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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 52,048

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if the judge had thrown stone in jail,

it would have made her responsible for the safety of a witness in an counter intelligence case against the president of the united states.
i wouldnt want that on my hands.

here's my WAG as to what is gonna happen w mueller after mccabe on

deadline whitehouse today-

he talked about what they did when comey was fired. he said they looked at closing out cases, opening cases, or farming out cases.
he spoke about his certainty that anything left over from mueller would be farmed out to capable us attys, and fbi field offices, who would carry on and prosecute those cases.

so, carrying boxes out? right after the new ag takes over?
imho, they are farming much out.

if he wants to make a splash, he will drop a report, and us attys all over the country will drop indictments.

he would be stupid to sit back and see what barr does.
and he aint stupid.

if you missed nicole wallace today, go watch the whole show.
it knocked my socks off.

hey chicago. who ya pickin for mayor?

i should have a new alderman, hopefully in the primary. joe moore is pretty widely hated up here in 49, but has lucked out w shitty opponents. this time he has a hard charging young lady who has been at the doors for a long time now.
whassup in your hood?

as for the throne?

daley, hell no.

preckwinkle, i can live w her. hands are not that clean, but she has done very good work at the county, imho. i suspect she will win.

chico, better than daley. good commercials. think he has a prayer.

mccarthy? dont make me laugh.

ameya, i like her, but i think she has baggage. not good in a tight runoff.

mendoza, a disappointment to me right now. used to love her. but she is pretty tightly tied to solis, and who knows what he did to wear that wire.

i am thinking lightfoot, because police brutality is a huge issue for me.


i got a question for justin fairfax-

if the encounter was consensual, why didnt you pursue her after that?
you say you kept in touch, she says she never talked to you again.

i'm going to make an assumption that if you had followed up on starting a relationship, she would have included that in her statement. and so would you.
so, you never called her? you never checked in w her? never tried to follow up?

you know what i call that?
consciousness of guilt.

wait, whut? 1500 human traffickers caught but only 300 women freed?


any dolly parton fans here? need recommendations.

so, i gotta say that growing up i was not a country fan. it was the golden age of twang and sequins, and i was a beatle fan. i remember seeing dolly and porter wagner on teevee, and thinking- what a weirdo.

but she and i aged, country changed, and i find myself liking a lot of old country. johnny cash, hank williams, roots stuff.
i liked a lot of her later records.
and i fell in love w her in 9 to 5.

and of course, i see what an amazing person she is.

so, anyway, i keep seeing the apleebees commercial w "here you come again" (?) and thinking i would like to listen to more dolly.
but iirc, she holds the record for the most album ever.

so, help me out fans. recommend.

there is a wh conference call right now about

"the president's immigration proposal"

to state and local electeds across the country.
kellyanne conway lying her ass off right now.

they asked the press to disconnect.

spanky talking now.

how are impeachment committees constituted?

would it work to just impanel a committee on impeachment instead of a bunch of investigations in different committees?
esp if they cant get the govt reopened tomorrow, i say just impanel the committee, start the hearings. plenty of things completely unrelated to mueller that they can start w.

hearings and investigations arent votes to proceed.
the watergate hearings turned the tide.
time to start pushing.

Chicago has a mental health crisis. Reopening 6 clinics isn't enough.

This is a public health challenge we cannot afford to ignore. Mental health conditions are more common than breast cancer or diabetes. Just 50 percent of adults experiencing severe psychological distress received any treatment in 2017. Those statistics don’t take into consideration the thousands of people — our neighbors — who are suffering from trauma and grief, violence, drugs, and food and housing insecurity. It affects residents from West Ridge to Roseland and from Austin to the Loop. It affects older adults, office workers and, in growing numbers, our children.

Ignoring their common struggle is morally unacceptable. It is also costly. Many people who are living with mental illness end up in emergency rooms and interacting with law enforcement. How desperate is it? Our 911 system is effectively the central intake line for mental health needs.

The burden is felt by their relatives, who are forced to navigate a byzantine system looking for help, but also by first responders, teachers, Chicago Park District and CTA employees who are called on regularly to go far beyond their scope of work. This is the system we’ve paid for.

It doesn’t work.


we are on the verge of a bit of a wave here in chi.
this is very much an issue.
it will be interesting to watch.

it's the trump death panel.

wait until the bodies start stacking up, as see who the republican party policies have targeted.
watch as they make exceptions, protecting bankers, etc, and see who government really works for.
and see who it profits from stifling. from abandoning.

it's only a matter of time. starting to push seniors out of their housing. it wont take long.

but a death panel, sitting in secret, is picking the "winners and losers".

tho i guess at this point it is the turtle death panel.
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