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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 48,950

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i hope cheato comes back to an empty white house.

if they are smart, this is a good time for the rats to leave the ship.
heck, if i were the butler, i would boogie.

fingers crossed for the visuals.

anybody know how things go in court for people coming back from colo?

friend of mine has a kid in college in wyoming. they have been visiting often, via colo.
on their way home the other day they hit a deer. the cop smelled weed, searched the car, and found 2 oz.
of course, they charged him w possession.

does anybody have experience w people charged w possession for legally purchased weed in another state? or wyoming in particular?
they looked over the laws, and the possible sentencing is $25k, and/or jail time.
at least they let him go on recognizance.

the kid did just graduate, so he is unlikely to spend much more time there.

he is also looking for a good local lawyer.

eta, he will get a lawyer. his wife works for one of chicago's more high powered law firms. specialty firm, tho. she is putting out feelers, but this might be a little niche where the right guy might be some small local dude, so asking for any referrals.

mental defect is his only defense.

as the walls close in, i predict that the family is suddenly going to become concerned about dear poppy's obviously failing brain.
he will finally be hustled off to walter reed for the full exam that he should have had before the primaries, instead of trying to paper it over w dr hippiestein.

images from the mri will be all over the front pages. we will be regaled w stories of how someone w so little grey matter shouldnt be able to feed themselves, but damn, how well he hid it, how well he coped, how well he carried on being himself.

any bets?

i hope whoever's intel cheato shared has a copy of the tape.

i know right about now, i would be looking to get that into the open.

a shout to moms who are missing their kids today.

to mother's who are grieving the empty space, the phone that didnt ring, the scent of flowers that are not there.
for whatever reason, to those whose children are physically gone,
i dont think there is a deeper gully in the world like that of a mother who has buried a child. not a darker place. a hole in the heart that never fully heals.

and to those who are estranged from your kids, for whatever reason, i join you in wishing this day would be over already.
especially if you were hoping the phone might ring, but it didnt.

sadly mom's are made of clay, like everyone else.
marriage and family are incredibly complex. shit runs down hill. and in many families mom is the bottom of the hill.
i suspect my generation, when women finally had choices, those of us that chose motherhood in a big way were pretty torn about it. i know i was.
but there are a million reasons why we fall out as families.
the hole is deep.
and there is distance.
and there is illness.
and there is slipping away.

peace and love to all momma's w a hole in their life.

i loves me some jeremy bash.

watching andrea mitchell and jeremy bash discussing flynn.
and also susan rice/unmasking.

i have loved seeing him, laying out what the rules really are and just how not normal all of this is. always detailed, concise and calm recitation of the relevant facts. i repeat that, relevant.


senate dems need to put forward medicare for all.

and stick to it.

who should lead the democratic party?

we should.
shut up chris matthews.
stop looking for one person to be the leader. we are democrats. we dont play that shit.

i want to see a healthcare bill scored w a $15 minimum wage.

w the extra tax income (assuming multiple earners. mim wage earners shouldnt have to pay jack shit in taxes) and the people that would be bumped to a lower subsidy, what would the impact on the insurance markets be?

so many of our woes would be lessened if people weren't out there working for slave wages. pay a fucking living wage and people dont have to get govt assistance for everything.

and bring back the obama overtime rules. anybody making less than twice the minimum (living) wage is not a salaried supervisor. period.

so this is my choice, i guess.

bury my daughter, or sell everything i have and live an impoverished old age.

she has about a dozen pre-existing conditions, and we actually still dont know the extent of it. she is in the hospital right now, w an intestinal blockage and heavy bleeding.

she has epilepsy, chron's disease, endometriosis, a bleeding disorder, fibromyalgia, likely ehlers danlo syndrome, migraines, a bad psyche dx, and more. we are hoping to get to the bottom of it all before gov ruiner guts medicare here.
she has been in and out of the hospital for the last year, having not really recovered from having her gall bladder removed.
she has 3 more years on her dad's insurance before we are at the mercy of the market.

i have enough for a secure retirement now, and hopefully her dad remains employed until he decides to retire. (there is some danger his job will get outsourced to india.) hopefully he can work till a ripe old age. but at some point he will have to retire, and he wont be able to bear the whole burden of her expenses. plus, she is on ssi now, and will get more when he retires.

i expect to live to be 100, 38 more years. hopefully medical science catches up, and she can regain some measure of health. i dont have a lot of reason to hope, tho. so far she remains a zebra.
i just hope there is enough left over for her funeral.

thanks thugs. may you burn in a hell that is hotter than 1000 suns.
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