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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,867

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

Cornel West lashes out at civil rights icons after Bernie Sanders suffers resounding South Carolina

Cornel West denigrating successful Black men who have actually made a difference in the Black Community, one after another!

How does he think he got those gigs at those Ivy League Colleges that pay so well? But stepping on the heads of those who paved the way? Really! Talking about a sell out! He needs to look closely in the mirror. On second thought, never mind!

Cornel West lashes out at civil rights icons after Bernie Sanders suffers resounding South Carolina

some of Sanders’ surrogates haven’t been so graceful in their concession of defeat after putting up a valiant fight for the African-American vote.

Cornel West told Vice News last week that he feared many of Clinton’s most prominent African-American supporters had lost their way. The vocal Sanders supporter singled out Congressmen John Lewis and Jim Clyburn repeatedly.



Me, I VOTE always, period.


Because I am voting for a Supreme Court that will protect and advance Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Women's Reproductive Rights, Environmental Rights, Union Rights, a chance to repeal Citizen's United, and safeguard Affirmative Action. These things do matter, even if not to you personally, to others who are at the mercy of what might happen if a GOP gets into the WH while also having a Majority GOP congress. The Next President will replace 2-3 Justices, so it is a BFD!

I vote for those who need food stamps, Social Security (that will be privatized otherwise), health care (for those who can't afford it otherwise), Pell grants, Planned Parenthood, Public Education (that they want to privatize and give out some vouchers, good luck with that), and for regulations that reign in corporations and safeguard our well being. If you think of what happened in Flint, just remember that it took a Federal agency to get the lead out of paint!

My vote is not based on friendship, nor do I vote because someone says everything I agree with. I do not for purity or else, and I certainly do NOT NOT vote because I'm pissed, because if I don't vote, far as I'm concerned, I forfeit the right to complain when we all are wandering in the desert till the end of this century.

Some folks can afford not to vote, cause their parents has them set, but many more cannot afford such a luxury.

I remember during the 10 years after the Civil War, they had Reconstruction, and Black folks were voting and Black folks were being elected to congress. What happened? The vote was taken away from Black folks, and Reconstruction although part of history was all but erased from the history books. I do not want to see that happen to the First Black President's 8 years, just because some folks wanted a BFF to vote for, or else they were gonna have a tantrum!

But look, For those who do NOt want to vote, then DON'T vote. It is always possible at some point, you won't be able to even if you want to. That's what the wrong Supreme court can do for you!

So, Peace, Love and VOTE while you still can!

I have no words...

Like many South Carolinians, Scott has received calls at home from phone bankers. She said one of these entreaties from the Sanders campaign led her to go off on a 10-minute tirade and demand an apology.

“One of my experiences that I think I won’t forget for a long time is a call that I got from the Sanders campaign. This person that called asked me was I voting for Sen. Sanders. I said no. I was voting for Secretary Clinton. The phone went silent for a little bit,” Scott recounted. “You could hear this person struggling to come up with what they’re going to say next. … They call that a real pregnant pause, nine months’ worth of pregnant pause. And he finally came back and he says to me, ‘You know, Senator Sanders is for welfare.’”

This did not provoke a positive reaction from Scott.


NO Ashley Williams, you are NOT a Superpredator

Dear Ashley Williams,

I personally thank you for your work and your activism, as it is making a difference.

20+ years ago, this country was experiencing major issues of drug and gang violence. It was in the era of crack cocaine, drug cartels, and gangs selling drugs on the city streets. It created violent havoc in many urban neighborhoods all around America. Children could barely walk to school, or sleep in their own beds without bullets whizzing by their bedroom windows or coming through their walls. The neighborhoods were not safe for those who had no where else to go. Parents residing in the most violent areas were deeply worried and feeling helpless, and young children were traumatized and scared.

I remember clearly how the local and national media sensationalized these crime incidents, and helped promote more fear in the citizenry who did not live in those neighborhoods. The various networks promoted day in, day out, that what was needed were get-tough-on-crime policies. With GOP and Reporters labeling Democrats as "Soft on Crime". Republican politicians, who held both chambers of congress, partnered with the media to mold public opinion into making the entire country believe that it was going to hell in a hand basket, and then some. Yes, and as you know, this country was racist then, as it is still racist now.

