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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 48,987

About Me

I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

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What..... The.... Hell.... IS THAT?



Um... If DUers are taking Dana Fuckin' Loesch at her word

then "progressives" have MUCH bigger problems than me right now... Seriously, what happened to this place?

Oh, I see where Dana's imaginary stalkers messed up -- What they SHOULD have fucking done was threaten to pass some gun control legislation! You can bet your sweet ass that ol' Dana would've raised up with her fingers on both triggers...

All jokes aside, you *DO* know who Dana Fuckin' Loesch is, and how she conducts herself online, right? You *HAVE* seen her disgusting neo-fascist ad campaign, right?? The average NRA "patriot" jacks off every night hoping someone who looks like me will be walking down his street one evening so he can shoot that person without cause and be a "hero"... And yet somehow I'm the one who's "unhinged"? I'm the bad guy here? I'm the last sane motherfucking person I know!

I'll stop here before I say something I'll momentarily regret. Just put me on ignore since I've committed some grave offense against your dainty sensibilities, and I'll do the same since you saw fit to call me "unhinged"... I've got bigger fish to fry anyway.

An excellent reminder for us all, especially frequent offenders like me:


I've intentionally discouraged RL friends and relatives from even following me for a reason... A friend discovered my twitter account recently and she was horrified -- Almost refused to believe it was me because it was so unlike my real-life self. Said twitter turned me into an evil vitriolic monster.

So perhaps I do need a brief moment of pause and contemplation... Maybe stop conflating online enemies with real enemies.

While the topic of lecherous perverts is still in the national discussion

and more women feel emboldened to come forward, can we *PLEASE* fucking revisit the R. Kelly case? He's wriggled off the hook more times than I can count, and for whatever reason his scandals have still never made national news...

MEANWHILE, over at your kid's classroom:


Belgium is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!!


In case you missed it:


So NBC covered up the real Trump, along with Howard Stern and god knows how many more...

Nothing to see here, just Nomiki Konst going on Faux News to bash Hillary

remember folks, Konst was HAND-PICKED by Bernie Sanders to serve on the DNC 'Unity' Commission


And this should really be the final word on which side the Intercept works for:

Not only have the alt-right/left come to a meeting point on the ideological "horseshoe", they've become that snake eating its own tail:


EDIT: Hillary needs to fake her death or something... Because the leftbros won't give her a moment of peace.

Repubs straight up admit they only care about deficits when Dems are in charge:


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