter.
that said, how u sit is a consistent and personal thing. if the guy was there, or is a magat, i’d take a closer look.

May 13, 2024

who's a good dog?

hotlips. hotlips is a good dog. at least so far today.


May 13, 2024

more about reduced scale pianos. here's where u can get 1 now.

tho i intend to rehab an amazing antique, i found this guy who will pick up and deliver pianos anywhere in the country.


May 13, 2024

more about reduced scale pianos.

if anyone is interested- there's a fb group for this and i found someone who does retrofits.
i posted a thread there looking for a mechanic who can do this. a guy popped up, offering to do the job.
tho he is in oregon, but said he will travel to pick up and deliver anywhere.
he says he’s going to b in chgo this week. i cant let the antique beauty i’m looking at out of my sight. but anyone considering this shd check him out.
he buys old pianos and retrofits them. i’ve referred him to a moving company here that has a ‘piano orphanage’. no idea what they charge, tho they arent stupid. but they get them for free.
dont know about other places but u can get a free piano here any day of the week and twice on sundays.
if anyone is looking, i’d b happy to b a go-between. or contact them directly.


my gd thread on this topic.

May 12, 2024

Justin Townes Earle Raleigh 2013 (Full Show)

so worth the time to see him so happy, and in such a good place.
previewing stuff for ‘midnight at the movies’.

May 12, 2024

vintage jon oliver.

so, jon oliver is rereleasing his old shows, 1/wk.
this is the 1st 1 i’ve watched and it is just soooo fucking sad how relevant it all still is.
anyone else watching? pls post in this thread?

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