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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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It's finally happened. Nothing shocks me anymore. I must be in the final stage

of being desensitized. I am turning into a zombie. News of unspeakable violence has become a normal part of my day.


I am ready for a citizen's arrest of the GOP who met in Virginia.

they are conspiring with treasonous acts. I believe they are trying to overthrow our government

by trying to change the rules on how electoral votes are awarded. The GOP is attempting to rig the system.

They are getting paid to legislate, and instead, are using the guise of their office for personal gain.

Isn't that treason?

Old white men politicians are losing ground; voters are sickened at the sight of

the spittle and drool coming out of their mouths with the stupidity of their words. Who do they think they impress when they scorn women and their health and workplace issues, and use code words to demean the "others?"


The Obama presidency has set a new benchmark for how America views the office and it's occupant. He is young, smart and young. He is not an old wrinkled white man who waited in line for his "turn" at running for the presidency.

I am saying all of this for one reason, and one reason only.

The next president will be Hillary (another woman) or a male 55 years or younger.
If the Dem's run an old white guy, or the GOP does, then they will lose.

Why? Because in 2016, today's 14 year old, will be voting. In 2016, the white population of voters will be overtaken by a more diverse population of voters and will not be comprised of high numbers of "old white men."

Sadly, I do not see an open window for Joe Biden. It is has closed. This is not a commentary on if and why any old white man could or would be qualified.

Rather, it is my view that the office of the presidency will have been recast in the conscious mind of voters after 8 years of Obama and his family occupying the WH. America will be ready and perhaps even eager, to elect a woman.

Round 2: Madam Sec.Clinton before the House. Step right up ladies and gentlemen

And watch, right before your eyes, how to handle the blustering, pompous, so called public servants known as congressmen...she is knowledgeable, she is courageous, she is pissed!

Hillary Clinton; strong, articulate, smart, executive approach in tone and manner.

Old white men are becoming more and more extinct and SHOULD be less politically relevant, thanks to President Obama and Sec. Clinton.

I am giving Richard Blanco's magnificent poem to each of my

4 grandchildren. It is that meaningful to me. The visual he painted with his words is real and timeless and totally tells the story of how the rising sun shines on each and everyone of us.

My take-a-way from Zero Dark 30 is that

actionable intelligence (actionable) did not come from torture but from a Lamborghini.

Current TV - if you don't have the money to do it right, when will you have the money to do it over?

Current TV with it's focus on politics, and in this HD world, had woeful 1950's-quality broadcasting productions and never had in place a plan of programing to attract and then keep viewers tuned in.

Certainly there are enough seasoned TV producers and other TV type consultants that could have helped Current start with just enough quality programming to keep viewers interested so that it had a chance to grow.

But on the other hand, maybe the sale of Current was what Al Gore and Joel Hyatt had planed all along. Who knows?

It would have been interesting for policy and politics to have seen Current thrive.

The deal passed in the Senate because that GOP KNOWS Cantor and his gang of thugs

Are only too happy to play the bad guy hand.

Good cop bad cop game is what the GOP is about,nothing more nothing less.

They had no intention of getting this deal done.
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