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GMTA. I'd be very cautious with this stuff. Funny story though, someone offered on our house with...


During the region-wide Thomas Fire in December, we were under mandatory evacuation at our new home in Ventura and our son and daughter had to evacuate from their respective homes in Santa Barbara. Our daughter took her kids way down the coast for better air, but our son and his wife moved their valuables to our still-empty old home with the for sale sign in front, and then themselves.

While our son was unloading his pickup, two men drove up, said they'd been burned out in Ventura, and offered to buy the house for Bitcoins. Son said no -- probably referred them to the Realtor.

When he told us about it, we laughed out loud -- because, Dutch Tulip Bulb Craze. But our son didn't laugh -- because, Cryptocurrency, It's the Coming Thing.

First, that is not the point. Second, none of what you said about his future is a given...

If Trump gets away with this, it is one more rip in the fabric of the Civil Service and in the idea of a career in government service. These are the people who hold the institutional memory; these are the people who actually believe they are serving their country. In some career categories, they actually put their lives on the line.

Remember when Dick Cheney outed Valerie Plame? This is in the same category of heinous betrayal.

I'm old enough that I have had my issues with the sometimes-behavior of the FBI, CIA, US military, and so on. But while I profoundly believe in oversight, while I believe there is great room for improvement, I never doubt the necessity for these agencies nor do I doubt the sense of service most of their personnel have. You don't go into it for the money.

That critique of Gal is right down there with the one we had here slamming the people who...

...climbed up on a Gun Day billboard and hung 17 crosses from it. See, whoever it was who climbed up there at personal risk and created a very pointed memorial to the dead kids in Florida was just showing their very blatant (and I quote) "Christian privilege," because they failed to find out which grieving families would not actually bury a loved one under a cross.

So it is with Gal Gadot's comment. According to the bitter, she is evidently just thumbing her nose at everyone who is not physically perfect. According to some she must just be a thoughtless airhead.

Our own DUer, n2doc, collected numerous Toons memorializing Prof. Hawking exactly the way Ms. Gadot did -- leaving his wheelchair behind and taking off for the stars. What the hell, the man was not merely "disabled" and "living life to the fullest" -- he was 100% dependent on other human beings and a host of machinery for the most basic functions of life including breathing.

So let me say what is in my heart: Stephen Hawking has gone where all hurts are healed, and may the Cosmos he so vividly described open itself to him like a lover.

You mean the election she WON by 3 million votes over DTs? Despite hacking, Russians, Comey...

...myriad voter suppression techniques, Jill Stein, etc etc etc? SHE WON. MORE OF US VOTED FOR HER THAN HIM.

What exactly was her takeaway supposed to be from this experience? STFU, little lady? What?

What is your takeaway from all this? That we should let the fucking GOP pick our candidates for us? (Oprah's the most beloved and popular woman on the planet and Trump is already smearing her and inviting her into the gutter with him. She's not running, but some idiots put it into his head that she might and he is having a field day.)

Anyone who lets the GOP smear machine pick and choose our Democratic candidates for us is an utter fool. I've read it right here that Pelosi, another woman they love to hate, should be dumped by the Dems because she's "polarizing," when in fact she is incomparably skilled at holding together the Democratic caucus.

Sure he knew it was coming, but in the end the headsman's axe still comes as a blow. Sadly...

...I think there are an indeterminate but small number of people who joined this White House believing they could control or moderate this monster's behavior, only to discover they could not. Regarding those people, one has to ask how many stayed close to Hitler in the early years hoping to somehow save their country from destruction. God have mercy on their blackened souls.

Of course, many more rode Trump's coattails to power hoping to enjoy the fruits of that power for themselves, also thinking they could control the monster inside him, but they too are at risk every day -- firing being the least of those risks, as prison awaits so many of them if Mueller can complete his job. I have no sympathy for any such. None.

I find it amusing that people voluntarily pay to give up every shred of privacy, including medical.

But ooooh booga booga, what I'm really afraid of is finding out I may have an African ancestor 200 years back. According to the OP. That's gotta be it.

Your paragraph 1: Imagine I have wage parity. Ludicrous, I know. But just suppose...

What good will wage parity do me if I do not also have access to the full range of women's medical care? If I can't obtain contraception and get pregnant? If I can't get an abortion and stay pregnant? If I have children whether by choice or by chance, and I cannot get maternity leave? What good does economic redistribution do me if I cannot get time off when my kids are sick?

It goes on and on. I was at one time a single mother. I got the job with the best benefits I could, and in my town that was as a confidential secretary at the University of California. Since I worked in Personnel, I knew all the salaries. My salary was exactly the same as that of a groundskeeper. Just for shits and giggles, I checked a few years ago, long after my retirement. They're still the same. So that was my wage parity -- me with a bachelor's degree (and at UC they really expect that), and the groundskeepers who, gods bless them, don't really need to speak or read English. They run a lawnmower; I ran an office.

