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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 10,645

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The racism is off the hook right now!

Open festering boil. He's stoking as hard as he can. Blowing on it with a bellows.

Ordering the cancellation of diversity training? Crying about the current school curriculum?

Law and Order? Antifa equals BLM equals antifa equals violence equals riots?

Give the power back to police?

Herd immunity?

I feel vindicated regarding herd immunity. I kept saying from the outset that he wanted to just "ride it out" as he said "some people" were saying. More old and minorities dying than anybody else. He was calling his deplorables "warriors" - I knew then that it was let them die and prune the population.

There's no reason not to wear hoods now. They are way out in the open with racism. They believe it's the winning ticket.

Trump says he didn't want people to panic yet he's trying to cause white people in the suburbs

to panic about black people moving into the neighborhood.


Aw Jeez now he's telling us he's got 300 billion dollars to pay us off.

Money just sitting around that we don't need because the economy is doing so much better than expected.

Biden should create a zinger for the debates

Something deadly - something more effective than Reagan's "there you go again."

What do you think a good zinger would be against Trump?

Usually you like to see a close competitive fight. But every now and then you want to see a drubbing

I want to see a real drubbing.

And I think we're gonna get one.

Bwaaaahaaaa. Looking at the magats awaiting Trump speech in Pennsylvania and they wearing masks.


"It's an Easy Decision". This is what the meme should be for this election.

Enuf said.

Investing in the US postal system to allow for mail in voting is one of the absolute best things we

could do in fighting the corona virus.

That's a legitimate bona fide corona virus expenditure.

Yet, the Orange one gets away with saying it to our faces, and gleefully so, that if "they" don't have the money, then they can't do mail in voting? Smirking about it. And I hear they have already been removing mail sorting machines from some post offices.


I mean really, what the hell!

How the hell can you mail a ballot to a dog and a cat?

Trump keeps making this claim. That ballots were mailed to dogs and cats.

Wtf!! Will nobody call him out on this crap?

I think I'm in love with Gretchen Whitmer! She just declared racism to be a public health crisis!

I could really go for her being VP!

Always liked her for being no nonsense.
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