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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 67,309

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harry litman on twitter says jack smith will have a presser in 90 min.

posted a couple min ago, so, 1:30 et-ish

correction- 3 et.

a list going around twitter-

top 10 comedians. obvs this person is no older than 40. and male.
so if u see an old comedian trending, they’re not dead, they just got left off the list.


no phyllis diller, carol burnett, lily tomlin, moms mabley.

so, who’s on your list?

peak tina-

Mick Jagger / Tina Turner - State Of Shock / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Live Aid 1985)

Tina Turner & Elton John - The Bitch Is Back - Live VH1 Fashion Awards (1995)

anyone watching the elections? SDLP candidate makes her own bit of history in NI election

Lilian Seenoi-Barr made her own bit of history over the weekend by becoming the first black politician to be elected to any public office in Northern Ireland.

The SDLP member took the 5th seat in the Foyleside District Electoral Area of Derry and Strabane City Council.
Two years ago, she was co-opted onto the council and was selected to contest the seat this time around.
She secured 960 first preference votes, 15.5% of the total in her area.


also this- NI election: Sinn Féin 'tsunami' hits local government

unpopular take-

obama shoulda kept rhambo on staff. he needed an assassin.
i think esp his 1st term would have been more productive if he’d stayed on. i know lots of folks here hate him. but i never did.
he wanted to make compromises to get the aca that would have sucked. took a lot of shit for it. but i still think rahm was plugged into the power structure in a way that obama rly needed. and he would have had his foot up his ass on a lot of things where it would have been helpful.

ya know, 1 of the things that i wonder about- i have millennial kids. 1 thing about the games they played that struck me was that every party needed a couple of bad guys. you need a burglar.
i always found that interesting. a nuanced idea, imho. and rooted in the reality of the world.
and i cant say as i’ve ever seen a more dangerous burglar. i’m glad he’s not my neighbor, but…

obama should have kept him. i can see what a pita it must have been to have him in the wh.
but i cant help imagining the political corpses he would have left lyin around, and i cant help dreaming.

we all say we want a dem w a spine, but we hate them when we meet them.

'the offer' on prime. story of how the godfather got made.

pretty interesting bit of movie history. 10 parts!
written by the producer, who was a coder at rand corp who decided he wanted to be in movies and just moxied his way in. he came up w the idea for hogan’s heroes, and parlayed that into a shot at paramount. he got it cuz no one else would touch it.

Chicago Is About To Have The Gayest City Council In The Country

Lesbian, gay and bisexual alderpeople now are one-fifth of the City Council — and they represent all corners of the city. The new members show "there is LGBTQ life outside of Boystown," one said.


i’m super hopeful about this new admin. for the most part, the fossils are gone. there are a few knuckle draggers, but i dont think enough to cause any real trouble.
long, but worth the read. some amazing ppl.

i do love steve martin. atheists dont have no songs.

Jeh Johnson: As long as conditions in home countries persist, migrant families will 'keep coming'

w ben rhodes.
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