Suppose, just for example, that I was African American (I'm not). How the hell is economic redistribution going to solve the problem of my son being being at risk of being shot and killed at the age of 12 at a public playground by white cops, or shot and killed by at the age of 17 by some asshole who thinks he has to stand his ground because my kid is walking along in a hoodie drinking ice tea and eating Skittles.

These problems and others like them are the reason I am a Democrat. I needed better wages back then, gods know I needed better wages. But if a magic fairy wand somehow gave every person in this sad nation a living wage, I swear to you it would not solve either of the problem-sets I just detailed here. We are fighting systemic racism and we are fighting systemic sexism and we are fighting many other systemic problems right alongside the economic issues. It is not "identity politics" to say that classical Socialist theory is not the entire answer.

"Thought through"? As a lifelong Democrat, it certainly was...


Bernie took advantage of our (Democrats') historical inability to tell friend from -- well, I wouldn't say "foe," but certainly our inability to recognize that not all Leftists are on board with core ideals of the Democratic Party. In his historically-based political philosophy, economic class distinctions trump absolutely all other concerns, which is why he lumps agitation about racism (Black Lives Matter) and women's full range of health (abortion rights) care etc etc etc into "identity politics." If economic justice is achieved, all else will automatically fall into place. (The record of political history shows this is probably not so, but then as a woman my analysis runs differently than his.)

Bernie was never a Democrat, until it suited him to run against one. Then he was. When he lost the primary election by millions of votes, he was dissatisfied with our choice, and took his own sweet time about either endorsing her or robustly campaigning for her. She was not only not his choice (he was), but she was imperfect in his eyes in so many other ways. She even won the popular vote in the general election by 3 million more votes than the orange "winner" got -- but she (and we) still lack that certain je ne sais quois.

Then he was not a Democrat any more. He will never be one again. His choice. And, true to form, in his eyes the Democratic Party and its adherents STILL lack that certain something, so he is going to spend the rest of his life telling us how to achieve perfection.

And that, JCanete, even includes telling us how to reach out to a tribe of racists and theocrats.

Personally, as a DUer who was here when discussions and info about Diebold waged white-hot, and as someone who understands the impact of the many voter-suppression techniques old and new, I have given these issues a LOT of thought. Those who agree with our core values are actually in the majority. I dearly wish that Bernie Sanders, while trying to bring about economic justice for all (including the racists and theocrats) would expend some of his abundant energy and rhetorical skills on fighting gerrymandering, vapor-trail electronic voting machines, suppressive voter ID laws, and all the other means by which the oligarchs and their helpers keep non-white non-GOP people from voting.

And that is how we can improve the lot of all Americans.

Wrong. Those of us who tried to understand it & trusted Obama's word hid out in the BOG...

Same place we spent a good part of his entire presidency.

Have you noticed how many of the worst Obama-haters, who were also TPP-haters, are now gone? A bunch of them self-deported, and others were escorted to the exit when they couldn't adapt to the new DU rules after HRC got the nomination.

As for the TPP, after all of Obama's hard work to bring it about, other countries have moved on without America. Rather like the global Climate Change accords -- other countries are moving on without America. China is attempting to fill the vacuum left by our departure -- MAGA.

Our neighborhood in Ventura was lucky; afaict we were saved by water-dropping helicopters...

But it came so close, and of course the hills around us are dangerously denuded. There are whole streets where we looked at houses for sale last spring -- just gone. Our understanding from insurance adjustors is that it will take homeowners a solid two years before they can rebuild and move back into a new home where the old one was.

The extent of the fire was at least 40 miles lengthways, probably more. The worst disaster was 30 miles away in Montecito. The half inch of rain a month later that fell on us in Ventura over 10 or 12 hours did little good, but no harm. The same half inch balled itself up into a freak weather cell that got dumped all at once onto the fire-bare hills of Montecito and turned liquified earth into a debris flow that swept houses, cars, and boulders the size of houses and cars along. The mind reels.

The freeway was absolutely closed, buried. The workaround to get from Ventura to Santa Barbara (usually an hour commute or less along the 101) was a 6-hour detour over and around the mountains. For awhile a boating company called Island Packers took people by sea who really needed to make the trip.

To my astonishment, the freeway was reopened in 2 weeks. Montecito is still trying to dig out. People whose homes were spared are back. Businesses too, those that were spared. Volunteers from surrounding communities are forming "bucket brigades" to help people retrieve what they can, and if possible to save homes otherwise still standing from being utterly ruined by the mud that deluged them. Facebook posts of items found along the debris flow are an attempt to reunite survivors with their possessions. In one case an Olympic Torch was unearthed. In another case a piece of statuary belonging to a couple who died was identified by family members who will at least have that to remember them by.

The size of some of the boulders is so immense that they actually have to be dynamited to get them out of the way. I read an article about a science paper some published several years ago analyzing how this could happen, and using as an example a nearby place called Rocky Nook Park. As always, it's a matter of geography, geology, and freak weather, and according to the 2 scientists who did the research, it's something like a thousand-year event.
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