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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Honolulu
Home country: ka pae aina Hawai'i
Current location: Honolulu
Member since: Sun Aug 24, 2003, 12:51 AM
Number of posts: 15,058

Journal Archives

I think our path through this is to pick one line of BS at a time

And share proof that it is complete garbage across all of our individual networks and state wide. Just DUers alone could make a dent in their midterm election if we do so. We could actually help a lot. Plus it leverages their use of false hoods which are all they rely on. What else do they have? Nothing.

Just now logging into DU there was a banner ad that said do you think immigrants should get free stimulus money? Here’s my point for the day: immigrants don’t get stimulus money. Immigrants don’t get food stamps, Medicare, they don’t get shit. In fact they pay into Social Security but they will never collected until they become legal immigrants. So you ( righties) stop worrying about immigrants sponging off the government. That is just not true.

Drumroll… Powerful one on one message follows…

If you were wrong about something you thought you understood to be true, would you want to know about it or not? Would you prefer to be unbothered and remain completely mistaken? Even if it was something very important to your life?

If I were wrong about something I would want to know.

Next up- wingers, Joe Biden is very lucid, very intelligent, and smarter than most of us. That’s all of us, not just the Dems. Next time you see an edited video of him sounding incoherent ask yourself where the unedited video is and listen to it and then ask yourself why they’re lying to you. Here’s a good one to start with:

Have you seen Peacetrain's OP? I'm asking for your ideas to build community.

Peasetrain says we’ve turned the tide before and can do it again.

We can and we have got to.

One idea I was batting around is a way for elder ladies (and others too) to tell their stories of life before legal abortion and birth control.

We’d better hurry to get their stories and share them widely.

Large ways and small to help each other in communities- community gardens, free stores https://nomoola.com/

What are your ideas to build community?
Macro, micro, being love.

Looking forward to hearing them and adopting some.

Dr Fauci v Rand Paul

One of these men will have hospital wings, whole libraries, medical schools and research facilities named after him to last into the distant future. His name will be spoken with respect and reverence for his personal courage, intellect and selfless service to humankind.

The other one is no better than a grease spot on the road from a dead rodent, a hustler and a cheap grifter, a liar and a straight up moron.

I mean no disrespect to dead rodents, grifters, liars and morons but much disrespect to Mr Paul. Shame on you.

They've each received 100 million. Donate to Unite Here's awesome ground game.

More ads won’t help now.

To all the Flu Klux Klanners protesting to open businesses:

Most of us do not want to open.

Most of our employees do not want to come in to work when this virus is spreading so fast obviously.

We don’t want to either.

If the Governor shuts us for business we can go home. If not we’re stuck at work with no customers, little or no money, spotty scheduling at best and oh yeah, the virus.

Why are you guys trying to kill us?

The Republicans already know they're going to lose in 2020 and are in the process of stealing

Everything including the doorknobs and will strip this whole country down to the paint on the walls if we let them.

Now that its obvious to everyone including them, don’t let them take it. They want to leave a barren smoking crater for Biden and the Democrats again.

Ian Lind shared some amazing photos from Honolulu in the 20's.


Stupendous! I’ve never seen these before.

I have our red state bumper sticker: Trump cares no more for you, than he cares for poop on his shoe

You are welcomed to it. Feel free to revise to include the original expletive.

When they go low, he goes lower, but we rise up.

Rise up!

There's a (foreign) call to protest in Honolulu that stole a Black Lives Matter photo.

The poster reads

The Government does not have the authority to control us!

The right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the Government for a redress of grievances

(Pic obviously lifted from Black Lives Matter protest including a dude in a Phillies hat, w text reading:

Ku’oko’a Rally (Freedom)

Friday 5 pm Ala Moana Park

The quarantine is illegal! Small businesses have the right to determine their own hours!

Then the kicker:
“Bring signs and bullhorns and aloha”

To which Kumu Hina scorched:


I know that we are all getting frustrated with having to stay home, avoid hugging and kissing and isolating ourselves...
I don’t know who did this announcement but could you please use your own language instead of my/our Kanaka language!!!
If we use Kū’oko’a it would be for freedom of Hawai’i from the United States.
It would not be used in this context so don’t get it twisted. This looks more like cultural appropriation.

Why would any Kanaka leader have our people expose ourselves unnecessarily to COVID19 while it still runs around stealing and taking from our people??

And I believe I see all the Haole Popolo in the photo here. This is not a Kanaka effort, this photo looks like its from a Black Lives Matter event.


Btw...we don’t write stuff like Bring signs, bullhorn and aloha. Das Bullshit. Use your own words dude!


(To anyone who read this far please know there is no negativity associated with the term Haole Popolo)

It makes no sense to at the same time cut polling places from 180 to 5

In the middle of a lethal epidemic and say voting must be done in one day unless the intention is to suppress the vote. This is vile and it is how we lost 2016. Russia hurt. Bro’s Burt. Voter suppression cost is hundreds of thousands of votes and it was done exactly like this, minus the lethal virus.

FUCKERS need to be permanently out of power.
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