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Gender: Male
Current location: New Jersey
Member since: 2002
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Trump was "elected" by a white mob with pitchforks. From history let's look at Robespierre...

...also chosen by a white mob with pitchforks.

He was, um, beheaded in short order.

The First White Terror

Trump should start to think about saving his cowardly ass.

He fully intends to screw the idiot white mob with pitchforks who "elected" him - it wasn't a real "election" since he did not get the majority of votes, but relied on an accession owing to what proved to be a historical artifact, the electoral college.

This is obvious to educated people with brains, but the problem is that Trump got votes by appealing to the ignorant and fearful.

I absolutely could see his mob - and a violent set they are - turning on him in a big way, a way that could end up with him and his fellow idiots being dragged around by their comb overs.

I oppose violence at all junctures, but I'm just saying...

I don't want a second or third "White Terror" in this country, but we are all learning how fragile a democracy can be if not respected and nutured.

This mob will need to live without healthcare, without social security, without any safety net, and they're about to learn that one should be extremely careful about one wishes for, since one may get it.

This is the first anniversary of the last time the ML CO2 observatory will ever be below 4.00 ppm...

...in its weekly measurments the lifetime of anyone now living.

I've been covering this all year in 2016, which evolving to be the worst year ever for new accumulations of carbon dioxide. A recent post along these lines is here:

Eleven of the 37 weeks of 2016 have shown CO2 increases higher than 4.00 ppm...over the same week of 2015 at the Mauna Loa observatory.

There are now 2,127 weekly comparisons posted on the Mauna Loa website comparing readings with the week with the previous year. (Accessed 11/6/2016). This week the reading is 3.87 ppm higher than last year, which makes it the 24th worst reading of all time. Sixteen of the worst 30 readings took place in 2016; twenty of the worst 40 also occurred this year.

Eighteen readings in all of recorded history of these readings, going back to the early 1970's exceeded 4.00 ppm. Eleven of them occurred in 2016. Four others were recorded in the last ten years.

The average of all such readings this year, 2016, is 3.49 ppm; the average for 2015, the weekly average previous worst year ever recorded at Mauna Loa was 2.25 ppm. (Overall, the yearly increase for 2015 over 2014 was 3.05 ppm.)

In the last ten years, we spent two trillion dollars on this planet on so called "renewable energy." It didn't work. It isn't working. It won't work.

The fastest growing source of energy on this planet (despite the fraudulent claims one hears endlessly about renewable capacity even though most so called "renewable energy" installations never actually produce at peak capacity) is dangerous natural gas.

There is no technically feasible way of containing dangerous fossil fuel waste forever, or even for a short time, almost all of it is indiscriminately dumped in the planetary atmosphere; hence the readings at Mauna Loa.

Carbon dioxide is only one of many dangerous fossil fuel wastes dumped by the dangerous fossil fuel industry. Many others are also dumped, which have greater immediate toxicity than carbon dioxide, although carbon dioxide is not, um, good for you.

The only source of energy on this planet that has produced enough energy to prevent as much as two years worth of carbon dioxide dumping, (60 billion metric tons) is nuclear energy. People hate it however, usually mumbling idiotic rhetoric about "waste," despite the fact that the storage of used nuclear fuel for more than half a century has not resulted in a single loss of life. By contrast, air pollution kills seven million people each year.

We couldn't care less.

Have a nice week.

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