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Are the Feminist / MRA Argument Threads a means to "Divide and Conquer" DU - POLL

Lets face it folks its run the gamete far beyond reasonable discussion

But I'm asking for your opinion

So far the Fed has Bailed Out Banks $3.6Trillion and yet we can't raise the Minimum Wage

I ask you - "Now What in the Fuck is Wrong with that Picture"

Bernanke and his policy-making colleagues are contemplating how to finish a third round of so-called quantitative easing that has swelled the Fed’s balance sheet to a record $3.59 trillion. The unprecedented bond buying is aimed at combating unemployment and bolstering an economy that expanded by only 1.4 percent in the 12 months through June.


I see an Administration that sits by watching the working class suffer while pumping $Trillions into Wall St and the Wealthy 1%

Minimum Wage Raise Essential To Fixing Our Economy

The Walton (Walmart) heirs now have as much wealth as up to 40 percent of all Americans combined, and Walmart’s sales have been slowing down. What does the first fact have to do with the second? (Hint: Sign this petition for raising the minimum wage.)

The top 1 percent now rakes in 20 percent of the nation’s income and holds one-third of the country’s wealth. Meanwhile the economy remains stagnant because the incomes of regular people are stagnant and falling – meaning they can’t buy stuff and can’t invest in their own futures.

“40% Of Americans Now Make Less Than 1968 Minimum Wage”:



We throw Free Money to the Wealthy Elite and Surrender on issues for the Working Class

1% wealth increased 17% in 2013 - minimum wage works get Squat

Geez ya think it would be enough to make a president actually do something

A Christmas Message from the 1% to America

Obey - or else

We'll sick the dogs on you

Potluck marks anniversary of Andy Lopez's death


Standing just yards from the spot where 13-year-old Andy Lopez was killed, Jeremiah Wood on Sunday raised a soapy plastic tube to his lips and blew a long string of bubbles.

“I'm making mine like a choo-choo train,” said Wood, 5, a kindergartner at Binkley Elementary School in Rincon Valley. “This is a cool bubble machine.”

The youngster was among about 100 people attending an outdoor potluck marking the two-month anniversary of Lopez's death.

They gathered in the field adjacent to the Moorland Avenue sidewalk where Lopez was walking when he was fatally shot Oct. 22 by Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy Erick Gelhaus.

Read more: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20131222/articles/131229883

Dogs that Cops Killed

The furriest collateral damage in our wars on drugs, peace, and liberty

Kelsey Markou was walking her family dog, named Dog, when a pitbull attacked. She tried to get the pitbull off of Dog, and a man walking by called the police.

When the pollice officer arrived, Kelsey told the officer which dog was hers and which was the one who attacked. Kelsey’s mother describes what happened next:

“He got 5 to 6 feet away from the dogs and just started shooting at them.”

Kelsey estimated the police officer fired eight shots. The pitbull was taken to the vet. Dog was dead at the scene.


Accidental 911 Call Ends in Police Fatally Shooting Family Dog

A family in Atlanta is devastated after a police officer shot and killed one of their beloved pets. Kelly Rodriguez says someone in her home accidentally called 911.

The police responded to the call. When Rodriguez opened the door, her two dogs dashed out into the fenced-in yard.

One of the officers shot 2 year-old Jane, a rescued Labrador-pitbull mix, in the head.

Jane didn’t survive emergency surgery to remove the bullet from her face.


Family's pet dog fatally shot by off-duty police officer

An off-duty officer shot and killed a neighbor's dog after he said his family was attacked. The owners of that dog are telling a different story, and they are calling for that officer to face charges.

"I just don't see how you can justify walking up to an animal and shooting it in the neck at point blank range with three children 30 feet away from you," said Kevin Fitzhenry.

The shooting happened on Friday. The Fitzhenrys say their sons and their friends were in the backyard playing baseball when 12-year-old Dalton chased a ball that went over the fence and onto a track where investigators say Senior Police Officer Mark Condon and his wife were walking their own pets.


Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

In November 2012, police officers in Commerce City, Colorado, received a call about a large dog roaming free in a subdivision. Unbeknownst to the police or the caller, Chloe, a large, three-year-old mixed breed, was not an intruder. A woman in the neighborhood was dog-sitting for a friend, and Chloe had flown the coup.

Eventually, police and an animal control officer cornered the anxious dog in an open garage. A cell phone video shows them debating what to do as Chloe sat and watched. Eventually, one of the officers tasered Chloe. She fell over, then began to run away. As Chloe attempted to flee, an animal control employee snagged her with a catch pole. That should have been the end of the story, except Commerce City Police Officer Robert Price proceeded to shoot Chloe four times with his service weapon, alarming the animal control worker and killing the dog.



Police Chief and Officers Union use Grand Jury to Intimidate Witness of Officer Shooting Handcuffed

Best part is she IS the Preacher's Wife

Witness in police shooting won't face perjury probe / HPD leaders sought an inquiry into the woman who said victim was handcuffed

Rosenthal's decision comes after both HPD Chief Harold Hurtt and the president of the Houston Police Officers' Union sent letters to Rosenthal's office last month saying Perry should be held to account for her testimony in the Jan. 8 fatal shooting of Robert McIntosh, 23, by HPD officer L.D. Smith.

On June 1, the grand jury decided not to indict Smith for the fatal shooting that happened during a violent struggle with McIntosh after a traffic stop in the 8700 block of Cullen near Knoxville. At the time, Rosenthal said Perry's testimony "was refuted or contradicted by a number of other people."

"We just want a fair and impartial hearing and let the process take its course," Marticiuc said.

"This was so blatant. This was an obvious attempt to put a police officer in jail," Marticiuc said. "I think she needs to be called in and the grand jury has to take a look at it."


So the Police Chief and the Head of the Police Officers Union wanted the District Attorney to charge the Witness for Perjury - If that isn't witness tampering - then I don't know what is

Here is the original incident

Black Community takes on Houston Police Department

According to witnesses, Mr. McIntosh was a passenger in a vehicle that police reportedly said had a broken taillight. After arresting the driver (a female friend of the victim) for an unrelated warrant, officers engaged Mr. McIntosh. That engagement turned into a foot race.

Officer Smith chased Mr. McIntosh down Knoxville Street shooting him with the taser three times. Mr. McIntosh, fleeing from the officer, slipped in a shallow ditch and fell face forward. Eyewitnesses then stated that Officer Smith jumped on the suspect’s back, handcuffed him and yelled for him to “turn over.”

“He then stood up over him, turned him over by grabbing his shirt, shot him three times, turned him back over on his face and took off the handcuffs,” said one witness who declined to give his name. “He killed that kid for nothing; right here in front of these children.”

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