Were Superpredators anyone but gang members and drug dealers who were committing crimes such as robberies, car jacking, drive byes and shootings? Well my recollection as a 36 year old wife and mother then, is that, that is who they were. I was raising my own young Black family, living in West Oakland, California. I will add that I was fortunate enough not to live in the areas that most suffered the violence. But I did work in an East Oakland neighborhood on 35th Avenue and East 14th St., now MLK Avenue. I saw the neighborhood people that hung out in the street, as they transformed a little more everyday. I specifically remember one young woman, seemingly healthy and youthful one minute, shockingly turn into an old and damaged addict in just a few short months. Those were the times as they were.

That is why I know that you are not a Superpredator, nor have you ever been.

You are not a gang member nor a drug dealer. you are most likely a student, and a passionate young Black Activist wanting some answers, that is what I believe. Someone sickened and enraged at having to watch racial social injustice unfold, that more can now clearly see. My own daughter was on the ground at Ferguson, MO, from day one. She organized protests of the workhouse jails there. I witnessed her passion grow with each passing day. I even attended a meeting with her of an activist planning session while I was in St. Louis visiting.

I am simply answering the question you asked Hillary Clinton last night, although I'm sure she will answer you herself as well.

Now, let us ask about this crime bill passed into law in 1994.

Was that Crime Bill that President Bill Clinton signed, after two vetoes, a good bill? No it wasn’t.
Did it do far more damage than any good? Yes it certainly did, and time has told that story.

Did Bill Clinton apologize for signing this bill into law? Yes, he did.
Was that enough? Most likely not.

Did numerous legislators on both sides of the aisle vote for it? Yes they did.
Did Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders vote for it? Yes, he did.
Did he apologize for it? If he hasn't, he should.
Did Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton promote the bill? Yes, she did.
Did she apologize for that? If she hasn't, she should.

No matter how small or large anyone's role was in it, yes, they should all apologize,
to all of those many negatively affected over these years.

And furthermore, those running for office should have solid and sound criminal justice reforms as part of their platform, done in a way to insure that the wrongs from the past continue to be corrected.

And to be honest, the others that share the blame and need protesting against, is our News Media.
They were chief collaborators in the sensationalizing of various crime events at that time, and were the ones responsible to shape public opinion.

Not only did the local and national media sensationalize crime incidents, but they had the duty and the opportunity
to ask several important questions about the crime wave, that they were frightening people about. But the media never did ask these questions and instead helped promote tough crime policies. They are AS responsible as everyone else, so I pray that the BLM shows up in newsrooms. Because if they are exempted, they will have learned nothing at all for their part.

So in a sense, many more are guilty than are raising their hands, because this was done as a nation, and it was done in our name.


A Black Hillary Clinton Supporter

What White Male Privilege Gets you in 2016 America

***********WARNING - *Primary Partisan* Poem ************

What White Male Privilege
Gets you in 2016 America

by FrenchieCat

You can run for President
walking around at 75,
screaming Political Revolution,
with a heavy Brooklyn accent.

Hailing from a small blue state,
promising to raise your taxes,
and re-fight the healthcare battle,
even though this one's not done.

Pushing 30 trillion in spending,
and that's just for early starters,
with no FP bonafide besides a vote,
in a time of global terror,
while appearing disheveled,
waving hands around.

Having a family history
that's quite complicated,
and being non religious
(even if he was born Jewish)
and not being the slightest worried
how that might go down.

With only a BA in Political science,
and Socialist affiliations
promises to redistribute the wealth,
with documented speeches orating
to turn capitalism upside down.

Promising everybody Free everything,
knowing damn well Congress' gerrymandered
to stay that way for years to come,
without an actual answer to HOW
any of it will get done!

Have some folks truly believing
he can win many Primaries
to go on to the general election
and beat the other running
to become the President!

So I disagree with the premise
that White males are suffering,
because all one needs to have going on,
is White Skin, male parts, and a microphone.

NOT Even A F*cking Clue!

= White Politician Bringing up Welfare only while courting the AA Vote
= Classic case of blatant obnoxious Pandering
= Amazingly Clueless approach

As stated in a thread which prompted me to write this one.....

I'm kinda of extra pissed right now, so please excuse me!

Here's why:
today's Sanders is pointing the finger at Bill Clinton in reference to 1994 Welfare reform...
without any context to that time period or anything else!
A time when our economy was booming, and it was called "Welfare to Work"....not "taking Welfare away right now"!
adding further injury, that Bill and Hillary are just so totally interchangeable, they might as well just do a merger,
right f*cking NOW!

It's like Sanders think if he promises us "Free stuff"....
we are supposed to like him better,
because Bill Clinton, that very bad man, took away our "Free stuff"/welfare away from us....
So how could we possibly "like" his wife??

THE REALITY is so many more White people took advantage of Welfare,
that it ain't even funny,
but somehow, the word "Welfare" is never mentioned when Sanders deals with those other
groups in the Democratic party, just the AA community
but only when he's attempting to gain the Black vote!

And so Sanders simply perpetuates the insulting and dangerous stereotype
that is still with us today, to try to gain some votes?

As written in this piece that anyone can read when asking context as to why
a majority of AAs give face palm to Bernie Sanders, especially older Americans
who seen it all play out before like one continuous loop!

This term “Political Revolution”, for some of us who have lived that long, harken back to the days of the 1960’s “War on Poverty”. It is a war that we are still fighting today, and in so doing, we are also forced to fight race based stereotypes it put upon us, which have stubbornly lasted to our detriment since. It is the tried and untrue slur of how people of color always seem to want something without working for it, aka, something for nothing. The War on Poverty, while perhaps well-meaning in its intent, left an ugly-spirited stain upon, that we have been trying to wash out ever since. The whole racist connotation of the “Welfare Queen” has, in fact, won many elections, year after year. It is a legacy that may have hurt us more as an entire race of people, than the benevolent benefits it ever intended.

(AA Group Warning: Partisan) Dear Spike Lee,

On your endorsement, love you BernieBro...but you've got nothing to lose!

I'm with the mothers of Trayvon, Eric, Sandra, Jordan, Dontre,
who have already lost everything!

They lost Trayvon, Eric, Sandra, Jordan, Dontre. Now these mothers are with Hillary.

SUMTER, S.C. — As rain pelted the rooftop of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist church on Monday afternoon, five mothers — united both in their grief and their purpose — came to share their stories.

The women, from five different cities, had each lost a child to a high-profile case of violence. And each had thrown her support behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"I got up and turned my mourning into a movement, my sorrow into a strategy," said Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, who was killed by police on Staten Island in July 2014.
Though their faces and voices have been on loop on cable news and their names chanted at protests around the country, the women said they didn't want to be activists, but the deaths of their children had changed them.

"I was Dontre's mother turned activist turned a mother of the movement," said Maria Hamilton, whose son died after he was shot by a former Milwaukee police officer.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Travyon Martin, said she and the other four women were "doing what we have to do."

"We're doing what we do as mothers," she said. "We're filling the gap."

How Sanders Cleared Way to Dump Toxic Nuclear Waste on Poor Hispanics

“Before the rally Sanders invited the three West Texans to meet with him privately, and the Texans eagerly agreed. The meeting was no longer than Sanders’ attention span - when it comes to Sierra Blanca. “He didn’t listen,” Curry said. “He had his mind made up.” Afterward, Bernie was giving his pro forma campaign speech, never mentioning nuclear power or nuclear waste. Sierra Blanca activist Bill Addington, who’d arrived just that morning to join the march, along with his neighbor María Méndez, had had enough, and he yelled from the crowd, “What about my home, Bernie? What about Sierra Blanca?”

Several others joined in. “What about Sierra Blanca, Bernie?”

Sanders left the stage, which surprised no one in the small Texas delegation. Earlier, he had told them, “My position is unchanged, and you’re not gonna like it.” When they asked if he would visit the site in Sierra Blanca, he said, “Absolutely not. I’m gonna be running for re-election in the state of Vermont.”

Beyoncé is no Aretha Franklin, says Cornel West

West seemed to diss Beyoncé, saying the “superficial spectacle” that is pop culture these days has more to do with money than talent. Beyoncé can move, he said, but Aretha Franklin needed only a microphone to thrill an audience.

West said 10 days ago.....
I just read about it though.


Like who are you Cornel West, and what have you done for the Black Community recently?

AR-15 Gun-Maker Seeks To Dismiss Lawsuit Filed By Sandy Hook Parents

The lawsuit was initially filed in state court in Connecticut in December of 2014, two years after 20 children and six adults were gunned down at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn. It then went to a federal court before being shifted back to a state court last fall, in what's seen as a possible advantage for the plaintiffs, who are acting on behalf of 10 victims.

The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction against selling the AR-15 rifle; it names Remington and its related corporate entities, including Bushmaster Firearms, which manufactured the weapon used by Adam Lanza.
Remington and its parent company say they can't be sued for the criminal use of their products, citing immunity rendered by the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce and Arms Act.

Is this the law that Bernie voted for cause it wasn't "fair" to gun manufacturers?

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